This Company Designed Skincare For The Minimalist In Us All

If you're tired of bombarding your skin with harsh products, these are the products for you.

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Simplicity is key, especially now. In the post-’90s world of excess, we’re all aiming for that minimalist aesthetic, but it can be hard to achieve. As pop-punk queen Avril Lavigne once sang, “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” Chances are Ms. Lavigne was singing about tortuous teen relationships, but this statement also directly applies to skincare.

The last thing you need is beauty regimen with an ingredients list miles-long with no end in sight. Plus, how can you trust any ingredient enough to put it on your face if you can’t even pronounce it?

Thankfully, there is a solution. Lark Skin Co. is a skincare company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Lisa Dolan founded the company based on the skincare needs that she, herself, had. When she was preparing to be a new mom, she scoured beauty stores for a regimen that was simple and natural. Plus, she wanted multifunctional products that used ingredients she could pronounce.

Now, four years later, Lisa works to share products from Lark Skin Co. that fulfill those very needs.

Minimalism is Key

Empty your shelves of exorbitantly priced products that satisfy only one need and make use of a minimalist way of life. Not only is having a million products splashed across your counter an eyesore, it also takes a ridiculous amount of time to complete your skincare routine when you have approximately fourteen different cremes and serums that all serve one purpose each.

Worry not—Lark Skin Co. makes a product specifically for the minimalist in you. The Beauty Balm is multifunctional in the sense that you can use it as a creamy cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, hair conditioner, or body balm.

That’s not even the best part! If you’re in a pinch and your hair or skin resembles the Sahara Desert, you can apply the balm to the ends of your hair as a conditioning treatment, or you can apply it to your skin as a deep penetrating moisturizer. This trick is perfect for long flights!

Maintaining Luscious Locks

Is there anything better than running your fingers through silky hair? The answer is no. No there is not.

Lark Skin Co. made their Hair Potion—sans-witchcraft!—which is designed to actually improve the texture and shine of your hair.

Not to mention that this potion protects your hair from heat styling. No more using a copious amount of different products to achieve the desired effect that this product has. Talk about a triple whammy!

Take a Bath; You Deserve it

Life is rough, and you deserve to treat yourself.

There is no better way to release your stress than by taking a bath. What’s more, with the New Moon Ritual Salts you can actually start anew during your soak.

By taking a bath with the luxurious New Moon Ritual Salts, which are infused with lavender and sage, you get the opportunity to set your intentions for the month while detoxing.

Not to mention, Lark has included Himalayan salts as one of the ingredients, which is the ultimate aid in detoxification. Whether you’re detoxing because of the New Moon or because you simply have a case of the Mondays, this is the perfect bath salt for you.

Treat Your Skin to Some Rest and Relaxation

Lark Skin Co. makes a Red Clay and Aloe Clay Mask and it’s exactly what you’ve been missing your entire life. The clay and aloe combine and work together to restore moisture to your skin while reducing any inflammation you may have. While the mask is geared toward those with sensitive and aging skin, anyone can use it. It’s never too young to be proactive about aging!

You work hard—your skin shouldn’t. Give your beautiful face the chance it deserves to be vibrant and hydrated. Take time for yourself throughout the week to give your skin some attention, rest, and relaxation.

Be Good to Yourself

Life is full of complications and compromises, but of all the things you should be compromising on, skincare is not one of them.

Your skin is only as vibrant as the time you put into it. Simplicity is key in all areas of your life, skincare included. Find a routine that checks all of your boxes while using the fewest number of products. If you’re looking to make your life easier, Lark Skin Co. is the brand for you. Give it a try; your skin is waiting!

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