6 Strange Things That You Never Knew Could Happen To Your Eyes

You won't believe your eyes, seriously.

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The eyes are undoubtedly one of the most important organs in the human body. Without our vision, we could not interpret the beautiful world around us through the sense of sight. Therefore, it’s important to know about the specific (and sometimes terrifying) conditions that can impact the eyes. The following are some strange eye issues that can completely ruin your vision.

1. Eye Paralysis

This condition occurs when your eye loses all sensory and motor functionality. Eye paralysis is often caused by an underlying medical condition that eventually impacts vision. Some conditions that can cause eye paralysis include diabetes, peripheral artery disease, a tumor in the pituitary gland, or a cardiovascular problem. Thankfully, if the underlying conditions are effectively treated, the vision problems can also be cured.

2. Cat Eye Syndrome

Cat eye syndrome is a very rare chromosomal problem that affects people at birth and impacts them for the rest of their lives. It gets its name because this condition is caused by the absence of tissue in the eye, which causes the pupil to narrow and push itself into the iris. Cat eye syndrome is often accompanied by a variety of other health issues, including problems with the kidneys, heart, ears, and skeletal system. As for the vision issues, they can be aided through the use of glasses. Unfortunately, this condition is incurable.

3. Eye Tumors

Most eye tumors appear behind the eyes, but in rare cases, they can actually appear on the eye itself. While they look somewhat frightening, they actually don’t impact vision in most cases. Because eye tumors are so rare and don’t cause significant vision problems, doctors generally don’t recommend any treatment at all. Unless they start causing discomfort, most people can adapt and live with them.

4. Stars In The Eyes

A man in Australia went to the doctor after being punched in the eye, stating he was having vision problems. What the doctor found was the man had developed a cataract after being hit, which is not uncommon. What was uncommon, however, was the fact that his cataract was perfectly star-shaped. It’s very rare, but cataracts can form in different shapes on the eyes, including stars. In most cases, these can be broken apart with a procedure and a person won’t suffer any long-term vision problems.

5. Heterochromia

While the vast majority of us are born with a single eye color, some of us are actually born with two different colored eyes. The condition is called heterochromia, and while it looks rather strange, a person’s vision is generally unimpacted. There are actually different levels of heterochromia. In some cases, a person can have different shades of the same color in either eye. In extreme cases, a person can have two completely different colored eyes.

6. Haemolacria

Haemolacria is one of the strangest conditions involving the eyes, and it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. In case you aren’t familiar, Haemolacria occurs when a person literally cries blood. It’s an extremely rare condition, with only six documented cases worldwide. The underlying cause of this condition is generally another disease, such as a tumor in the lacrimal apparatus, injury, or bacterial conjunctivitis.

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