38 Products To Clean The Stubbornly Dirty Spots Around Your Home

When you have the right tools, it’s a breeze to make every nook and cranny sparkle.

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Every home has those spots that never seem to get clean. Maybe it’s the grimy back corner of a cluttered kitchen cabinet, chronically dusty blinds or air vents, the splattered bottom of a trash can, or a mineral-clogged bathroom faucet. No judgement—these are some seriously stubborn areas that take special tools to get the job done. Fortunately, Amazon is chock-full of all kinds of cleaning supplies that are as clever as they are effective. We decided to round up a bunch of the best cleaning products on Amazon so you can make every last nook and cranny sparkle—once and for all.

1. The Stinky Athlete’s Best Friend

Let’s face it: Sweat stinks. Whether you’re a yogi, you’ve got kids in football, or your partner’s dedicated to hitting the gym on the daily, chances are good that you’ve got pungent gear lying around your home. Spray the stank away from all of it with HEX Performance On Demand+ Spray & Go Athletic Gear Cleaner. The hypoallergenic deodorizer works on both synthetic and natural fabrics, making it suitable for everything from your gym bag and sneakers to your yoga mat and your daughter’s soccer cleats. HEX Performance On Demand+ Spray & Go Athletic Gear Cleaner, $19.98

2. The Sponge for Your Extreme Cleaning Needs

Your standard dish sponge can go a long way toward keeping your home tidy, but it might not be up to the challenge of the toughest jobs around your home. Enter the DishFish GoFish Power Scrubber: A powerful blue sponge designed specifically for challenging cleaning tasks. It’s engineered to scrub away stubborn substances, like oxidation, bugs, and tar from cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. Plus, the innovative open-cell structure of the sponge allows for ample drainage, keeping bacteria at bay. Pro tip: Stand the GoFish scrubber on its tail to help keep it dry and fresh. DishFish GoFish Power Scrubber Sponge, $8.95

3. The Spray That Cleans As Well As It Smells

Reviewers aren’t sure what quality of the Mangiacotti Lemon Verbena Natural Surface Cleaner they love more: Its glorious lemon verbena fragrance or its ability to safely clean fragile surfaces. Just a couple of spritzes of this concentrated cleaning formula on a damp sponge is enough to make a granite countertop, stovetop, or bathroom sink pristine and free of streaks. And if citrus isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Mangiacotti offers a range of other surface spray scents to choose from, including pomegranate, white spruce, ginger lime, and clementine. Mangiacotti Lemon Verbena Natural Surface Cleaner, $13.75

4. Goo That De-Gunks Your Keyboards

Got crumbs in your keyboard? Dust in your vents? Dirt in your cup holders? Nothing’s more annoying than getting the debris out of all these hard-to-clean places, but Tech Candy Tech Taffy Cleaning Slime can help you grab even the finest specks from the tightest crevices. Just open the jar, grab a pinch of the goo, and squish it into the areas you want to clean. The taffy will grab all the gunk while simultaneously disinfecting the surface. No wonder the company bills it as a “fairy goo mother.” Tech Candy Taffy Cleaning Slime, $11

5. Keep Your Toilet Cleaner for Longer

No one likes cleaning their toilet. But after you clean it, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep it clean, without breaking out the scrub brush? Fortunately, there is: The Forever BLUE Flush Toilet Cleaner Booster. Just pop one of these aqua-colored discs into a drop-in in your toilet tank. Every time you flush, the tablets release a splash of detergent into the bowl. Watch as the toilet stays clean and fresh for up to six months—no scrub brush necessary. Forever BLUE Flush Toilet Cleaner Booster, $15.95

6. A Magic Mushroom That Prevents Clogs

A clogged drain can be a dirty nightmare to deal with. (And let’s not even talk about the cost of emergency plumbing!) Prevent back-ups from happening again with the TubShroom Tub Drain Protector. This magic mushroom-shaped gadget nestles right into your bathtub drain to catch stray strands of hair, without blocking the flow of water. Once a week, simply pop the device out of the drain and slip off the hair. Voila! Clog-free drains and a tub that stays clean for much longer. TubShroom Tub Drain Protector, $12.95

7. Banish Pet Odors From Your Upholstery

We love our pets… but their messes, well, not so much. While it’s pretty easy to clean up their little spills and accidents, the odors our four-legged friends leave tend to linger. Fortunately, Febreze FABRIC Refresher Pet Odor Eliminator gives animal stench the one-two punch. Spray it wherever your pup hangs out, like the carpet, couch, or bed. This product gets right to work, neutralizing the funk and leaving behind a pleasant, just-cleaned fragrance. Now you can enjoy everything about having a dog or cat at home, minus the unpleasant smells. Febreze FABRIC Refresher Pet Odor Eliminator, $4.94

8. The Vacuum Your Garage Needs

When it comes to cleaning your home, the garage presents a special set of challenges. You might have dangerous chemicals to deal with, debris that your broom can’t handle, and clutter that makes navigation difficult. Dealing with messes in the garage gets a lot easier, though, with the Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum. It’ll pick up saw dust, broken glass, liquid spills, feathers, nails, and just about anything else you can think of. Plus, the wall mount makes this vacuum super convenient to grab at a moment’s notice, without taking up the limited floor space in your garage. Vacmaster 5-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, $94.89

9. The Best Way to Clean Venetian Blinds

Some spots around the home are just so tedious to clean, we don’t even bother trying. (I’m looking at you, venetian blinds and ceiling fans.) But the E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove is a complete game changer when it comes to wiping dust from hard-to-reach places. Slip on the glove and start cleaning between the blinds or the tops of fans. The positive charge of the chemical-free fabric attracts fluff and dust like a magnet. When the gloves are saturated with dust, don’t throw them out—just put them in the laundry and they’ll be back in action, ready to take on your next dusty challenge. E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove, $14.99

10. The Classic Spray That Still Works Wonders

Nothing beats a robust, versatile cleaning spray like Clorox Clean-Up Bleach Cleaner Spray when it comes to tackling stubbornly dirty areas. The company has spent decades creating a powerful formula that can disinfect and clean bath stains, greasy stoves, grimy refrigerators, splotchy shower doors, dirty tiles, and just about any other mess in your home. The value pack of three spray bottles ensures you’ll have an amply supply of this useful cleaning product anywhere you need it, whether that’s the bathroom, kitchen, or somewhere else. Clorox Clean-Up Bleach Cleaner Spray Value Pack of 3, $18.85

11. A Scrubber Approved by the Sharks

Scrub Daddy is one of the most successful “Shark Tank” products, and for good reason: The cellulose scrubbing sponge can clean almost anything. Don’t be fooled by its cute, smiling face—this sponge is a cleaning demon that does the difficult work of scrubbing crust off pots and pans, lifting mystery stains from floors, even cleansing dirty fingertips. Is there anything this hearty sponge can’t do? Not according the dedicated following that has given this product rave reviews online. Seriously, fans of the Scrub Daddy are as fervent as Swifties—don’t mess with ‘em. Scrub Daddy, $9.99

12. Stains Are No Match for This Eraser

Has a stain ever seemed so embedded into a surface, you’ve just learned to live with it? Don’t give up hope yet. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers somehow expunge even deep-set stains you thought were permanent. We’re talking nail polish dried on a bathroom sink, greasy handprints on white walls, burn marks on countertops, and scuffs on floors. If the Magic Eraser doesn’t get out a particular blemish, chances are it’s there for good—fortunately, there are very few blemishes it can’t handle. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Durable Cleaning Pads 8-Count Box, $9.98

13. A Mop Made for Modern Hands

Cleaning the floors used to be a dirty job that left your back aching and your hands pruny. Not anymore—the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System has an innovative design that allows you to wring out the mop without bending down or using your hands. Instead, you dip the mop into the bucket and tap a pedal to spin the microfiber around and wring it out. Plus, the pivoting, triangular-shaped head allows you to reach spots that are otherwise difficult to access, like under furniture and deep into corners. Genius! O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System, $29.97

14. Swipe away unsightly streaks with this squeegee.

Streaks and spots on windows and mirrors can make your home look dirty, even if you’ve just cleaned it. The OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee helps you wipe away those smudges right out of the surfaces you look at most. Swipe it against a sudsy shower door, splattered window, or fogged mirror and watch as a crystal-clear view emerges almost immediately. It also comes with a handy hook on a suction cup, making for convenient storage. Use it after every shower to add more time between bathroom cleanings. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee, $6.95

15. Make your stainless steel appliances look showroom-ready.

Stainless steel appliances give kitchens a contemporary atmosphere fit for the 21st century. But anyone who has them knows what a struggle it is to keep them free from smudges. Fortunately, Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes are here to help. These best-selling wipes are specially formulated to remove fingerprints, grease, and residue from stainless steel surfaces—leaving them beautifully polished. They work on the fridge, stove, sink, trash can, and any other stainless steel surface in your house. Bonus: The wipes leave a dust-repellent coating to protect the fresh shine. Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes 2-Pack, $13.98

16. A Brush That Belongs in Your Cleaning Toolbox

A high-quality scrub brush is essential to any neat freak’s toolbox. If you’re still looking for one, give this pair of Amazer Dish Brush Kitchen Scrub Brushes a try. At its most conventional level, the scrub brushes make doing dishes a breeze. The sturdy bristles offer a solid scrub while the scraping tool can lift burnt-on crust. But don’t be afraid to get creative with these scrubbing brushes—they’re useful to have on hand when you’re cleaning the tub, oven, or stovetop, as well. Amazer Dish Brush Kitchen Scrub Brushes 2-Pack, $7.99

17. Keep your reusable straws clean and sanitary.

So, you decided to go green with your drinks, swapping disposable cups and bottles for reusable vessels and sipping out of a sustainable straw instead of those single-use ones. Bravo! But, how are you going to keep all those narrow containers clean? Enter the Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Kit. It comes with three sizes of narrow scrubbers that can help you give any size straw or water bottle a deep cleaning. No more getting grossed out by smoothie gunk in a straw or strange film in a bottle. Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Kit (3 Sizes) 9-Pack, $4.99

18. A Multi-Talented Machine With the Power of Steam

Chemicals aren’t the only thing you can use to sanitize your home. A steam cleaner also has the power to kill bacteria on tons of surfaces, solely with the power of (you guessed it!) steam. The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner comes with 18 accessories that you can use to pump steam over large surface areas, onto greasy oven doors, through upholstery, and onto patio furniture. Sanitizing isn’t the only effect, though—the steam cleaner can also help you remove stains and odors. Talk about a multi-talented machine! McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner, $139.99

19. Watch out—this cutlery cleaner bites.

Your forks and knives may look clean after you wash them, but they can actually get pretty cruddy after a while. If it’s time to give your silverware a little extra attention, break out the Joseph Joseph BladeBrush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush. The gadget’s like a little jaw with sturdy bristles that clamp down on a piece of cutlery and grind away anything that’s caked on either side. The textured grip also helps keep your hands safe when you’re washing sharp knives or blender blades. Joseph Joseph BladeBrush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush, $9.97

20. Mama melts away microwave messes.

If you thought cleaning the microwave had to be a drag, think again: The Home-X Steam’n Mama Microwave Cleaner not only makes it easier to clean this quick-cook appliance, it’s downright fun to use. Fill the plastic doll with vinegar and water, then microwave it. She’ll blast intense steam throughout the microwave, loosening up stubborn splatters (including pasta sauce and melted cheese) that wipe off as easily as they would from a non-stick surface. If you’ve got a kid at home, this whimsical device might be just what you need to get them to finally help out with chores. Home-X Steam’n Mama Microwave Cleaner, $7.99

21. Tackle the tiniest grooves with this brush.

No matter how much elbow grease you put into a cleaning project, you’ll never get something spotless if you’re using the wrong size brush. Places like tile grout, wall molding, window seams, and utility room fixtures can finally get the attention they deserve with the QANGEL Tile Joint Cleaning Brush. This five-in-one tool comes with brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including an arc-shaped brush and a long, flat brush. The plastic bristles help remove dirt from even the narrowest grooves around your home. QANGEL Tile Joint Cleaning Brush 5-in-1 Universal Cleaning Tool, $11.49

22. Make carpet stains disappear.

Whether it’s a spilled glass of wine, a splash of coffee, a pet mess, or even a pen that leaked ink, accidents happen—and so do carpet stains. It feels hopeless when they occur, but fear not: Folex Carpet Spot Remover can help clean soil from your carpet. Apply the non-toxic spray to the stain, rub it with your fingers, and blot it with a clean, absorbent cloth. Like magic, the stains disappear and your carpets look good as new. Folex Carpet Spot Remover, $10.99

23. Get rid of gross goo.

Gooey problems can cause serious headaches when you’re cleaning your home. How do you even tackle decal residue on a window, chewing gum dried on a floor, or a forgotten layer of thick grease on a stovetop? Goo Gone, that’s how. This all-purpose goo remover can be used on carpet, upholstery, clothing, and any hard surface. It works in just a few minutes and lifts even the toughest gunk from almost anywhere. Hardened wax, old tape, tree sap, tar, crayon marks—you name it, and Goo Gone can probably take care of it. Goo Gone Original Liquid, $7.26

24. Yes, you can clean your cast iron pan.

True cookware aficionados say you should never clean your cast iron pan with soap. But c’mon—you cook with that thing all the time and it could probably use a scrubbing once in a while. Fortunately, The Ringer Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner is here to help. The stainless steel sheet (which looks like armor for a knight) removes dirt without the use of soap, while simultaneously protecting the seasoning you’ve built on the pan throughout years of hard work over a hot stove. It’ll be gleaming the next time you go to cook with it. The Ringer Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner, $13.99

25. A Different Kind of Grill Master

Between the baked-on crud and the surface area of the grates, ovens and grills are notoriously difficult to clean. It’s not even worth trying without a product that’s made for the job. Lucky for you, the Krud Kutter Oven & Grill Cleaner provides a cleansing foam that easily coats every surface of these appliances and penetrates deep into grime. The fast-acting formula cuts down how long you’ll spend scrubbing, leaving far more time for things you really want to do with the oven and grill—like baking and barbecuing. Krud Kutter Oven & Grill Cleaner, $13.87

26. Your Kitchen Faucet’s New Best Friend

Some of the grungiest areas of the house are hidden in plain sight. Take a peek under your faucet, for example. You’re bound to see mineral build-up and particles lurking from the very place you go for a glass of water. Take care of that nasty discovery quickly with Durgol Universal Express Multipurpose Descaler/Decalcifier. Not only does it work on your bathroom and kitchen faucets, it can also clean your coffee machine, your iron, and many other places where water’s depositing lime. Time to kiss hard water rings goodbye. Durgol Universal Express Multipurpose Descaler/Decalcifier, $12.95

27. Breathe new life into old white fabrics.

Remember how crisp your white sheets, towels, and T-shirts looked when you first bought them? You may not have noticed it, but their color has probably dulled with use. Revive them to their original brightness with Summit Brands OUT White Brite Laundry Whitener. It can reverse accidental color bleeds, erase red clay stains, and remove marks from iron-fortified baby formula. Remember: A plain white tee never goes out of style—it’s worth keeping yours as bright as possible. Summit Brands OUT White Brite Laundry Whitener, $24.76

28. Compressed air’s not just for your office.

You probably have a few cans of compressed air, such as Blow Off General Purpose Compressed Air, lying around your office. But here’s why you might want to pick up some cans to have at home: This stuff works wonders on keeping dust off your sensitive electronics and delicate valuables. Notice crumbs in your keyboard, dust around a light switch, particles in a speaker, or grit in the inset of a table? One blast from a can of compressed air will blow the residue away in a flash. Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster 2-Pack, $13.59

29. Ditch your ladder and clean top-floor windows with this.

Be honest: When’s the last time you cleaned the windows on the upper floors of your home? If it’s been awhile, we can’t blame you—it requires a dangerous, exhausting climb up a ladder and usually ends up taking all day long. But there’s another way to get these windows clean: The Fuller BrushWindow Cleaner. All you need to do is dump the cleaning crystals into the jug, attach a hose, and then blast your windows with your feet planted on the ground. It’ll clean dirt, pollen, and dust right through your screens in just a few minutes. The gadget moonlights as a patio furniture cleaner, so it’s worth having around. Fuller BrushWindow Cleaner, $49.99

30. The Smartest Steam Cleaner Around

Upholstery and carpets aren’t the only things that can be cleaned with steam. You can now clean your hard floors with the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System. In addition to steam cleaning, the machine also uses “sonic micro-pulse vibration technology” that promises to break up grime on your floors. Plus, it has an LED light that can expose grimy areas you might have otherwise missed. This is a steam cleaner made for the 21st century. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning System, $124.42

31. Break out the drill.

Your new favorite cleaning tool is probably already waiting for you in your garage. It’s your drill, which transforms into the toughest bathroom cleaner you’ve ever held, with the help of the Drillbrush All-Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit. Attach one of the brush heads to the end of the drill and use it to take your scrubbing to the next level. The yellow bristles in this kit are safe to use throughout the bathroom. But if you’ve got other areas to power scrub, like the kitchen, gutters, or a pool, switch to the brand’s other colored bristles to give it the right kind of force. Drillbrush All-Purpose Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit, $11.95

32. Clean Hands, Even in Dirty Jobs

Rubber gloves aren’t just for people looking to protect their manicures (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!). They’re also essential for the savvy cleaner who wants to really get in there and get the job done, no holds barred. These Playtex Reusable Rubber Gloves will help you do just that. They have a textured palm and fingertips that allow you to grip your tools, along with a drip-catch cuff to guard your arms and clothes from any splashes. Put on a pair before your next tough cleaning task—your hands will thank you. Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Gloves 3-Pack, $10.95

33. Robotic Controlled Window Cleaner

The cleaning product of the future has arrived. It’s the Alfawise Window Cleaner Robot, and it’s a pretty cool gadget. This robotic brush sticks to your window with a magnet, then crawls all around the surface, using two spinning brush heads to buff away dirt and dust. You can control it via the included remote or an app, if you want. But this gadget is smart enough to recognize window frames and other potential obstacles, so it’s totally fine if you set it and forget it. Alfawise Window Cleaner Robot, $159.99

34. Show your dishwasher a little love.

Anywhere water is standing or heating is susceptible to mineral build-up. That’s why it’s important to give all your appliances, including the dishwasher, a good cleaning from time to time. Using a product like Glisten Dishwasher Magic can kill nasty bacteria (like e.coli and salmonella) and even make your machine more efficient. Win-win. Glisten Dishwasher Magic, $17.98

35. Make your washing machine run like new again.

Speaking of appliances that need to be cleaned, don’t forget about your washing machine. The residue from detergent can clog it if you don’t get rid of it regularly. Dropping in a tablet of Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner will do the trick in a jiffy. It’s designed to eliminate stinky grime left behind from your regular loads of laundry. Your clothes will be cleaner, and your machine will run better. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner 6-Tablets, $11.98

36. A Vinegar That’s Not for Your Salad

Vinegar is a favorite cleaning ingredient among people who want a strong, versatile scrubbing agent that’s derived from natural sources. But rather than reaching for the standard apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinet, why not go for something a bit more intense, like the Green Gobbler Ultimate Vinegar Home & Garden Concentrate? It promises six times the power of standard vinegar, and can be used as a stain-lifter, odor-eliminator, all-purpose cleaner, and a polisher. Is there anything vinegar can’t clean? We don’t think so. Green Gobbler Ultimate Vinegar Home & Garden Concentrate, $24.99

37. The Tool You Need for a Clean, Sparkling Bowl

Want to really make your toilet sparkle? Ditch your old-school toilet brush and switch to the Scotch-Brite Disposable Toilet Scrubber Cleaning System. The brush is specially shaped to scrub away stains tucked beneath the rim, while the bleach-alternative cleaner with pumice has the strength to scrub away hard water stains, lime scale, and rust with ease. When you’re done, simply drop the disposable scrubber in the trash. Scotch-Brite Disposable Toilet Scrubber Cleaning System, $6.64

38. The Earth-Friendly Way to Deal With Pet Hair

A lint roller is a pet owner’s most trusted cleaning tool, but disposing of all that sticky paper isn’t so gentle on the earth—or your wallet. Why not switch to a one-and-done solution, like the Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller? It picks up crumbs, hair, dust, and other particles from all kinds of fabric. And once you’re done cleaning, there’s no need to fumble around, trying to find the end of the roll. Simply wash away the debris, dry it off, and Sticky Buddy regains that sticky factor. Sticky Buddy Reusable Lint Roller, $6.32  

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