The Best Halloween Costumes For Kids Ages 6 to 12

Need a quick, pre-made costume for your kiddo's Halloween? Here's where to start.

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Sure, you’d love to make all of your kid’s Halloween costumes (or not), but either way, you’ve got a lot on your plate in late October, what with the candied apples, jack-o-lanterns, and all that other stuff. Pre-made costumes are a practical alternative to busting out the sewing machine—and some of them are actually pretty well done. For instance…

1. Terrify your neighbors with this skeletal jester.

Given the recent success of a certain Stephen King film, we’re expecting creepy clown costumes to make a big splash this Halloween. This scary jester should satisfy young horror fans, and it’s different from the cheap It imitations you’ll see everywhere else. Everything pictured is included, except the gloves and shoes. Get it on Amazon.

2. This “flapper” costume will take you back to the good old days.

Historical costumes are always a safe bet, as they’re pretty much timeless (somewhat ironically). The costume includes the dress and headband. And hey, accessorizing is half the fun, right? Get it on Amazon.

3. Here’s a remarkably accurate Spider-Man costume for a remarkably low price.

We don’t remember Spider-Man having webbed armpits, but we haven’t seen the latest films, either. In any case, this is pretty much everything Peter Parker needs to make his transformation. The costume even includes the shoe covers shown, so it’s essentially ready to go right out of the package. Get it on Amazon.

4. Embark on a quest for candy with this detailed Moana costume.

Fans of the hit 2016 Disney film will recognize your little Moana immediately with this outfit. Multiple layers and ornate Polynesian-inspired detail look just like the character in the movie. This set includes the skirt and the top, but to complete the look, check out the Moana Wig with flower clip and Moana’s shoes. Get yours from Disney here.

5. With the new “Star Wars” film hitting theaters this winter, we expect Rey costumes to make a big comeback.

Rey is a great role model, and this inexpensive costume recreates her look. Other than the boots, everything shown is included, although we’d replace the cheap arm band with a piece of an old leather belt to improve the effect. Get it on Amazon.

6. Rule the night as the original Sith Lord, Darth Vader, complete with integrated sound effects.

Darth Vader wouldn’t be half as scary without the sound of his respirator. That’s why this is the best Vader costume for kids around; it includes eight Darth Vader sound effects, with controls added neatly to the belt. Just watch out for the power of the Dark Side. Get it from Disney here.

7. Go spooky with this ghostly dress.

Cute, right? The costume includes the dress, the shrug, the mesh veil, and the chain. You’ll probably want to accessorize with some spooky makeup and hairspray. Get it on Amazon.

8. There’s really nothing funnier than seeing your kid in an inflatable Godzilla costume.

Kids will love the unique look of this buoyant Godzilla costume. You’ll love watching them stumble around the house. It’s a win-win, provided that you don’t have any replicas of Tokyo laying around. Get it on Amazon.

9. Step into a tale as old as time with a lush, gorgeous dress just like the one Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast.

The recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast should spark a lot of new interest in Belle, and this ball gown is a nearly complete costume in itself. If you want a total transformation into this Disney heroine, add the Belle tiara and a pair of golden costume shoes. Get one from Disney here. If Belle isn’t a favorite, that’s okay. You can find virtually any Disney character’s costume here.

10. You had to know that a Wonder Woman costume was coming, right?

We love what Wonder Woman did for young girls, and this costume seems like a fitting tribute. Just add shoes—we’d recommend something other than the plain black high-tops shown here. Get it on Amazon.

11. This disgusting swamp creature should delight your little monster.

This costume looks like something that just crawled out of a sewer, so naturally, your kid will love it. The costume includes the pants, hood, mask, and shirt. Get it on Amazon.

12. Dress like a princess without pawning the Crown Jewels.

This costume is remarkably well made, and it’s the fastest way to dress your little princess without spending a fortune. The crown isn’t included, so be sure to pick one up for a truly regal effect. Get it on Amazon.

13. This slightly terrifying “Five Nights at Freddy’s” costume will delight young horror fans.

The character is Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy’s, and if you have no idea what that means, your kid can probably fill you in. This costume perfectly tows the line between cute and creepy, and while we would have preferred a real bow tie, every other part of the costume works. The shoes aren’t included, of course. Get it on Amazon.

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