10 New Children’s Books That Every Parent Should Check Out

Add some fun to the school year with these engaging and entertaining picks.

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From Winnie the Pooh to The Lorax, classic children’s books never get old. But every once in a while, kids need something more current to grab their attention. Here are 10 recent books that deserve a spot on your child’s bookshelf.

1. “The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird” A Picture Book by Kim Smith

Follow pint-sized versions of your favorite FBI agents as they search for the truth. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “Adorable: that’d be my one word summary of this book. It’s an amusing, light-hearted story that maintains the notable and expected characteristics of Mulder and Scully for parents (or just totally normal adults like me) to reconnect with the original TV series, but also affords the young Mulder and Scully a level of innocence befitting of the children who’d read this book or have it read to them.” – Making Good Stories

2. “Say Zoop!” by Hervé Tullet

The beloved French author/illustrator has created an interactive masterpiece that kids go wild for. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “This is a marvelously fun, mesmerizing book that preschoolers will love. As in many of Hervé Tullet’s books, they are a great way to introduce developmental skills to the youngest ‘readers.'” – Deb

3. “Creepy Pair of Underwear!” by Aaron Reynolds

This follow up to the Caldecott Honor–winning Creepy Carrots is just as fun and only a little bit creepy. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “My soon to be 4-year-old absolutely loved Creepy Carrots so he has been anxiously awaiting this next story about Jasper Rabbit. We were not disappointed, I’ve lost count how many times we’ve read it since it’s release.” – Amber

4. “Pete the Cat: Out of This World” by James Dean

Our favorite adventuring cat goes to space camp and then to space in the latest installment from New York Times–bestselling author Dean. Even cooler? This book comes with more than 30 space-themed stickers. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “Excellent book for early readers. My little girl loves it, and every other book in the series!” – Link

5. “She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World” by Chelsea Clinton

The former first daughter celebrates 13 true stories of women who persisted in the face of adversity. From civil rights pioneer Claudette Colvin to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Clinton shares important and fascinating biographies from U.S. history. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “I bought this book for my 8 y/o grand-niece. She’s a voracious reader and will love these stories and understand the book’s female power even at her age. It’s well done and engaging to reading. Persistence is so important to achievement. Great topic for young minds.” – BosMA

6. “Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist” by Jess Keating

The true story of a scientist who is anything but boring. Gorgeous illustrations and fast-paced writing keep children engaged in this fun read. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “While I’m not necessarily a fan of sharks, I’m a huge fan of Jess’s book! The information she shared through the story she told was spectacular. I paused in quite a few places to just take in the beautiful way it was written. Jess had such a way with words. I can’t wait to show this one to my fourth graders!” – Laura Komos

7. “Quantum Entanglement for Babies” by Chris Ferrie

The perfect book for brainy toddlers. It won’t replace a college education, but it will spark their curiosity and keep parents entertained as well. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “I may be an adult but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gave the difficult concept in quantum mechanics of entanglement, an easy explanation. I wish my college professor had been as clear.” – Carol A. Wagner

8. “Blue Sky White Stars” by Sarvinder Naberhaus

An ode to America’s flag with illustrations from Caldecott Honor–winning artist Kadir Nelson. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “BLUE SKY WHITE STARS filled me a sense of pride. Sarvinder Naberhaus’s few but thoughtfully chosen words, paired with Kadir Nelson’s beautiful illustrations, spoke volumes. It will touch children and adults alike. To me, this is a book to share often and is one to remove from the shelves and display in a room. I think anyone who spots it will be drawn to it and be better for reading it. It’s that amazing!” – Penny Parker Klostermann

9. “Nothing Rhymes With Orange” by Adam Rex

An entertaining story about a fruit who feels left out and how his friends come to his rescue. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “A delight! I’m always grateful for books that appeal to kids and adults with their humor, and this book fits the bill. Between the ridiculous rhymes (lychee, peachy and Nietzsche) and the running commentary by left-out orange, my kids (2 and 4) and I are still giggling after our eighth reading in a row.” – Ann

10. “What the Dinosaurs Did at School” by Refe and Susan Tuma

The Tumas successfully made the jump from social media to print books with What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night. Now they’re back with a new installment that’s every bit as entertaining as the original. HealthyWay Get it here. Customer Review: “This book is such a fun idea for kids and I love that the authors began their children’s book writing career staging the dinos for their own children. In fact, my girls are obsessed with dinosaurs in part because of this book. It is also the kind of book I enjoy reading to my kids because of how clever it is.” – Chrystal

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