Learn the Native Language Before Visiting Crossfit Country

It will be your second language in no time with our handy guide!

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CrossFit has a cultural and language all its own. It can be a little intimidating walking into that sort of thing. We’re here to help you navigate your new fitness endeavor with a helpful glossary of CrossFit terms. 

AMRAP: As many reps as possible. Basically, you’re doing as much as you can for a certain amount of time or until your body physically can’t do it any more. 

Box: This is a CrossFit gym. It’s usually a large space (think warehouse) that has some very basic equipment you’ll be using for your workout.

BP: Your standard bench press.

BS: Back squat, which is basically your standard squat. You’re putting the barbell across the meaty part of shoulders (not on your neck), squatting, and powering up back to a standing position. 

C&J: The clean and jerk. This lift consists of two motions. The first is lifting a barbell from the floor to a racked position across your chest. The next involves lifting the barbell over your head to a stationary position. 

CLN: And another lift, the clean. Obviously, the clean is the first part of the clean and jerk. 

C2: This is a specific type of rowing machine that’s used by CrossFit.

DL: Your standard deadlift. You’re lifting a barbell from the ground to the hips and back to ground. 

EMOM: Every minute on the minute. You need to do a certain number of reps at the start of each new minute. 

Firebreather: Apparently, a very fit CrossFitter. 

FS: Front squat. This is similar to a the back squat, except you’re resting the barbell across the front of your body on the deltoids. 

The Games: An abbreviation of The CrossFit Games, which is an annual competition to determine the most fit CrossFitters. 

HRPU: Hand release push up. This is a variation on the standard push up that involves taking your hands off the ground and balancing on your chest before returning to the starting position. 

KB: Kettlebell. Otherwise known as the dumbbell looking thing you’ve been too scared to use until now. 

K2E: This is a core exercise called knees to elbows. 

ME: Maximal effort. In other words, go all out without stopping. 

MetCon: A term for metabolic conditioning. It’s a short, high-intensity workout that will help your cardiovascular system.

MP: Military press. The military press can be done standing or seated. You’ll start with the barbell on your shoulders and lift it straight over your head. 

MU: A muscleup, which is a very difficult pushup.

OHS: Overhead squat. This one the most difficult variations of the standard squat. You’re starting with a barbell lifted overhead with locked elbows. Than you’re lowering yourself into a squatting position and powering back up to a standing position. 

PC: No, not politically correct, but power clean. This is pretty much the same as a regular clean, but “power” means that you’ll land in a partial squat as opposed to a full squat.

Pood (PD): First, stop laughing. Alright, pood is a unit of measurement specifically used for kettlebells. One pood equals 35 pounds.

PP: Push press. This lift is similar to the military press, except for a few things. You’re almost always starting from a standing position with the barbell across the front of your shoulders. However, the lift is started with movement from the legs. 

PR: It stands for personal record, which CrossFit encourages you to keep track of. 

PSN: Power snatch (yet another lift). Again, “power” means you’ll land in a partial squat position. 

PU: Pull up or push up. Don’t worry, you’ll be doing a lot of these.  

Rx: This means as prescribed. You don’t have to change weight or reps at all.

SN: Snatch (you guessed it! Another lift!). This is similar to the clean and jerk, except you’re lifting the barbell from the floor to a stationary position over your head in one continuous motion.

SQ: Squat. For all intents and purposes, this is the back squat. 

TGU: Turkish getup, which is a difficult full-body exercise, incorporating a kettlebell. 

T2B: Toes to Bar. This is a pretty intense core exercise, similar to knees to elbows. 

WOD: Last but not least is the workout of the day. Your box’s workout, which can be designed by you coach or be taken daily from crossfit.com

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