Mom Helps Son And Other Adults With Special Needs Find Jobs In Puppy Treat Bakery

With options running out for her son, she created an environment that fosters confidence and happiness.

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While many companies are simply cashing in on the all-natural trend, others, such as arcBARKS Dog Treat Company in Greensboro, South Carolina, are the real deal. The company’s dog treats include only peanut butter, oats, oil, flour, and one special ingredient: love. 

Pat Clapp started arcBARKS in partnership with the Arc of Greensboro, an organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to help her son David. arcBARKS employs adults with developmental disabilities from the community and distributes its treats to more than 100 locations throughout the state. 

“When customers buy arcBARKS treats, every box that you buy, no CEO is getting rich and no shareholders are benefitting,” Pat told local news station WFMY. “That’s the amazing thing about us.”

David has Down syndrome, and Pat realized as he got older that his options in Greensboro were becoming limited. arcBARKS has been a boon to the 18 treat chefs, who have a sense of purpose (and a sense of humor) crafting the locally sourced dog biscuits. The experience also gives employees the skills necessary to go beyond arcBARKS.

“These treats aren’t made on an assembly line somewhere, they’re not made by a machine,” Pat said. “The people that are making these are putting a little bit of themselves into it.”

Dogs seem to be quite fond of the treats, too.

“I’m not sure what it is…maybe’s it the no preservatives, maybe it’s that love I was talking about,” Pat said. “But these pickiest of picky dogs are eating our treats, and it’s the only treats they eat.”

Pat is thrilled with the happiness and confidence arcBARKS has brought to her son and his fellow workers. They’ve inspired her too. 

“A lot of times you’re missing out if you don’t have someone in your life who has special needs,” she said. “They’re incredible, incredible people, and I learn from them every day.”

To learn more about the company or to order some dog treats visit this website.

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