The Way You Hold Your Phone Could Be Changing The Shape Of Your Hands

Is this for real? Here's the science...and what you can do to prevent it.

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It’s called “smartphone pinky,” and it’s got some people terrified.

People on social media (especially Twitter) began posting last week about the strange injury, and if you use your smartphone regularly, it’s an alarming idea.

Here’s what happens, according to internet lore: You hold your phone while sticking out your pinky. The finger provides stability so that every tap doesn’t send your device tumbling to the floor.

But over time, the weight of your phone starts to affect a change on your body. Your muscles begin to adapt to the position; soon, it’s permanent.

And Twitter users claim to have proof.

“I have an actual #iphone injury,” wrote one Twitter user (@lucypurnell). “My finger has bent & will not straighten. Need to change the way I hold my phone.”

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