Why IUDs Are Even Better Than Boyfriends

Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, something that you will cherish even more than your boyfriend. Ladies, meet the IUD (Intrauterine Device).

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Ask any woman the worst part about birth control and you’ll get a litany of answers: weight gain, mood swings, acne, and just plain forgetting it. Although birth control pills are 99% effective this number drops pretty quickly when you take into account those times that you forget or are behind a few hours. Not to mention the amount of time it actually takes to conceive once you stop using a hormonal birth control. So if you don’t want to take the Pill what else are your options? The NuvaRing? The shot? The laundry list of hormone infused options makes you dizzy, and quite frankly we’d rather not read the entire list. Of course there are condoms and even the pullout method, but these are wildly ineffective. This leads me to introduce you to your new best friend, someone that you will cherish even more than your boyfriend. Ladies, meet the IUD (Intrauterine Device). For those who are unaware, IUD’s are a small, roughly one inch plastic device that’s shaped like a ‘T’. It’s inserted into the uterus by a trained gynecologist, nurse practitioner, or midwife. Once in place it stops the sperm from implanting into the egg. Some people feel vaguely uncomfortable with something residing inside of them for up to 10 years, but it’s perfectly safe. Really it’s no different than ingesting a chemical everyday. Forty years ago the IUD was wildly popular with 10% of the female population using them, but now it’s dropped to only 2%. Why? With the increase in a variety of ‘Pills,’ education about the IUD has become scarce. But I’m here to tell you why the IUD is better than your current birth control, why it will change your life, and why it may, in fact, be better than your boyfriend. 1. You Don’t Have To Worry About Polluting Your Body ParaGuard is a current IUD that is hormone free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any of those pesky side effects. Although Mirena and Skyla are hormonal IUD’s the hormone level they actually release is only 1/10 of what you’d normally receive from the Pill. Another perk is the hormone is already located in the uterus, so those chemicals aren’t infiltrating your bloodstream. So, you can receive the benefits of hormones, like reduced periods, but you don’t have to worry about the pesky burdens, like weight gain. Because NO ONE enjoys puffing up like a blimp in the name of staying parent free. 2. Delete Your Alarm Clock Now you don’t have to feel guilty if you’re having a crazy day and you forget to take your pill, your IUD has got you locked. If you oversleep or are too hungover to process what time it is, you’re safe too. 3. It’s Consistent…Unlike Your Boyfriend I’m sure there’s been a couple of times where your man has been out with the guys and has gotten a bit too carried away forgetting your late night plans. Well you don’t have to worry about that letdown with your IUD. An IUD’s failure rate is tiny, while a boyfriend has a much larger margin for error. 4. You Don’t Have That Weird Waiting Game Before You Can Get Pregnant Once your IUD is out you can get pregnant literally that same day. 5. It’s The Type Of Pain That Makes You Feel Good I’m not going to lie, getting an IUD hurts. There’s a reason they recommend it to women who have already given birth. Some describe the insertion pain as the contractions you feel during labor. Okay, this sounds incredibly scary if you haven’t had the lucky chance to have a baby yet, but lets look at the bigger picture. Five minutes of discomfort for up to 10 years of reliable birth control? Yeah, I’ll take that. And most women say the worst part lasts less than two seconds. We’ve handled worse ladies. 6. You Don’t Have To Spazz Out When You’re Late One of the perks with Mirena and Skyla is that your periods are lessened and sometimes go away completely. So next time you go for a few months without your period you don’t have to fret that you forgot a pill. 7. It Actually REDUCES Your Risk Of Blood Clots There have been multiple studies that describe IUDs as foolproof against blood clots. “Researchers said they were associated with a reduced risk and may have a protective effect against blood clots.” Need I say more? 8. It’ll Help Keep Your Friends Around We all know when we’re about to start PMSing. We magically end up on the couch one night with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s binge watching Gilmore Girls wondering why none of your friends will call back. Well, your hormonal IUD not only eliminates any mood swings but it’ll magically free up your friend’s social calendar. 9. It’s Customizeable With three types of IUD’s on the market, you’re bound to find the right one for you. The nonhormonal IUD provides up to 10 years of protection before it needs to be removed. Mirena provides five, and Skyla provides three. And if there’s ever a point when you’re not into your new friend, which I promise you won’t happen, you can have it removed in a snap. 10. Your Sex Life Will Be Way Better I mean how awkward is it when you’re having to grab a condom or if you’re mentally running through your head if you took the pill. And what happens if your NuvaRing slips out? So many awkward moments waiting to happen, and with the IUD it eliminates them completely. Now I’m sure you understand why some women are in serious relationships with their IUD and not their significant other. They’re slowly starting to make their comeback so don’t hesitate to do a little research of your own to see if this family planning method is right for you.

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