Moms Are Sharing Terrifying Stories About The Real Dangers Of Fidget Spinners

If you think this toy is harmless, you're in for a really big surprise.

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Fidget spinners have become one of the most popular toys available. Men, women, and children everywhere love having something to do with their nervous energy. Unfortunately, this enchanting item brings some hazards that people should be aware of before letting their children play with it unsupervised.

Because this item is a hit with young mothers (both for themselves and for keeping children occupied), many young children are being put at risk. There are currently no consumer warnings associated with fidget spinners, but some mothers are currently trying to change that.

The most common hazard of fidget spinners that has been reported is a choking hazard. Several children around the country have been hospitalized because they’ve choked on a loose part from the fidget spinner. A girl in Texas, for instance, was hospitalized when a part came loose and was lodged in her throat.

Just a few weeks later, a 5-year-old was hospitalized when a part came loose and was swallowed. The metal disc had to be surgically removed from the boy’s stomach, a traumatic event both for the mother and the child. We know what you’re thinking, but this terrifying incident happened despite the mother warning her son not to put the toy in his mouth. Thankfully, both of these children survived their fidget spinner encounters.

It’s not just choking that has caused injuries to children. One child in Missouri was hospitalized after he got his finger stuck in a loose part on the toy. The child eventually had to be taken to the Emergency Room, where doctors used two different tools to cut the piece off of his finger.

These injuries have caused the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take a closer look at fidget spinners. Until their investigation is complete, they urge parents to keep fidget spinners away from young children and be sure older children know not to put these toys in their mouths.

If you have a fidget spinner, there are steps you can take to ensure that your child is protected from any hazards. First, check for any small parts on the toy. If it can fit through a toilet paper roll, it can be swallowed by your child. If any small parts seem loose or broken, throw the toy away.

Next, always supervise your child while they’re using the fidget spinner. Even a child who has been instructed not to put the toy in his or her mouth might still do so. By closely supervising your child, you can stop them if they are misusing this toy.

If your child does happen to suffer an injury from a fidget spinner, the first thing to do is make sure they’re alright. Once they are out of immediate danger, register your complaint with the CPSC. This information can help them keep other children safe by warning others.

While fidget spinners have been singled out, it’s important to note that any small toy could represent a choking hazard for children. Make sure your children are only playing with age-appropriate toys, are properly supervised, and know not to put their toys in their mouths. By doing so, you may prevent a serious injury to your child.

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