Meal Delivery Services Proving That Healthy Eating Can Be Convenient And Affordable

These six companies are making healthy eating easier by delivering tasty prepared meals across the United States.

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Sometimes, at the end of the day, I spend a few minutes standing in front of the fridge staring at the contents of its shelves. It’s not that there isn’t enough food. There is always plenty. It’s just that making dinner after a full day often feels like an overwhelming task. The thing is, I’ve got all of these conflicting priorities. I’ve got my kids, who I devote most of the first half of the day to. I’ve got work, which gets my attention from lunchtime on into the evening. Then there’s my desire to eat healthier and all the related food prep that steals time from both my family and work. Every evening I’m asking myself: Do I pop a pizza in the oven so I can spend the evening with my kids? Or do I get to work chopping veggies so we can have a home-cooked meal? Healthy prepared meals are hard to come by in my home, but most frozen meal options have meager portions and aren’t very flavorful. Fortunately, home delivery is making eating healthy, convenient, and affordable.

6 Delivery Services That Are Changing Meal Time From Stress to Success

Bistro MD

For those who are looking to shed a few pounds or simply eat more nutritious meals without the fuss, Bistro MD is a perfect solution. The meals are planned by dietitians with each participant’s dietary needs in mind. You can pick five to seven lunches and dinners each week. The most basic plan, which includes five lunches and five dinners, starts at $89.96 each week. If you want breakfast, too, those plans cost between $112.46 and $134.96.


Sticking with your healthy eating convictions is really hard when life gets busy. Freshly does all of that work, delivering meals that never contain artificial ingredients and refined sugars. They even have a list of ingredients they’ve banned from their meals. Meal plans can be customized to have higher protein or to be low calorie or gluten free. For $49.99, you can have four prepared meals delivered each week. If you want lunch and dinner, you can have 12 meals delivered for $107.99 a week.

Ion Nutrition

Many athletes have specific nutrition needs. If you’re balancing a rigorous workout schedule and a busy workload, it’s hard to keep up with meal prep. Ion Nutrition creates meals that follow your dietary guidelines; all you have to do is heat them up. The type of meals you order determines the cost, but the prepared meals at Ion Nutrition start at $9.35 apiece.

Pete’s Paleo

Offering prepared paleo meals that are also affordable is what puts Pete’s Paleo on the map. Every meal is made with organic ingredients, and the menu changes based on what produce is in season. For meals delivered every weeknight, plans start at $123 and increase from there.


Plant-based nutrition is what Veestro is all about. So if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, this might be the prepared meal delivery for you. They even have weight loss and juice cleanse plans available. For those who want to order à la carte, the cost is right around $10 a meal. If you want to commit to a pack of meals, expect to spend approximately $8 for each meal.


Trifecta is another option for busy badass women who want to eat meals that support their training goals. If you run or lift before heading into the office, this might be a great fit for your lifestyle. Plans start at $108.43 for seven meals a week, with the option of adding on breakfast or more meals to use for packable work lunches.

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