Stop the Makeup Shaming Once and For All

As if body shaming wasn't enough, makeup shaming is the latest trend. Women are standing up to defend their right to wear makeup without any judgment with a trending Instagram movement.

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I love wearing makeup myself and couldn’t believe others would actually bully people just for wearing it. Makeup shaming is a cruel trend and many consider it the new body shaming. Honestly, can’t we all just get along?

What’s Makeup Shaming?

Have you ever been judged by someone else because you covered a blemish or wore eye shadow? Even though we might wear makeup because we enjoy it, some people just don’t understand it, or perhaps don’t wear it themselves.

I used to wear hardly any makeup to work, and I’ve had people tell me I really needed to wear it, or hint that I look better when I’m wearing it. Some people say everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and quit covering up. It’s a no win.

I’m so happy to discover a major campaign against this new form of bullying against women who just enjoy how makeup makes them feel.

YouTube and Instagram to the Rescue

Women aren’t backing down. Instead, they’re standing up for the right to do what they want with their own faces. It all started with a video on YouTube from Nikkie Tutorials. “The Power of Makeup” video shows 21 year old Nikkie De Jager talking about why women wear makeup.

She also shows herself with only half her face made up. This single video has taken the Internet by storm and now women and even men all over the world are posting half and half photos of themselves on Instagram.

Thousands have taken up the #ThePowerOfMakeup challenge. Women and men are sharing their reasons for wearing makeup and proving they’re happy either way.

Nikkie’s View On Makeup

I fully agree with Nikkie’s views on makeup. She says she doesn’t wear it for guys or because she’s insecure. She wears it as a form of self-expression.

Other women are letting go of their shame and telling the world how much they love makeup. The entire point of the now-viral video was to bring the issue of makeup shaming to light and give others the confidence to express themselves without judgment.

I highly recommend watching the video. It’s empowering and makes you feel even better in your own skin whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

Celebrities On Board Too

I decided to check out the photos and wasn’t surprised to see numerous celebrities are on board. Many have even posted selfies showing how beautiful they are without makeup such as Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks.

Get Involved

You can’t get on Instagram right now without seeing #ThePowerOfMakeup or #NoMakeup hashtags. I lost a few hours just scrolling through many of the posts. It’s hard not to respect the women posting selfies that show themselves either partially made up or completely free of makeup.

Overall, the movement is staying positive. Of course, you’ll see some negative comments, but the general response to the photos is positive. I think this is one of the best ways to silence the bullies and put an end to the shaming.

You don’t have to just sit back and do nothing. It’s easy to get involved. Upload your own half and half makeup post to Instagram. Tell the world why you love makeup and be an inspiration for other women.

Putting an End to Shaming

Instagram is a powerful tool in the fight to end both body shaming and makeup shaming. It seems like no matter what women do, it’s not good enough. Young women and teens are confused and go to extreme lengths to be perfect.

I’m so tired of hearing about women being shamed for being too skinny, too fat, too made up and not made up enough. No one should criticize your body or your face! If you’re happy with who you are and how you look, that’s all that matters.

It’s only when women band together that body and makeup shaming will end. Go ahead and stand up for the right to be yourself.

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