8 Things To Add To Your Fall Bucket List

Fall is finally here, and this year we're making time to do all the fun fall activities we've always dreamed about. Grab your closest friends, a PSL or two, and get ready to make memories!

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It is finally the best season of the whole year: autumn. Before you Instagram your quintessential PSL, let’s think about how to make this a fall to remember. Sure, you can go apple picking with your beau…it’s fun, supports local farmers, and you get a bunch of delicious apples out of the deal. But we’re thinking this fall you should take your bucket list up a notch with some less common autumnal activities.

1. Line up a nostalgic movie night in.

Grab your gals, pop the wine corks and the popcorn, and enjoy your favorite fall movies from childhood. We’re talking Hocus Pocus (obviously), Halloweentown, Mom Has a Date With a Vampire, the works. Or for quicker laughs, pull up a few classic Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite shows.

2. Knit a scarf.

Winter is coming, and you can prepare early by knitting a cute scarf this autumn. Whether you’re just learning or a knitting queen, you can never have enough scarves. We love this beginner-friendly fluffy scarf tutorial.

3. Roast all the veggies.

Fall goes hand in hand with comfort food. Roast your favorite fall veg (squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts) to eat for lunches and dinners. Pro tip: Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top to turn up the fall feels. Our go-to guide for roasting vegetables is from The Kitchn. Or try these drool-worthy honey balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts from Kevin Is Cooking.

4. Ride a bike to a fall festival.

Kill two birds with one stone with this bucket list item. Biking in fall is a fun, healthy way to get from point A to point B. Grab your favorite date, crunch some leaves under your tires, and head to a local festival.

5. Hunt down a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” screening.

Rocky Horror is an experience everyone should have at least once! Many theaters—both big and small—will host Rocky Horror shows close to Halloween.

6. Travel to see the leaves change.

Find the best fall foliage near to you and road trip it with your family. You can camp, find a cute Airbnb, or do a day trip if there’s a spot nearby. Living in New Orleans means that if I want to see the leaves change colors, I have to travel a bit farther north. Last autumn, my fiancé and I spent a long weekend in Athens, Georgia, which serves up beautiful fall colors this time of year. It’s the perfect backdrop for a few golden hour selfies, too. If you’re looking for a great book that details out some fun road trips, check out Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways.

7. Pack a reading picnic.

Pull together your favorite books, a blanket, and some snacks and get ready to enjoy a few hours in the sun. Just be sure to prep with sunscreen (yes, you need it even in cool autumn weather!) and bring an extra sweater just in case. Some of my favorite autumn go-tos are Good Omens (soon to be an Amazon Prime show!) and nostalgic rereads of Harry Potter.

8. Host a Friendsgiving.

If you live away from family or you just need an excuse to have a big meal before heading home for Thanksgiving, host a Friendsgiving dinner. Have each member of your chosen family bring a dish and enjoy all the comfort food together. Living away from family means it’s Friendsgiving for me most years, and it’s always a blast! Whatever you add to your fall bucket list, make sure it helps you craft memories that you’ll want to last a lifetime. Never forget to cherish the little things that bring you joy, from a piece of Halloween candy at lunch to a perfectly spicy mug of apple cider.

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