16 Unusual Baby Girl Names Inspired By Beautiful Places Across The Globe

The perfect name for your new baby girl could be right in your own backyard - or one across the world.

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The name you give your baby can be tough to decide, especially when you want to come up with something unique. Don’t worry, though. With a little global inspiration, you’ll come up with the perfect name that’s just as worldly as it is beautiful.


The name Nara is one with Gaelic origins, and it means “happy.” Nara is also a prefecture in Japan located in the Kansai region, which served as the framework for Japanese civilization.


Kent is a Welsh name that just sounds sophisticated, strong, and smart. Comic book fans might even take it as a nod to the Man of Steel.


This unique and exotic name could work for either a boy or a girl, and the word means “harbour.” It’s actually a city in northern Morocco, and it’ll easy transport you straight to a Moroccan bazaar when you hear it.


Although Skye isn’t too uncommon as a name for little girls, you may not have seen it spelled this way before. This particular variation comes from Scotland and its Isle of Skye. The island is well known for its incredibly scenic landscape, picturesque villages, and even medieval castles.


Also known as the “nature island,” Dominica is a country in the Caribbean that’s known for its hiking and diving. You can always give this name to your baby girl if you’re a big fan of the tropics.


This is essentially the girl version of the name Zaine, which isn’t all that common either. The name is related to the word “nzere,” which is Kongo for “the river that swallows all rivers.”


Odessa was actually a pretty popular name for quite a while during the early 1900s, and it’s one that has roots in the Odyssey, the epic poem written by Homer. It’s also a city in Ukraine that is famous for its theater, ballet, and 19th-century architecture.


If you or your spouse are music lovers, then Vienna is the name for your baby girl. We all know that the name represents the capital city of Austria, which is also referred to as that country’s “city of music.”


For any Aussies out there, or anyone who has ever dreamed of going there, why not name your little girl Adelaide to bring a little bit of the Land Down Under into your everyday life? Adelaide is a coastal city that’s the capital of South Australia, and it’s one that’s famous for its festivals and art museums in addition to its beautiful coastal views. The actual word “Adelaide” comes from “Adelheid,” a German word that means “nobility.”


Ah, fair Verona, the setting of the world-famous Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.


From Italy, we head over to Spain and the city of Valencia. It’s a name that might seem unexpected to some, but it’s so classic and beautiful. You might even say it’s sweet, seeing how it shares a name with a type of orange. Although the orange was named after the city in Spain, which is known for its orange trees, it was originally cultivated in Valencia, California.


Brighton is a name that could easily be given to either a boy or a girl, as it doesn’t sound overly masculine or feminine. With the word “bright” right in the name, it’s one that’s happy and fun, destined to belong to an expressive child. The name comes from a small town located in southern England that sits along the coast, where families can spend the day at the beach and have fun along the piers.


Dhaka is another name that could easily suit either a boy or a girl. It’s the name of Bangladesh’s capital city, which is also the country’s largest city, giving it a sense of worldliness and intrigue.


If you happen to give birth to your fifth child and you know that it’s going to be a girl, we’ve got the name for you. Quintana, which is pronounced “keen-TAH-nah,” is a name that actually translates to “fifth girl” in Spanish. Quintana Roo is also a state in Mexico with a beautiful coastline that sits on the Caribbean Sea. Along the coast you’ll find coral reefs, underwater caverns to explore, and even some remains of Mayan ruins.


We’ve all heard of the name “Lily,” but “Lille” offers an uncommon take on what is considered to be a more traditional spelling. The name comes from a town in northern France that shares its border with Belgium.


If you’re a fan of “Z” names, Zaria is another one to consider, and it’s also one you’ve probably never heard before. The name has roots in the Arabic language and means “flower”; it’s also a city in the country of Nigeria. Not only that, but Zaria is the goddess of beauty in Slavic lore.

Not only is the name Nara bright and adventurous, but it’s a new take on the more classic name “Nora.”

Looking for something else?

The origin gives the name a sense of ease, but one of fun, as well. You can ultimately pronounce it however you want, but it’s meant to be said as “Dom-i-NEE-kah” as opposed to a pronunciation that sounds more like the island chain.

It’s a pretty powerful name for a child, but one that somehow sounds very soft and sweet at the same time. If you’ve been looking for a “Z” name but didn’t want to go with anything too traditional, Zaire is the name for you.

Odessa is a name that’s not only beautiful but also deeply rooted in both history and culture.

As a name, Vienna is sophisticated and classic and also incredibly sweet. It comes with an endless number of built-in nicknames, too. Try Nina, Vee, Enny, or Enna to start. With a name like this, you may even end up with a musical prodigy on your hands before you know it.

If you end up having twins, one girl and one boy, Adelaide and Adelheid would make an incredible pair of names fit for a princess and prince.

As a girl’s name, Valencia serves as a unique but old-world take on the name “Valerie.” The two could even share the nickname “Val.”

In some ways, it’s almost like giving your child the name “Sunny,” but with a new twist.

Any Harley Quinn fans out there might also find the name a suitable tribute to the character with the nickname “Quin.”

What’s cool about it is you can choose how you want the name to be pronounced without even changing the spelling—it can be pronounced in the traditional way like the flower, “lil-EE,” or as one syllable, “Lil.”

With so many different origins, a little girl named Zaria is sure to have an adventurous spirit and zest for life.

In reality, it’s the name of a county in southeastern England that’s referred to as the “Garden of England” because of its high production of hops and fruit. Though it’s traditionally been a man’s name, it could easily work for a girl in these times.

As a name, Verona is not only a nod to Shakespeare and the Italian city, but it’s also a unique spin on the more traditional name Veronica.

There are still many mosques and palaces that remain from centuries past, making the city a center of culture.

While you’re taking this trip around the world, throw on some slippers, kick your feet up, and get ready for a wild ride. Here are some worldly names to consider for your next baby.

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