Mom Shares Postpartum Images And Gains Courage From Empathetic Mothers

This raw photo has been stirring up a common sentiment found in all mothers. Her story is one we all can relate to.

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A postpartum photo from an Arizona mother has caught the attention of millions. Danielle Haines never intended for her picture to create such a stir, but instead it was meant as a gesture of thanks to all that had helped her since the birth of her little one.

Haines hadn’t gone to sleep since labor and now she was home, with her son, while her partner was at work. She was having difficulty sleeping and when her friend showed up at her door she broke down in tears. Her friend calmed her and then stated that she looked absolutely beautiful and wanted to know if she could take a photo. Haines agreed and posted it a few days later asking other mom’s for insight on how to deal with the first few weeks postpartum.

Instantly a floodgate of mothers began commenting, sharing their own stories of pain, aches, and tired happiness for this new chapter in their life.

Haine’s son is now one-year-old and brings her constant joy, but her message remains long after her sleepless nights. All women struggle with postpartum in their own, personal way.

“It takes a village to raise a baby. We need the human family. It can’t be just the partner and it can’t be just your mom. We need our peers as well.”

The raw and emotional photo has stirred many hearts and serves as a reminder that motherhood is hard, yet beautiful, every step of the way.

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