13 Ways To Instantly Appear 10 Years Younger

Wishing you could knock a decade off of your looks? Here's what you need to know about age-defying makeup, hair care, and more.

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After the teenage years have passed, pretty much nobody likes to look older. Fortunately, there’s makeup to help out with that. Here are a few ways to use your favorite products to quickly knock off a decade (and sometimes more).

1. Blush

It’s better to use blush that’s light and glittery in shades of light pink and peach. This creates a bright, youthful look that can really shed the years. Even better, blush helps to draw attention away from common sites of wrinkles, including crow’s feet and laugh lines. Beautiful skin is ageless, and blush helps you achieve just that.

2. Eyelashes

The wider your eyes appear, the more youthful you will appear. Use a volumizing mascara and lash curler. For an even more youthful, wild look, consider false eyelashes. Even a simple addition like small lash clusters at the corners of your eyelids can help you look fun, adventurous, and energetic.

3. Eyeshadow

Your eyes will look tired if you wear a dark shadow. Instead, choose an eyeshadow that’s just a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. For an extra kick, draw a line of shimmery eyeshadow over the top of your eyeliner. This will give your whole gaze a sparkle that conveys youth and vigor.

4. Skin Tone

Try soft shades of peach, gold, and caramel. Yellow is a good tone as a base because it makes your skin look warmer, which always equates to youth. To be clear, a yellowish foundation works for all skin types; light, dark, and everywhere in between. Just don’t go too yellow. Jaundice is anything but youthful.

5. Facial Highlights

Use concealer that’s a shade lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it to the corners of your eyes and lips, the chin, and the outer parts of the nostrils. To bring out the natural beauty in your facial structure, finish the job with your favorite blush along the ridge of your cheekbones. Although skin tends to sag slightly over the years, strong cheekbones create a full, healthy look.

6. Eyeliner

With a brown pencil, your eyes will appear brighter and fuller. Brown eyeliners also disguise the yellowing whites of eyes. Go with brown even if you’ve been in love with black eyeliner since you bought your first Cure album back in middle school. Dark brown looks just like black from a distance, but it’s softer, more subtle, and—yes—younger looking.

7. Hair Volume and Shine

Use mousse to create volume and then top it off with an oil mask. Apply the oil from only the middle of your hair to its ends. You don’t want your roots to appear oily. It also pays to take care of your hair, even if you’ve already done the damage. Don’t blow dry unless you absolutely have to, and skip the tough metal comb.

8. Lipstick

A lipstick with a “wet” look contains reflective particles that will diffuse light and soften the wrinkles for you. However, you might want to consider a change in lipstick shade if you really want to erase the years. Lips tend to thin out with age. Bolder colors just highlight this fact. Instead, pick something that’s halfway between your true lip color and a fruity, natural red. Pro tip: You can add a little wet shimmer to any lip stain with a layer of clear, creamy balm.

9. Hair Color

It’s best to choose a lighter shade and one that is no more than two tones lighter than your natural color. If you’re already blonde, consider adding multi-tonal highlights. Look for hair dyes that describe themselves as “neutral” or “natural.” They’re more likely to be warm and subtle than dyes marked “bold” or “golden.”

10. Perfume

Some scents are so associated with age that there’s a (rather unfortunate) term for them: old lady perfume. Typically, these are cloying floral scents. Steer clear.

11. Foundation

It’s better to use a light liquid texture that has light-reflecting particles. Similar to the wet lipstick look, this will diffuse light and soften the wrinkles.

12. Creamy Makeup

Creamier textures in eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters will go on smooth and give you a youthful look. Liquid concealers are a must.

13. Eyebrows

The new trend is to keep your eyebrows in a natural, thick shape. That makes sense because younger people tend to wear thicker brows. Make sure that the tone of eyebrow color you use is the same tone or slightly darker than your hair color. While you’re at it, be sure to use an eyebrow shadow instead of a pencil. It will go on smoother and look more natural.

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