Winter Is Coming: Get Off The Couch and Get Outside Before It’s Too Chilly

There's a lot to do while the weather is still mild. Here's how to make the most of autumn.

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Pumpkin spice lattes at coffee shops and Halloween decorations appearing in yards can only mean one thing: Fall is here. It’s the perfect time to enjoy nature while the leaves are turning and the weather is temperate.

Winter is coming, so get outside before it’s too late. Here are three classic fall activities to get you out in the fresh air.

1. Bonfires

Gathering around the fire on a chilly evening is a timeless activity. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell stories, cook food, and lose yourself staring into the flames (or up at the stars). Here are some accoutrements that will make your bonfire unforgettable.

Cook food the old-fashioned way while you warm up.

Searching for the perfect tree branch to roast a marshmallow on can be fun, but these telescoping marshmallow-roasting sticks provide a practical and reliable alternative. Avoid bits of bark and who-knows-what-else on your marshmallows by bringing your own tools to the party.

These compact sticks extend to 32 inches and then retract for easy transportation. The set comes with 10 bamboo skewers for removing that gooey goodness from hot tines. They’re perfect for making s’mores, hot dogs, or plain-old roasted marshmallows.

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Go easy on your hands with this ergonomic carrier.

This waxed-canvas log carrier makes it easy to move large loads of firewood. Avoid splinters in your hands and dirt on your clothes by using this heavy-duty product.

The rugged and practical tote makes moving firewood not just easy but stylish. It’s 39 inches long and 18 inches wide to accommodate large stacks. The fashionable design makes it perfect for your cabin or weekend getaway.

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Be the boss of the bonfire with rugged protection.

Leather fireplace-and-hearth long-arm gloves have fireproof stitching and sponge insulation to keep your hands safe from sparks while you’re tending a fire. They’re also perfect for moving kettles, pots, or pans that have red-hot handles.

Avoid burns and blisters with these heavy-duty, flame- and cut-resistant gloves. The leather is durable enough to protect your hands while being soft enough to ensure comfort and dexterity. They instantly make any bonfire safer and make tending a fire simpler.

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2. Picnics

If autumn nights are too chilly, you can stick to daytime activities instead. Head outside for a picnic without worrying about the sweltering heat or cold nights. Take these handy items along to make the most of your al-fresco dining.

Unless you’re headed to a park with picnic benches, you’ll need something to spread out on.

This water-resistant picnic blanket and tote in one offers protection from the damp, dirty ground without being too bulky. It spreads out to 60 by 78 inches and folds up to just 10.5 by 15 inches.

This large blanket keeps water out with a dual-layer design, so it’s great for the park, beach, or any outdoor event. It conveniently folds into a tote for easy transportation, and its polypropylene weave resists stains. If you spill something on it, simply wash it with soap and water, and you’ll be ready to go again, stain-free.

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Organization is key for a stress-free and relaxing journey.

Fit everything you need for an epic picnic in this bamboo 21-piece insulated picnic basket. The basket comes with four plastic plates, four plastic cups, and four sets of knives, forks, and spoons.

The stylish basket is made from seagrass, banana leaves, and bamboo. It is sturdy, yet light, and features an insulated inner compartment for all your foods and beverages. This impeccably designed basket makes packing a picnic easier and more stylish than ever.

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Keep hot items hot and cold items cold with the biggest name in insulated containers.

A Thermos 24-oz. vacuum-insulated food jar makes transporting and insulating food or beverages quick and simple. Whether you’re packing coffee that needs to stay piping hot or water that you prefer icy cold, your Thermos will do the job.

This stainless steel (and BPA-free) Thermos has a double-wall construction to keep it cool on the outside even when it’s filled with hot contents.

The same double wall prevents the container from sweating when it’s filled with cold food or beverages. The lid doubles as a serving bowl, making this container well worth the space it takes up.

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3. Hikes

Whether you stroll around a city park or head into the backcountry, hiking gets you out in the crisp air and among the fall foliage. There’s no better time for hiking than the sunny fall days.

While nature provides most of the enjoyment, you can pack a few things to make your trek even better. Here are some items that will make your nature walk unforgettable.

It’s hard to enjoy a hike when you have sore feet.

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Darn Tough socks, you’re missing out. They keep your feet warm without making them sweaty, and even more impressively, they have a lifetime guarantee.

Trekking for miles through hilly terrain can be tough even when you have great hiking boots. Darn Tough socks will keep your feet happy on the harshest of trails. As a bonus, they make great cozy socks for around the house during winter time.

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Even in cool weather, it’s important to stay hydrated on long walks.

There’s no shortage of options for quality water bottles, but this wide-mouth bottle is one of the best. The classic Nalgene product has stood the test of time.

It’s lightweight, durable, BPA-free, and doesn’t give your beverage the odd plastic taste like some other bottles do. It holds 32 ounces of refreshing water and is dishwasher safe.

As a bonus, the bottle doubles as a measuring cup, which comes in handy when making freeze-dried meals or coffee on longer trips. Try this expertly designed product and see why it’s been a bestseller for over 20 years.

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Get closer to wildlife without invading the animals’ space.

These Bushnell Falcon binoculars with case magnify your view sevenfold. They’re outfitted with an Instafocus System that allows for quicker focusing on moving targets.

Getting out in nature brings you close to the natural world. These binoculars bring you even closer. Check out birds and other animals without disturbing their peace with these very affordable and easy-to-use binocs.

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Learn about the natural world one bird at a time.

The National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America will help you determine exactly what you’re looking at through your new binoculars. You’ll learn how to spot details like eye rings, wing shapes, and foraging behavior to determine which adorable species you’ve spotted.

This comprehensive book even gives tips on attracting birds to your yard, so you won’t have to hike to enjoy their presence in your midst. It’s great for beginners as it teaches about how to identify the most common birds using colorful photo spreads.

It’s also helpful for more advanced birders who are learning about seasonal range maps and other useful bits of information. Written by two birding experts, this book is fun to browse and indispensable for proudly identifying what birds you’ve spotted.

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