Our Favorite Responses To The #inmyfeelings Challenge

Where my ladies (and their feelings) at?

If you were in a deep summer hibernation through the end of last week…and the entire weekend (we love naps, too—we understand)…you might’ve missed the #inmyfeelingschallenge blowing up…everywhere. It’s being hailed as “the summer’s viral dance challenge” by Time, and Instagrammer @theshiggyshow seems to have everyone moving (and singing along) to Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

Will Smith’s rendition took the challenge to new heights—literally—but at HealthyWay HQ, we’re always asking Where my ladies at?

In that spirit, we’ve rounded up our favorite empowered (and unabashed) lady wellness influencers’ responses to the #inmyfeelingschallenge, starting with Alison Wu of Wu Haus.

Alison’s IG vid, shot in her deliciously pastel, Smeg-refrigeratored kitchen, popped up in my feed and inspired our hunt for the best of ladies asking “Kiki, do you love me?” and busting out the type of choreography that proves just how diverse, talented, and entertaining the women we admire are.

Best Set

Alison Wu of Wu Haus (In Her Kitchen)

A post shared by alison wu (@alison__wu) on

Everything about this video has us asking, “Can we come over in our comfiest athleisure getup for a kitchen dance party (hopefully followed by snacking on your coconut matcha macaroons)?”

Best Accessories

Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle ’grammer Aashna Hegde

A post shared by Aashna Hegde (@aashnahegde) on

At least four of HealthyWay’s editors wear glasses on the regular, so between her black-rimmed specs and enviable brows, we’re feeling Aashna’s look.

Best Hair Whip

Amanda Lacount of #breakingthestereotype

Body positive dancer Amanda LaCount shows us some epic hair whips—and her smile is completely infectious, too.

Best Motivational Vibe

Choreographer and “Fit Mom” Nkateko Maswanganye

South African Nkateko “Takkies” Maswanganye’s moves (and maybe her outfit?) have her husband eagerly providing the motivational feedback we’re all after when we start breaking it down to whatever song we’ve been feeling. #relationshipgoals

Best All-Around

Army Medical Logistician, “Gym Freak,” and Mama Savannah Spencer

Everything about this #inmyfeelingschallenge response from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has us celebrating. Especially those special effects.

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