Rest & Recharge: Products That Promote A Better Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it—we could all benefit from even one extra hour of sleep each night. Forget counting sheep, though, because we’ve got the tried-and-true products that will help you catch some extra shut-eye every night.

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Sleep doesn’t always come easy once you enter the adult world, and sometimes the sleep you do manage to fit in isn’t restful. If you’ve ever sworn that you’d pay an unimaginable amount of money just to wake up feeling well rested, you’re definitely not alone. But you don’t have spend lots of money or jump through crazy hoops to make it happen. With these simple products, you can get the great night’s sleep you’ve always wanted with minimal effort.

Natural Sleepy Time Lavender

Scents can help soothe you to sleep when it’s time to hit the sheets, and this salve is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. When you’re ready to go to bed, just smooth the salve over your temples, on your chest, under your nose, and even on the bottoms of your feet to help get your body into a relaxed state. With lavender flowers and essential oil, it’s the perfect way to calm your mind, body, and soul for a night of restful sleep.

Diffuser and Essential Oils

If a salve isn’t quite your thing, you can get the same calming effects of aromatherapy by diffusing essential oils. Not only do diffusers add a decorative touch to any room, but using them also helps to add moisture to the air, making it easier for you to breathe and feel better rested when you wake up. Pair the diffuser with this starter kit of relaxing essential oils, and once you incorporate it in your routine, we’re confident it’s a practice you’ll keep.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

For the simplest way to incorporate aromatherapy into your nighttime routine, look no further than the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works. There’s no plugging anything in or rubbing anything on—all you do is mist your pillow with the lavender-infused spray and reap the benefits. Keep the bottle on your nightstand for an instant spritz of relaxing, natural fragrance whenever you need a little extra help keeping your eyes closed.

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine

Whether you live in a bustling city or just need a little something in the background to help you fall asleep, a white noise machine can mask sounds that would otherwise keep you from getting good rest. The machine works by giving your brain one constant sound to focus on, helping you to relax your way into a deep sleep. Whether you use it at home or take it with you when you’re on the go, the sound is adjustable so you can always get to sleep no matter where you are.

WelleCo Sleep Tea

If your normal cup of bedtime tea just isn’t doing the trick anymore, why not try a blend that’s specifically made for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation? The Fortified Calming Tea from WelleCo combines lemon balm, valerian root, and passion flower for a powerful drink that’ll help you get to sleep at night—or even just slow down a little during the day.

Blackout Curtains

If you’re sensitive to light, closing the curtains and blinds probably won’t be enough to get your room to the optimal dark state you need to fall asleep. To really rid your space of any trace of light, blackout curtains are the way to go. Available in 29 colors to match any decor, these curtains will not only help to block light from entering your space but also insulate your room to keep it at the perfect temperature. They can even help filter out distracting outside noises.

Therapedic TruCool Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep on the wrong pillow and you’re pretty much guaranteed to toss and turn all night long. Not only that, but some pillows trap heat the longer you use them, so even flipping them to the cooler side won’t work after a few hours. A memory foam will give you the comfort you need during the night, and this TruCool pillow is also designed to allow air to flow through the pillow, keeping your head cool throughout the night so you never have to toss and turn to get comfortable. Back and stomach sleepers can try this version.

SHEEX Bamboo Sheets

Do you often find yourself getting hot throughout the night, even when it’s cooler outside? It’s a common problem, but these moisture-wicking sheets from SHEEX can help. They are designed to wick sweat away from your body during the night, keeping you dry and cool while you sleep. The lightweight, breathable fabric will feel great against your skin, too, keeping you cozy and comfortable all night long.