5 Ways To Use A Sponge That Are Seriously Game Changing

They can be used for so much more than washing dishes.

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Sponges are a cheap and versatile tool that can be used to clean pretty much anything. All you really need is a pair of scissors and a few other typical household items. Watch the video below for a step by step guide. 

1. Cut your sponge to more easily clean wire cooling racks.


The sponge can easily reach the spaces between the wires where food gets stuck.

2. Don’t have a fabric softener dispenser? Use a sponge instead.


Soak your sponges in a little bit of water and fabric softener, then add one to the wash.

3. Turn your sponge into a soap dispenser.


Simply cut a hole in the sponge that approximates the shape of your soap.

4. Use with tongs to clean your blinds.


Make an incision in the bottom of the sponge and insert tongs. You’ll have clean blinds in no time.

5. Easily remove nail polish.


Soak a sponge in nail polish remover and avoid wasting all those cotton balls.

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