Mom On The Run: These 8 Picks Are Perfect For Moms Getting Fit

Having a baby doesn’t mean you need to curb your active lifestyle. Here is the gear that will get you going again.

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We get it: You used to grab your shoes, iPhone, and keys and go. Now you’re exercising with a baby in tow, which can seem slightly more complicated—but it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes you just need to have the right gear on hand to get out the door. From running to biking to going on long hikes, here is the stuff you’ll need to keep up your active lifestyle.

Jogging Stroller

No, you can’t use your Bugaboo or your City Mini. As lovely as those strollers are, you will trip and fall on your face! Jogging strollers are built with more space for your legs so you don’t feel encumbered, and a fixed front wheel that won’t spin around on you as you’re in the middle of your groove. Splurge: The Thule Urban Glide 2.0 jogging stroller is a compact stroller that will give you an easy jog and your little one a smooth ride. Save: The Graco Fastaction Fold Jog Stroller gives you all you need: a place to put the baby and enough room to jog at your own pace.

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Baby Carrier

When possible, ditch the stroller entirely and go hands free! With a supportive baby carrier, you can do everything from bouncing your clingy baby around the house to taking a family stroll in the park with the pup in tow. Splurge: Definitely the most popular of carriers, the Ergo Baby Carrier allows you to carry the baby from birth (with infant insert) to the time he’s a toddler. You can carry on your front or back, which helps when the baby gets to be heavy! The numerous straps support mom’s back and keep the baby cozy and safe. Save: The Boba Wrap can be tied numerous ways. Though it’s ideal for newborns, some moms like to use this with older children as well. Some find, however, that once their kid gets to a certain weight, this wrap doesn’t provide the back support they need.

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Babe-Carrying Backpack

These packs are for the super-active mom who isn’t going to let having a baby keep her from hiking a mountain. Splurge: Deuter’s Kid Comfort allows you carry a toddler in style and comfort and is ergonomically designed to support your spine while you do your thing. As a bonus, it’s super supportive for both kid and mom. Save: The Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier has a lightweight aluminum frame (because your kid is heavy enough), allowing you to tote your little one all over the zoo, fairground, or campsite. Plus it has a sun visor to boot.

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A Great Sports Bra

Obviously your boobs aren’t what they once were. In the months after delivery, they’re likely bigger and more cumbersome, which can be an impediment to working out. As the postpartum period wears on, they may start deflating on you, leaving you needing more lift than ever. And there’s nothing worse than feeling like your girls aren’t properly supported when you’re jogging, dancing, lifting weights, or even just walking around Target. Splurge: The Enell Sport is designed to lock the girls down. This workhorse isn’t as beautiful as less functional bras, but as the product description asserts, it’s “a critical piece of athletic equipment that answers the prayers of well-endowed athletes.” Save: Glamorise Women’s No-Bounce Bra is built a little more like a traditional bra with a hook in the back, but with mesh, breathable panels to keep you from getting too sweaty. Again, it won’t be stocked by slinky lingerie shops any time soon, but when you’re postpartum and on the move, you need the support.

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