The Best Travel Accessories For Your Next Adventure, Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Your sign says a lot about your travel style—here’s what you need to take on your journey.

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Travel styles are as vast as the stars in the sky. Some travelers jet off in search of a whirlwind adventure that’s completely unlike anything they can have at home. Others crave little luxuries that give them a sense of home when they’re in faraway lands. And then there’s the social sightseer, who somehow makes friends at every destination she visits. How do you know which type of traveler you are? Surprisingly, your astrological sign reveals a slew of clues about how you like to explore the world—along with the ideal travel accessories to pack for your journey. With limited space in your carry-on bag, are you better off bringing along a pair of noise-canceling headphones, a sleeping mask, or a neck pillow? We consulted the stars to help you figure out. Here are the best travel accessories you can find on Amazon based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: She’s a bold, ambitious traveler who’s always up for a challenge, and dreads mundane chores.

1. Never waste time untangling cables.

Nothing frustrates an Aries quite like boring, time-consuming tasks—like untangling a rats’ nest of cables. The Travelon World Travel Essentials Tech Organizer will save her a major headache when she needs to dig out a charger. With two zippered pockets and two open pouches, the organizer’s simple design makes it easy to store all of your adapters and cables. Plus, you can see exactly what you have to work with—leaving Aries more time to spend on her next big adventure instead of rummaging for her spare batteries deep inside her backpack.

2. Get the camera that can capture all your adventures.

Whether she’s cliff jumping in Acapulco, taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, or riding a dune buggy through the desert in Dubai, Aries lives in pursuit of adventure. She can capture every adrenaline-fueled moment with the GoPro Hero5, a palm-sized camera that shoots 4k video and 12-megapixel photos. The portable, durable camera is waterproof to 33 feet, includes video stabilization technology, and automatically uploads your pics and videos to the cloud. Plus, with all of the attachments and cases, you can outfit this tech toy with whatever gear you need for your next thrilling getaway.

3. Your wardrobe’s always ready with this.

Unpacking at her hotel might be one of the least fun parts of traveling for an Aries. She just doesn’t have the slightest interest in carefully folding and hanging all the garments. Fortunately, with the Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves, she doesn’t have to! This innovative travel accessory allows you to fold all your clothes and pack them in your suitcase with ease. When you’ve arrived at the destination, simply pull out the shelves and hang them in your closet. Your outfits will stay perfectly organized and wrinkle-free, saving you the monotony of unpacking.

Taurus: Pleasure is high on the list of necessities for this relaxed traveler who craves creature comforts and a sense of security.

1. Try a neck pillow that won’t cramp your style.

Wherever Taurus goes, she’ll want to get there in the most comfortable way possible. That’s easier said than done when flying coach, but the Sleeper Scarf 2-in-1 Travel Scarf And Inflatable Neck Pillow can help. There’s no need to drag a regular neck pillow all around the airport. Instead, just drape this light, breathable scarf around your neck. And when you need something puffy on which to rest your head during a long-haul flight, the scarf will automatically inflate into a comfy pillow. It’s the closest thing Taurus will get to the first-class ticket she deserves when she’s traveling on a budget.

2. Soothing Sounds for a Good Night’s Rest

Rest and relaxation are high on the list of priorities for comfort-seeking Taurus. Nothing throws her off quite like a night of tossing and turning on a trip. The LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine And Bluetooth Speaker is exactly the thing she needs for guaranteed shut-eye. The portable white noise maker includes four white noise variations, five distinctive fan sounds, and the calming ambience of the ocean that will lull you to sleep. One full charge of the built-in battery offers up to 16 hours of sounds from the machine (or six hours of music streamed via Bluetooth). Never again will a thumping nightclub or traffic-riddled street keep Taurus from getting her beauty rest.

3. The Worry-Free Way to Protect Your Stuff

The only way a Taurus can get completely into vacation-mode is when she knows that her belongings are safe and secure. A set of TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Locks will protect her valuables. The nice thing about these locks is that they’re not at all bulky—the thin cable can easily slip into standard-sized zippers and lock holes while securing the contents of most suitcases, carry-on bags, and backpacks. Here’s to keeping your stuff safe, without lugging around a heavy lock.

Gemini: The always-busy Gemini spreads her interests over a variety of pursuits. She’s a playful, curious social butterfly who never has trouble finding a friend.

1. Share your favorite tunes with your new travel buddies.

The highly social Gemini will almost always make a few new pals on the road. And even when she needs some down time, she doesn’t want to isolate herself to get it. That’s why she’d benefit from tossing the AmazonBasics 5-Way Multi-Headphone Splitter into her suitcase. When she’s ready to zone out with a movie, a podcast, or her favorite playlist, she can share it with up to four other friends at the same time through this useful gadget.

2. Exercise anywhere with a portable yoga mat.

Sometimes struggling to stay focused, Gemini can get thrown off from her exercise routine when she’s on the road. Fortunately, the portable yoga mat in the Sugarmat Travel Set will help her keep up with her practice when she’s on the go. The ultralight, thin mat has a synthetic suede top designed to resemble the swirls of a crystal. It folds up perfectly into a sassy pouch that reads, “Sugar how you get so fly?”—just the burst of confidence she needs to invite some folks out to brunch after their Vinyasa’s over.

3. The Gadget That Breaks Down Language Barriers

Language barriers are no match for inquisitive Gemini, whose favorite travel accessory might just be the TT Easy Trans Smart Language Translator. The handheld voice translator can help you carry on two-way conversations in 52 languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Arabic. It can also help you pick up key phrases in a foreign language and learn to pronounce them like a native speaker. Language barrier? What language barrier? Gemini will be able to connect with anyone she wishes with the help of this smart tool.

Cancer: Intuitive cancer is a creature of habit. She’s sensitive to whatever environment she ends up in, so she needs travel accessories to make hotel rooms feel more like home.

1. Candles to Warm Up Each New Hotel Room

Cancer can pick up on the energies of a room right away. Packing a few travel-size aromatherapy candles from Chesapeake Bay can help her manifest the exact atmosphere she needs to feel at ease. This set contains four small jars themed around key moods, including joy and laughter, reflection and clarity, peace and tranquility, and balance and harmony—each of which have their own signature scent. Light one when you’re settling into a room and let the calming aromas blanket the entire space.

2. Your aching feet will thank you for buying this ball.

A little self-care goes a long way toward helping Cancer feel her best on the road. Rolling her foot out on the Saj Mini Relaxation Foot Massager might be just what she’s looking for to give her body a little TLC. It simulates the feeling of a soothing trigger-point massage, easing tension and pain. What can be better than that after hiking up a mountain or exploring a new city all day? Plus, a massage with this spiky ball puts her on the fast-track to chill-out mode—no expensive spa treatment necessary.

3. Slip on these headphones to tune out the stress.

Sounds as subtle as a dripping faucet, travelers walking through the hall, or a noisy TV next door can ruin sensitive Cancer’s sleep. A pair of AcousticSheep SleepPhones can help her maintain a calm atmosphere while she’s catching some Zs. The thin headphones rest comfortably inside a snuggly headband that you can slip on when you crawl into bed. Then stream your most relaxing playlist or ambient noises via Bluetooth from your smartphone or laptop. They’re like magic for frequent fliers who need to find a way to rest on cramped flights, and for stressed-out globetrotters who like to create a meditation sanctuary wherever they are.

Leo: When Leo travels, she brings the party with her. This theatrical character is beloved by other travelers for her vivaciousness and extreme loyalty.

1. Stream your party playlist just about anywhere.

Party girl Leo’s always down to get down. She’s constantly on the lookout for a party, and when she can’t find one, she starts her own. The Polk Audio Portable Speaker allows her to stream her most dance-worthy playlist wherever she wants to boogie, whether it’s on the beach, in the park, or at the hotel. This tiny (yet mighty) speaker is also capable of balancing its volume with your immediate surroundings, meaning you’ll always be able to hear the tunes without annoying bystanders. Party on, Leo.

2. Take selfies shamelessly with this tripod stick.

A selfie stick is just the device Leo needs to capture photos of herself in all her vacation glory. She has no fear of being perceived as vain. In fact, she lives to have the spotlight shine brightly on her. But the standard stick just won’t cut it for this sign—she needs the DOKRO Selfie Stick With Tripod Stand so she can set up the perfect shot and snap it from afar using the Bluetooth-enabled remote control. The dramatic Leo will love having the ability to take dozens of selfies in a variety of poses, without fear of judgment from her more reserved pals.

3. A Sunhat with That Old-School Hollywood Glamour

Leo doesn’t just want to see new places—she wants to look the part of a traveler with a true zest for exploring. That’s why she pops on a wide-brimmed sunhat whenever she’s on an adventure. This foldable, floppy hat is embroidered with the eye-catching phrase “Hello, sunshine!” that will help Leo stand out from the crowds at the beach. (Not to mention the fact that it’ll look absolutely amazing in her Instagram photos.) And if Leo’s ever ready to tone down her look, she can just fold up the hat and stow it in her bag—no need to lug around an extra accessory.

Virgo: Logical and practical, Virgo takes a systematic approach to everything does, including her travels. She’s diligent and dedicated to the art of perfection.

1. A Reusable Bottle Without the Bulk

You’ll never see Virgo going through disposable plastic bottles on her trips. (She’s too concerned about the damage they do to the environment.) But you won’t see her with those heavy aluminum bottles, either. (They add way too much weight to her bag.) Instead, Virgo stays hydrated with the Bubi Silicone Water Bottle. The squishy bottle can be filled with up to 22 ounces of water to sustain you on a hot day. And when you’re done with it, just roll it up and stuff it into the attached carabiner clip until you’re ready for a refill. It’s light, sturdy, and fits well into Virgo’s practical approach to packing.

2. The Ultimate Bag Organizers

Virgo’s obsessed with perfecting her packing strategy. She’s pared down her packing list to the bare minimum and has started rolling (instead of folding) her clothes. But to take her minimalist packing to the next level, she’ll need a set of Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes. They give her three separate storage containers to keep her gear sorted and organized. They squeeze the air out from in between garments so she can condense her stuff into a smaller suitcase. And they have cool nature-themed designs that will inspire her journeys. That’s a triple win in Virgo’s book.

3. A Towel That a Minimalist Won’t Mind

Virgo rarely brings anything from home that she can get on the road. While she typically relies on hotels to provide her towels, she makes a big exception for this one from Sand Cloud—for one very good reason: It doubles as a bag! She loves being able to stash her sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, and other essentials in the lightweight backpack, then rolling it out into a blanket when she’s ready to sunbathe. And just because the towel is multipurpose doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. This handmade design is made entirely out of Turkish cotton, so you know it’s soft, absorbent, and durable.

Libra: Libra travels in search of balance and harmony everywhere she goes. She’s a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

1. A Skincare Kit to Help You Look Fresh

While other signs may look at travel as an opportunity to leave their standard makeup and hair routines back at home, you won’t see Libra looking anything less than her best. That’s why she travels with the Daily Concepts Spa To Go kit. With its cleansing wash, gentle exfoliating scrub, purging mask, nourishing lotion, and washcloth, this kit helps Libra keep her complexion bright and fresh—even after a red-eye flight.

2. A Watercolor Kit to Use When Inspiration Strikes

Libra’s got a thing for good art, and she seeks it out every time she travels. When inspiration strikes at a museum or gallery, she even likes to create some of her own designs. Fortunately, the Field Artist Pro Travel Watercolor Kit contains everything she needs to create watercolor paintings on the go. The travel-friendly kit easily slides into a purse, so Libra can have it at the ready next time she wants to capture a scene by hand.

3. A Scale to Keep the Peace

Few things will frazzle harmony-seeking Libra more than getting called out by a gate agent over the weight of her bag. A luggage scale will help her make sure her bag doesn’t exceed any of those pesky limitations from the airlines, so she can board the plane without a hitch.

Scorpio: Scorpio values her privacy and her control when traveling. She hates being derailed, and instead prefers to pursue her passions with a sense of empowerment.

1. A Shield from Prying Eyes

The Zoppen Multipurpose RFID-Blocking Travel Passport Wallet will help Scorpio maintain her privacy when she’s away from home. It can hold her passport, credit cards, boarding pass, cash, and everything else she might need as she gets from point A to B, and it has a built-in shield to prevent thieves from stealing her personal info. Once she has it, she’ll never travel without it.

2. Travel Bottles for Your Favorite Toiletries

If you think Scorpio’s okay with using whatever shampoo’s available at her hotel, you’ve got another thing coming. She demands control over everything she’s putting on her body. These Kitdine Portable Soft Silicone Travel Bottles make it easy for her to take along her favorite toiletries, so she doesn’t have to worry about dry skin or frizzy hair when she’s away from home. Plus, these TSA-approved bottles are reusable, so you never have to buy the overpriced travel-size versions of your favorite products again.

3. Travel Planner to Capture Every Detail of a Trip

Scorpio likes being in control of her schedule and travel plans. The Erin Condren Travel Petite Planner helps her keep all of the nitty gritty details of her trips in one organized place. The book offers places to jot down your packing list, travel to-dos, flight info, hotel details, weather, outfit of the day, must-see sites, and just about anything else you’d like to record on a trip. Sure, you could do it all on your phone—but there’s never a risk of running out of battery with an old-school notebook, and that’s just the control that Scorpio thrives upon.

Sagittarius: Wanderlust-fueled Sagittarius has the most frequent flier miles of all the signs. She maxes out her vacation time every year, and never returns to the same place twice.

1. A Power Adapter That Works Almost Anywhere

With so many trips to keep track of, Sagittarius can’t be bothered fumbling around with a sack of different power adapters to find a particular one. She’s better off relying on a Universal Power Adapter that will give her electronics some juice any place she visits. This one works in more than 150 countries.

2. A Passport Holder with a Mantra

Sagittarius collects just one thing: passport stamps. The Nomad Lane ‘Just Go’ Standard Passport Wallet will protect her most important documents in style. The RFID-blocking wallet can hold up to two passports, along with SIM cards, credit cards, and boarding passes. What’s more, it’s got a beautiful vegan leather shell with a simple outline of the world—the perfect reminder for Sagittarius to press forward on her next adventure.

3. Bag Tags That Just Won’t Quit

It’s no secret that the airlines don’t exactly treat your luggage with the utmost care. Durable luggage tags, like these rose gold ones, will stand up to all kinds of abuse Sagittarius’s luggage might endure on her adventures. It also hides her personal details behind a discreet airplane icon—it’s there if her bags get lost, but it won’t reveal her contact info to other nosy travelers along the way.

Capricorn: A climber at heart, Capricorn never gets distracted from her goals, whether that’s trekking to one of the world’s highest peaks or just having the most relaxing vacation ever.

1. Socks to Hit the Trails

Goal-oriented Capricorn’s bound to hit the trails whenever she can on her travels. A pair of well-made socks, like the FITS Light Hiker Socks, will aid her journey. These socks promise to stay in place, cushion the heel, wick away sweat, and keep her cozy—even on a challenging hike. This is one travel accessory that will stand up to all the physical challenges this persistent traveler takes on.

2. A Spare Charger to Juice Up Your Devices

With her work-hard, play-hard mindset, Capricorn can sometimes find it hard to step away from a pressing assignment—even when she’s traveling. The ZMI PowerPack Portable Charger will ensure her essential devices have enough power to let her finish up every last outstanding task on her to-do list. This portable charger is super slim, yet can charge an iPhone 7 almost four times—perfect to help Capricorn keep busy on her journeys.

3. Headphones for Supreme Focus

When Capricorn’s got a goal in mind, she has no tolerance for anything that might distract her from achieving it. These Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones will silence any distracting sounds and help her focus on whatever needs to get done. The battery allows for 20 hours of uninterrupted wireless use (40 hours if you plug the headphones in!). Break these headphones out and you’ll be able to focus on the details of your planning, finally get through that novel, or focus on a flick.

Aquarius: A non-conformist at heart, Aquarius takes pride in forging her own path. She’s free-spirited, humanitarian, and spontaneous.

1. Pretty Postcards for Snail-Mail Surprises

Known for getting caught up in the moment, Aquarius can sometimes struggle to stay in touch with her friends and family back at home. Taking along a pack of postcards, like this vintage travel-themed set, will ensure she has all the necessary supplies to jot a quick note to her loved ones when she’s far away. Plus, she’ll love switching over to snail mail instead of using email like everybody else.

2. An Instant Camera for a Rebel Photographer

Aquarius despises conventionality—she’s over the idea of taking millions of pics on her phone and posting the gems on social media. The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera will give her the chance to go analog in a digital world. She can snap photos of all her adventures and print them instantly—all from one compact device. And should she wish to sneak back on Instagram once again, she’ll be able to download all her favorite images right from the camera.

3. Sleep anywhere with these silk travel sheets.

A traveler as free-spirited as go-with-the-flow Aquarius needs to be able to plop down anywhere. Fortunately, these mulberry silk travel sheets from Brave Era allow her to do just that. They fold up into a handy pouch no larger than your smartphone. And when you’re ready to use them, simply spread them along any flat surface. Voila! You’ve got a portable bed that’s just as comfy as what you’ve got back at home.

Pisces: Pisces is a compassionate traveler who has a lot of wisdom and can occasionally get caught up with her emotions.

1. A Journal to Record Your Journey

Travel is a time of deep personal growth for many people. As a sensitive sign, Pisces in particular will benefit from processing her experiences by journaling in the Moleskine Voyageur Traveler’s Notebook. With ruled, dotted, and blank pages, the notebook offers plenty of opportunity for Pisces to practice free-form expression in whatever way resonates most with her. She’ll love reflecting back on the thoughts and ideas she had on the road once she gets back home.

2. An Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Sleep Mask

The vivid experiences of the day can keep Pisces up for hours at night. The Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask will help her wind down without distraction when she’s turning in at night. Just slip it on when you’re ready for bed and let the woes of the world fade away naturally.

3. A Quick-Dry Towel with Lunar Energy

A water sign, Pisces is never too far away from the river, lake, or sea. A quick-dry beach towel, like this one from DryFoxCo, will help her stay dry and comfortable once she’s done splashing around. Plus, the heavenly moon design will look gorgeous spread out onto the sand and inspire Pisces to tap into her inherent wisdom.

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