Don’t Miss Out: These Are The 38 Toys Every Kid Will Want This Holiday Season

From games to educational toys, these presents are exactly what every child will want this holiday season.

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When it comes to holiday gift shopping, there’s no time like the present. Snatching up hot-ticket items before they run out can make the difference between a happy holiday and a downright debacle (we’re looking at you, Tickle Me Elmo).

Getting the inside scoop on what’s hot this gift-giving season can make you a hero in the eyes of the child in your life—instead of the only person who wasn’t able to score that perfect present. Fortunately, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the 12-and-under set. Here are the toys that will be in high demand on Amazon this winter:

1. Here’s a monster kids aren’t afraid of.

What has two eyes, a soft, huggable belly, and a mouth full of gnarly teeth? If you said a Fuggler, you’re right. With a mouth full of realistic adult-sized teeth and a face only a mother could love, these creatures are so ugly they’re cute.

The little one in your life will love snuggling up to these plush toys, regardless of the unconventional look. These adorable monsters even come with their own adoption certificates!

2. This game combines food and fun.

Looking for a fun game the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than Chow Crown. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy this food-friendly game. Simply put the crown on your head, stick pieces of food onto the forks, then try your best to swing the food into your mouth.

Whoever has the most empty forks when the music stops wins the game! Have a few belly laughs while watching your kids try to grab the food as it spins around their heads. Funny faces are guaranteed.

3. This interactive pup performs tricks—and leaves the occasional mess.

Take your gift game to the next level with this interactive toy dog. He eats, barks, licks his friends, and even performs tricks. Behold furReal Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Pup, a battery-operated dog that is almost as fun as the real thing, with a whole lot less responsibility required.

Not your average toy, Ricky’s a clever little guy. His tricks include flipping bones, shaking hands, and barking out his favorite song. He even eats treats! Of course, those meals may lead to an accident—but that only adds to the fun!

4. Bring the arcade to your home with this miniature working claw machine.

Kids love claw machines. Don’t believe us? Just wait until you see how much fun the kids in your life will have with the Original Claw Machine Playset from Moj Moj.

Use the three directional joysticks to grab your prize before the music runs out, or simply have fun grabbing the treats at your own pace. This miniature arcade staple comes with six single Moj Moj mystery packs that you can refill with surprises of your own. Earn some serious bonus points with this next-level present.

5. Your feet may hate these blocks, but children sure don’t.

If your child loves to build—or you’d like to kickstart their creativity—this Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box is the perfect holiday choice. With 484 pieces in 35 different colors, kids can create just about anything they want with these easy-to-hold bricks.

This kit includes a base plate and other fun accessories like windows, eyes, and tires, so there’s no end to what kids can build. These Legos ship in a reusable storage box, reducing the chance that they’ll end up all over your floor.

6. Put out fires during the holidays with this toy truck.

Calling all pups! If PAW Patrol is a favorite in your home, this Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck is a must-have. Your kids will have a ball saving the day with Marshall’s fire truck, which features an extendable 2-foot ladder, a working claw arm, and water cannons.

With flashing lights and sounds, this battery-operated truck looks like the real deal. Parents enjoy the hours of entertainment the truck provides, and kids love opening the compartments and pressing all of the buttons. Make your holiday lit with this exciting toy!

7. Even muggles will enjoy this coding wand.

With the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit, kids can build a working wand straight out of the Wizarding World and learn how to code, all at the same time. Children create a wand that responds to their movements by following the step-by-step instructions.

Connected to a tablet or computer, this wand offers over 70 creative challenges that teach coding, as well as loops, logic, and variables. Combine magic and education with this interactive toy that’s perfect for ages 6 and older.

8. You can’t escape the fun of this game.

What should you do if you’re exposed to a virus that can turn you into a werewolf? Find out with Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment.

Inspired by Escape Room experiences, this problem-solving game gives participants one hour to solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden clues in an attempt to defeat the virus. Work by yourself or in teams to figure it all out, and sync the game with Alexa to heighten the experience.

9. This is the house is where dreams are made.

Barbie has lived in some swank places before, but this just may be the swankiest. Introducing the latest Barbie Dreamhouse. Ken, Chelsea, and the rest of the gang can hang in this 3-feet-by-4-feet-tall, three-story home that comes equipped with a working elevator, office, bedroom, carport, and more.

Fill up the home’s pool with water and send Barbie down the waterslide for a serious splash. This posh pad even comes with transformable furniture and 70 accessories. All of that translates into more opportunities for fun!  

10. You’re a genius if you get this fun and educational game.

Turn your child’s tablet into an educational tool that combines fun and learning. All you need is the Osmo Genius Kit.

Five award-winning games teach your child math, reading, language arts, physics, and more, all in a fun and engaging way. Foster creativity, problem solving skills, and critical thinking in an entertaining environment with this clever tool.

11. You never know what you’re going to get with this doll.

If your child likes surprises—and dolls— they’re sure to love what they find inside their first Hairdorables box. Kids discover this “hairmazing” doll by peeling away panels on the packaging, slowly revealing 11 surprises that clue you in to the character’s personality.

These dolls feature lots of long and gorgeous hair, so your child can have tons of fun creating endless amounts of hairstyles. For ages 3 and older, these mystery boxes are perfect for the kiddo who has a passion for styling hair.

12. Your child’s eyes will light up when they see this toy.

These loveable and wearable interactive pom-poms are soft, fluffy, and super smart! With over 50 reactions, Pomsies plush interactive toys are sure to keep your child entertained! Similar to a Hatchimal, this cute fluff ball’s eyes light up and it makes different noises to let you know what it needs.

Pomsies are kind of like Fingerlings, too, because they clip onto objects with their tails. Many who already own the toy suggest that you read the instructions thoroughly to discover all of the toy’s interactive features.

13. Pony up an amazing present with this rideable toy.

If the child in your life wants a pony for the holidays, but taking care of livestock isn’t really your thing, consider giving this Rideamals Pony a try. Named Scout, this interactive ride-on toy makes over 100 unique noises and motions.

Your child can walk, ride, and feed Scout, as well as watch it perform a dance. This adorable horse also moves its head, ears, and eyes. It even makes eating noises. Make sure you have a lot of space before investing in this large toy; one reviewer warns it needs a lot of room to maneuver.

14. Give a gift—and teach a lesson—with this toy pet.

Give the gift of philanthropy—along with a super-cute toy—when you present your little one with a Little Live Scruff-A-Luv. The Scruff-A-Luv is an abandoned animal that finds a home when it is adopted by your child. Dirty and matted, the toy needs a little TLC in order to tidy up and reveal its identity.

After you give the little guy a bath, you’ll find out if you’ve just adopted a kitty, bunny, or puppy! And when you purchase a Scruff-A-Luv, the manufacturer donates a portion of the proceeds to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

15. This robot is both a friend and a teacher.

A toy robot that teaches kids how to code sounds like something out of science fiction, but that’s exactly what you get with Cozmo, the interactive toy robot.

Full of personality, this electronic sidekick comes with hundreds of emotions and a passion for learning. He loves to play games and can even teach your child how to code. Simply hook it up to your iOS or Android device and watch this cool toy come alive.

16. This play set is perfect for future veterinarians.

Give your little pet-lover a gift that is both fun and educational with the Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set. This 24-piece kit comes with a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, tweezers, and all of the other tools needed to provide the best care for stuffed animals.

The set also comes with a pair of plush patients to get your veterinarian-in-training started. Examine, diagnosis, and treat stuffed animals with this collection that teaches kids medicine, as well as empathy.

17. Get glam, glitter, and more with this doll.

Who doesn’t love a super-cute doll that’s full of surprises? If the child in your life feels the same way, make sure you add this L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Glitter Series doll to your gift list.

The spherical package—which can also double as a carrying case—contains seven surprises, including a Glam Glitter doll, stickers, a fashion accessory, and more. Bathe or feed your doll to discover if she cries, tinkles, spits up, or changes colors.

18. Color and science collide in this lab set for kids.

Excite your child’s inner colorologist with the Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set. Kids ages 7 and older can try their hands at 50 different experiments and projects designed by Crayola scientists.

Watch as kids learn about technology, art, science, math, and engineering, all while having some colorful fun! Kids can make glow worms, erupting volcanoes, and more with this hands-on, educational toy.

19. Dinosaurs are no match for this off-road vehicle.

Present your young dinosaur-chaser with this Power Wheel Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler for the holidays and you’re sure to get a high five—or high claw, if you’re not careful. This battery-operated four-wheel vehicle is safe, durable, and full of fun.

With a sturdy frame that supports up to 130 pounds and brakes that automatically stop the vehicle when the child’s foot comes off of the pedal, this functional electric car helps to keep all riders safe. And with a real working light bar and cool dinosaur and “chase” sounds, this toy is “roaring” with excitement!

20. This doll is so realistic it does the potty dance.

If your kid wants to take care of a doll that acts just like a baby, then this may be the hot ticket item you’ve been looking for. The Potty Dance Baby allows your child to help potty train the doll, while also creating a special bond.

This life-like toy does the “potty dance,” blinks, speaks, drinks water, and goes to the bathroom in the potty. The Potty Dance baby speaks 50 different phrases in English or Spanish and comes with a chart and sticker to mark her progress.

21. Wear these pets as jewelry, play with them, or both.

Promote creativity, fun, and fashion with the Twisty Petz collectible bracelet set. Twisty Petz are glitzy and fabulous toy animals that can turn into bracelets, necklaces, and charms. Simply connect the animals together to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

With a variety of finishes and colors from which to choose, you can create jewelry that is perfect for every outfit and mood. And when you’re done wearing them, separate the animals for some adorable imaginative play.

22. The toy that “attacks” with a push of its tummy.

If the Incredibles 2 movie is popular in your home, you’ll want to check out the Jack-Jack Attacks playset. Jack-Jack is a polymorph with multiple hidden abilities, and you never know what he’s going to do.

Touch his tummy to hear him laugh, and continue pressing it to see him change into his other personalities. Jack-Jack’s raccoon pal is included in the set, allowing your child to create an epic battle between the two!

23. You’ll actually encourage your child to crack these eggs.

Ever wonder where baby Hatchimals come from? You can find out with the Hatchimal CollEGGtible Egg Carton. Look inside the sparkly carton and you’ll find 10 decorated eggs and two already-hatched Hatchimals waiting inside.

It is up to you to encourage the other Hatchimals to emerge from their shells, and you can do so by warming up the toy egg in your hand. Display, store, and carry the tiny toys in the carton.

24. Crashing cars is encouraged with this play set.

It has twists, loops, and high-speed boosters. It creates the perfect backdrop for some of the most epic crashes. It’s the Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set.

To get the fun started, launch your car from the motorized speed boosters, then watch it race through the three corkscrew turns at amazing speeds. Try not to crash out or collide with other cars on the track, although it could make things even more fun if you do! This large set allows you to launch three cars at the same time. It includes a drop-in ramp to add even more vehicles to the chaos.

25. Recreate a classic with this Lego set.

The child in your life can build their own ship in a bottle with this Lego Ideas set. Build a ship complete with master’s quarters, cannons, flags, and a mast inside of a bottle that features a buildable cork and wax seal element.

When it’s finished, display your piece of art on the included stand that has a nameplate and a compass. According to customer reviews, this 962-piece advanced building set is perfect for experienced Lego builders, but may be too difficult for those just starting out.

26. Food is life for this baby dino.

Take care of your own interactive—and hungry—baby dinosaur with the furReal Muchin’ Rex. Just like most youngsters, this little guy lives for food. Watch as he hops and begs for treats.

Be careful, though—he might chomp on your finger or spit the treats out. When waved at or fed, this baby dino responds with over 35 sound-and-motion combinations. This toy also makes cool dinosaur habitat sounds and comes with a bottle, treats, and instructions.

27. Encourage creativity and strong vocal chords with this karaoke machine.

Let your little one be a star with the Vtech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine. This clever device mutes out the main vocals in included songs or those you import to make your child the star of the show.

With a light-up disco ball, LCD screen, six built-in games, a voice changer that has five different voice features, fun sound effects, and eight original songs, this potential present is a real show-stopper.

28. They see you rolling, and helping, with this toy ambulance.

If the Barbie fan in your life also has a passion for medicine, you’ll want to get this Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle, STAT. Respond to calls and give care as needed with this fierce ambulance that also doubles as a treatment room.

Lift the lever in the back and watch as this rolling ambulance turns into a treatment center that features three distinct areas: a check-in station, a waiting area, and an exam room. With over 20 themed pieces, this ambulance is full of fun—and helpful—surprises.

29. Super kids can become superheroes with this toy.

Why wait for a superhero when you can become one yourself? With the littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, your young one can train to become a formidable superhero. With fun and customizable activities, kids can unleash their creative potential and invent superhero identities and powers.

Hook the kit up to your smart device and use inventions like night vision, light powers, and a speed tracker to further enhance your training. And best of all, no adults are needed for this toy; easy-to-follow instructions geared toward youngsters are included.

30. This Pie Face game is a blast.

Take your pie in the face experience to a whole new level with the Pie Face Cannon Game. Instead of rolling the dial and inflicting whipped cream disaster on yourself, this game allows you to target your opponents, instead.

Use the cannon to send a wallop of whipped cream toward the other player. But watch out! Your challenger can stop the cream with a blocking hand. For ages 5 and older, this game is sure to provide hours of messy family fun.

31. No matter whose house you’re in, you’ll love this Lego set.

If your child can’t spend time in the Hogwarts Great Hall in real life, this could be the next best thing. The Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit allows children to create a significant piece of Harry Potter memorabilia all by themselves. With four levels and a spiral staircase, this Great Hall definitely lives up to its name.

Recommended for ages 9 and older, this 878-piece set includes house banners, a sorting hat, and 10 mini-characters, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Hagrid. Reviewers say it takes around four hours to build, so pull up a chair and bond with the kiddo in your life while recreating movie magic.

32. This tiny robot proves that big smarts can come in small packages.

Help your child grasp the basics of coding with the Ozobot Bit Coding Robot. The pocket-sized robot teaches beginners how to code with two different methods. With the help of a special marker, the child can draw commands that the Bit will respond to.

Kids can also use the advanced program editor to create Bit code. This small robotic ball comes with an activity pack loaded with exercises that can help your child learn even more about basic coding and robotics concepts.

33. Surprise your real baby with these toy babies.

Join the L.O.L Surprise gals as they go on their latest undercover mission with this Biggie Pet Dollmation set. The L.O.L. team is searching for clues that will lead to the whereabouts of their kidnapped pets. Your child can help solve the mystery with the fun accessories included in this set.

Look for secret clues among more than 15 surprises included with the toy, including glasses, a necklace, and a wishbone. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all is how many babies are hiding inside your set. Find out and look for clues to solve this puzzling crime!

34. This could be the best toy of the holidays, hands down—or should we say “paws down?”

If your child wants a puppy for the holidays but you don’t relish the thought of taking care of a real dog, give the Little Live Pets Snuggles toy a try. This soft, interactive puppy moves and feels like a real dog with over 35 sounds and six modes.

Feed the puppy its bottle, pat its head, and rub its belly to reveal the puppy’s responses. Watch the puppy’s tummy move in and out as it breathes, and take a look at how the eyes close when Snuggles is sleeping. Get the fun of a puppy—without all of the work—with this cute and cuddly canine.

35. This educational toy teaches compassion and care.

Help your favorite youngster provide the best care possible to their dolls by giving them the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Baby All-in-One Nursery set. This baby nursery is loaded with everything a kid needs to take care of sick dolls.

Use Doc’s laptop to diagnose the problem. Check the doll’s heartbeat with the stethoscope, measure height and weight with special tools, and kiss boo-boos “bye-bye” with special doll bandages. Encourage your child’s empathy and love of medicine with this educational toy.

36. You’ll want to race to get this toy.

Experience the rush of professional drone racing—without the high costs and danger—with the Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone. Designed for children ages 10 and older, this racing set comes with a headset for your smartphone, a durable drone, and lots of fun the whole family can enjoy.

Thanks to the drone’s camera, you can watch it fly through the sky from a first-person perspective when you look through the headset. Capture thrilling footage you can share with your friends, or simply enjoy the feeling of soaring through the air without ever leaving the ground.

37. Silly faces aren’t optional with this game.

What do you get when you combine a classic card game with adorable emojis? If you guessed the Mattel Games UNO Emoji card game, you’re correct. The rules are basically the same as the classic UNO, except you get to play with cards that feature popular emojis.

However, a few special emoji cards are thrown in that require players to imitate and capture their favorite emoji expressions! Perfect for two to 10 players ages 7 and up, this game provides fun and can help children with their memory and color skills.

38. Add your favorite scent to homemade nail polish.

What’s even more fun than wearing nail polish? Making it, of course! Let your little one’s creativity and imagination run wild with this Num Noms Nail Polish Maker toy.

With one nail polish base, three nail polish scents, glitter, and stickers, your little one can create the nail art of their dreams. After you apply the custom polish to your nails, use the finger rests for drying—they even double as booth seats for Num Nom toys. Make the child in your life’s next manicure even sweeter with this creative toy.