Look Hot While Working Out With These Gym Clothes Hacks (and no, not the sweaty kind of hot!)

Have you ever looked at those impossibly cute and put together girls at the gym and then looked down at your ragged kicks and old high school t-shirt? Why can't I just look like HER? Well, you can with these cheap and creative gym clothes hacks!

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When you hit the trails, treadmill, or yoga studio you’re not going for a fashion show but to get fit. However, and it’s a huge however, style is pretty important to many females, myself included, and it doesn’t have to be sacrificed during the throes of sweat and grit. How discouraging is it when you head to the gym with your old and shapeless gear? You’re lying on the mat about to do your 300th core movement when a girl lies down beside you. She has perfect form, like you, but her clothes are workout perfection: tight tank, sleek cropped pants, and, quite possibly, shoes that are brighter than the sun itself. You push aside your clothing envy and keep pressing on, but if you’re honest with yourself, that annoyance you feel at someone for getting “dressed up” for the gym is just a facade for the envy you actually are feeling. “How is it possible?” your inner-fashion queen wails. “And why do I care?” But, it’s actually beneficial when you’re dripping in swag as you head to the gym. Working out in style not only motivates¬†but also gives a boost in confidence for those trying to burn the cals. And if you’re feeling on top of the world, chances are your workout performance is going to skyrocket as well! Cute workout clothes are not only necessary for the fashion diva inside all of us, but keeping your wardrobe up to date can also improve your health! Regularly tossing old and worn clothes can cut down on the bad odors that crop up during a sweaty workout, plus it’s crucial that you trade in some new kicks every six months. This helps prevent injury and keeps well-balanced support for your tootsies. “But I’d rather spend my money on something else!” Sure you would, we all would, but investing in a few pair of statement pieces for the gym really isn’t the end of the world. Once you have some eye-catching staples you’ll be all set to sweat! Just watch, you’ll be a lot happier heading to your next workout; you might even catch yourself doing a slight strut. Here’s all you need to know for what to buy and how to wear it!


There are a few options for bottoms when working out, and it’s all up to your personal preference. Tight cropped workout pants are a great universal choice. They’re form fitting so nothing gets caught, plus these pants typically have a fantastic wicking system. A universal black pant is a must, but so is a statement pair as well. There are a plethora of options ranging from subtle animal print, mesh inserts, and all the way to neon brights. Buy one, buy five, it doesn’t matter, but invest in at least one pair because they’re a great statement piece. Typically you’ll be able to rotate any style of shirt with them, whether they’re tight or flowy. Shorts are another must have for your activities, and these are easy to spice up as well. You can buy an already patterned and glowing print, or you could get a little creative. Buy a neon pair of thin tight shorts, similar to biking shorts, and place them underneath your shorts. They’ll not only peek out, but they will also serve as great protection while you do your floor workouts! Tops are even more versatile than pants. Personally I only purchase a few simple tops because, since I usually wear rather understated pants, I like my tops to be the focal points. Also, I typically invest in bright and fun sports bras. I always love a little bit of color or design peeking out, plus in the dog days of summer I just run in my sports bra! Although that may send you running in the OPPOSITE direction don’t! It can be a good motivator to love your body and also motivate you to work on firming up a bit. P.S. When you’re headed to and from your workout location in the cooler months it’s always nice to have at least one cute pair of sweats and a jacket.

Hair Care

Quite frankly, when I’m working out, my hair is the last thing I’m concerned about. I do get mildly bored with the ponytail, but it’s not like I’m going to wear it down! Well here are some tips to make your hair a little less blah. Why not try a fishtail braid, or if that’s a bit too ambitious try a french one instead. A topknot isn’t just for a classy night out. You can easily wear one to the gym with a tight band and a hint of ¬†hairspray. For those you live and breathe exercise why not try an undercut? An undercut is when part of your head is shaved. I actually have had one for close to a year now. I shaved the underlayer of my hair and every few weeks my stylist shaves a design into it. It’s perfect for me because I have loads of hair so this little pieces hasn’t been missed. Just go to the gym, throw your hair in a bun, and you have an automatic design to display! Or if accessories are more your jam why not try a hairband or a stretchy cloth hair tie. It’s the little things that add up!


Neon and bright shoes are so easy to find! You almost have to try and find some boring shoes. But hey, a girl likes to change things up. One idea to make your sneaks stick out is to buy some different laces that way you can change up colors and ensure that the fit of your shoe remains snug when they wear out.


Finally, another way to spice up your workout style is to tote around a reusable water bottle. Not only is this amazing for the environment, but since they have such a wide variety you can easily find one that speaks to your style. Some other ideas are investing in wacky earphones, slick phone holders, and workout trackers. Hopefully at least one of these has given you some style inspiration! Now get out there and rock it!!

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