The Health-Conscious Kitchen: The Tools You Need for Making Healthier Meals

Making the effort to cook healthier food doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with these staple tools, it’s easier than ever.

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It’s no secret that eating healthier isn’t always an easy task. Not only do you have to squash cravings, plan out meals, and make more mindful trips to the grocery store, but you also have to take the time to get in the kitchen and cook. If it sounds daunting, we don’t blame you, but we’re here to say it doesn’t have to be as big of a challenge as you think. Take all of the stress out of preparing meals with these products designed with healthy eating in mind.


Veggie noodles have become super popular over the past year or so, and you can buy them in most grocery stores pre-cut and ready to cook. However, why pay extra money when you can easily get the same product at home with your own spiralizer? This option comes with different blades to make shapes like ribbons, or even just shorter noodles. Just slide in the blade for whichever shape you’d like, hook your veggie onto the handle, and give it a spin for fresh veggie noodles in minutes.

Instant Pot

Planning ahead is one of the biggest keys when it comes to prioritizing healthy eating, and cooking in bulk is one of the best ways to ensure that you always have a healthy option available. Using a slow cooker is a great way to make a lot of food at once, but the only downside is that you really do have to plan ahead to make a meal—until the Instant Pot, that is. The Instant Pot is a slow cooker and pressure cooker in one, so it’s perfect to use on days when you want something to do the cooking for you, but didn’t plan ahead.


You probably have a store that sells fresh juice near you, but when even the smallest bottle is over $5, it’s an easy treat to pass on. Instead of thinking of fresh juice as an occasional treat, why not make it an everyday part of your health routine with a juicer? Simple to clean and use, this Breville juicer is super powerful and will get every last drop of juice out of your fruits and veggies so nothing goes to waste.

Veggie Peeler

One of most painstaking parts of preparing fresh fruits and vegetables is peeling them. Whether it’s potatoes, apples, carrots, or kiwi, peeling is a time consuming task, and one that can be dangerous if you don’t have the right tools. This set of peelers will not only help you easily remove the peels from your favorite fruits and veggies, but can also help you cut them, too. Make your own matchstick carrots for salads with the julienne peeler, or create zucchini ribbons by running the regular peeler lengthwise down your zucchini.

Steaming Basket

You may find yourself turning to frozen vegetables in steamer bags to get a veggie on the table quickly, but steaming your own can be just as easy. Just put an inch or so of water in a pot, get it boiling, then put your steamer basket full of veggies in and let them cook until they’re just soft enough to poke with a fork. Not only is steaming veggies easy to do, but you can create your own favorite combinations to make getting those nutrients in a little easier.

Green Pan

Most people have a habit of tossing a little oil or butter into a pan before cooking. While a small amount of healthy fats isn’t bad, it’s something we can easily overdo. If your goal is to use less fat while cooking, a Green Pan can help you out. The pan is coated with non-stick ceramic, a non-toxic alternative to the traditional non-stick coatings found on cookware. Anything you put in is pretty much guaranteed to come out without sticking, so you can cut down on your fat intake without changing up your cooking method. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Immersion Blender

One of the best benefits of cooking more meals at home? Knowing exactly what goes into the food that you’re making. However, there are still lots of things that we tend to buy pre-made at the grocery store, like canned soups, jarred sauces, and bottled dressings. You may think executing these types of recipes is reserved for more advanced cooks, but with an immersion blender they’re simple enough to make yourself. Blend your soups and sauces right in the pan, or make your own dressing or homemade mayonnaise in the included measuring cup.

Air Fryer

Most of us have never thought of fried food as healthy, but the invention of the air fryer has really changed the game. The device circulates hot air in a special way that gives your food a fried texture without actually dunking it in oil—which means no oily smell, no oily mess, and no grease-laden food. You can even bake or roast your food in the air fryer, so it’s the perfect multifunctional countertop appliance for preparing a meal without turning on the oven.


If you’re used to buying canned or frozen veggies and fruits, keeping the fresh stuff around can be somewhat difficult. Even if you do stock up on beautiful produce, you might not be used to reaching for it when you need a snack or side. Before you know it, half your fruits and veggies have gone bad before you got the chance to eat or cook with them. Enter the Bluapple device, which can extend the shelf life of your fresh produce by absorbing any ethylene gas it produces as it sits, preventing your produce from going bad so quickly. Each Bluapple lasts for about three months before the absorbent packet inside should be changed, and the starter kit will give you everything you need to keep your produce fresher for about a year.

Color-Coded Cutting Boards

Cooking your own food tends to mean more prep work for you, and that means lots of slicing and dicing as you go. However, making healthier food isn’t just about doing the prep work yourself, but also making sure that you’re preparing your food safely. This cutting board set is color coded based on food group, so you’ll never cross-contaminate raw meat, poultry, or fish with your other ingredients, which ensures that your food is prepped properly. The cutting boards are also anti-microbial, so they’re easy to clean and sanitize when all the prep work is done.

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