Why You Need Spirulina In Your Life

Your body craves all-natural nutrients, and spirulina delivers. This algae could become your new favorite superfood and for good reason. Find out why you should add it to your life.

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I’ll admit I’m always curious about the latest superfoods, and although some end up being all hype, spirulina has left me pleasantly surprised. This healthy algae works its wonders inside and out.

I prefer to add it to my food because that’s where I’ve seen the biggest benefits. It’s also easy to add it to your beauty routine now that some skin care products count it among their ingredients.

What is spirulina?

The name threw me at first. I wasn’t even sure how to say it, let alone use it. Spirulina is a blue–green algae and a bacteria known as cyanobacterium. It’s considered one of the most potent sources of nutrients.

It grows in both salt and fresh water; the key is to make sure you’re only using spirulina harvested from clean waters. Any contamination could result in harmful side effects.

Body-Loving Nutrients

I honestly thought spirulina might just be a multivitamin in disguise. It’s full of vitamins, such as A, B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-9, C, D, and E. It also contains more calcium than milk, along with iron, potassium, zinc, and much more. Unlike some nutrient-rich foods, this one makes it easy to absorb most of what it contains for even more benefits.

It’s well known for being rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and gamma linolenic acid. I’m personally enjoying the extra boost from the nutrients—and all I have to use is a few grams a day.

Internal Benefits

Let me warn you now: Spirulina does have a pond water taste. It is algae, after all. That’s why I prefer to either mix it into something I’m cooking or take the pill form.

It doesn’t matter which way you take it, though. The benefits stay the same. A few things spirulina is known to help with include:

  • Allergy symptoms – reduces inflammation and clears nasal passageways
  • Fighting cancer – may help reduce tumor size (especially with oral cancers) and prevent recurrences
  • Heart disease – helps reduce triglyceride and LDL levels while raising good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Boosting immune system – high antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties help boost immunity and protect against many diseases
  • Arthritis symptoms – decreases inflammation in joints to reduce painful arthritis symptoms

Using Spirulina Externally

I’ve actually seen improvement in my skin and hair just from taking spirulina internally on a daily basis. Now that spirulina is becoming more mainstream, however, more beauty brands are counting it among their ingredients.

One of my favorites is a spirulina facial mask—a great way to improve your skin and indulge yourself with a mini spa treatment.

You can also add it to most beauty products that don’t already contain it. The result is healthier, younger, and more radiant skin—but spirulina isn’t just limited to your skin.

I haven’t tried it in shampoo yet, but spirulina can help fight hair loss. Plus, all the nutrients are great for giving you stronger, healthier hair.

How to Take Spirulina

I love that spirulina is extremely easy to take. It’s healthy to ingest up to 10 grams a day, but I usually stick to five or less. I’ve noticed improvements in my health and skin just from mixing a few grams in a few meals a day.

I have researched spirulina and one important thing I’ve found is that it’s best to take the algae along with an omega-3 supplement for better nutrient absorption. I already take a fish oil supplement daily, so that wasn’t a problem.

When mixing spirulina in with beauty treatments, a gram or less is all that’s needed. I can tell you that using it internally and externally has made my skin look tighter and less tired.

There’s really nothing to lose with spirulina. It’s inexpensive, lasts a while, and works like nature’s multivitamin. Try it and see how it changes your life!

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