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HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Jules Hunt about yoga, Sophia Bush, and listening to your gut (because it knows everything).

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Healthy Her Way is a weekly spotlight where we feature a woman in wellness who we find insightful, inspiring, genuine, and all-around badass. So naturally, we had to start with the radiant Jules Hunt of Om & The City. In case you aren’t familiar with her, Jules is a wellness blogger, certified yoga instructor, dog mama to Luna, and founder of AWAKE | The Space—an NYC-based wellness pop-up concept that has me ready to pack my bags and move to the Big Apple to join the #Awakeners. It took just one (embarrassingly lengthy) creeping session on Jules’ Instagram feed—which is filled with stunning images of plants, nutritious food, powerful yoga poses, and genuine messages—to know we had to learn more! Fun fact: She also owns the cutest collection of workout leggings that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. On her blog, Om & The City, Jules is transparent about her mission to encourage others to “celebrate healthy living from the inside out” and promotes “self-love, positivity, and empowerment.” Jules also shares stories from her personal battles, including her struggles with self-love and body dysmorphia. Struggling with self-love is something almost every woman experiences at some point in time, but due to social stigmas, it isn’t discussed as openly as it needs to be. Fortunately, Jules is doing her part to start a dialogue around these important topics while sharing helpful insights from her personal journey. Jules recognizes that wellness and balance go hand in hand, and we couldn’t agree more. She began her wellness career as a guest blogger and intern at a yoga studio and is now building an empire while treating every stranger she encounters like a true friend. Now that’s girl power! We can’t wait to see what you do next, Jules! You’re definitely one to watch. HealthyWay

A Day in the Life

What does your daily routine look like?

Every day is different when you work for yourself, but I do my best to keep some sort of structure. I wake up early—around 7 a.m. I do a little yoga and meditation to get centered and set the tone for my day. Then I usually make coffee or matcha and eat a light breakfast. By 9 a.m. I am at my desk starting my work day. My days are typically spent answering emails, creating content, shooting for brands, writing blog posts or interviews, planning and strategizing for future content, etc. I keep the amount of events I attend down to a minimum, and I always make time to see my close friends.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

For me, self-care is ongoing and just means listening to my body and honoring whatever it is telling me. Of course, I also love evenings spent with a face mask, good book, and my favorite human, Andrew, and my puppy, Luna.

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by giving myself alone time to be with my thoughts. By creating space for my brain to process, I’m able to refuel. I also find inspiration from reading books, browsing my favorite blogs, listening to motivational podcasts, and listening to some good ol singer–songwriter tunes. HealthyWay HealthyWay Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Loving Lately…

What are the best products you’ve discovered recently?

Best deodorant: Vapour. Favorite probiotics: LoveBug. Favorite turmeric mix: Live 24k.

What are your favorite apps?

I love Planoly for planning out my feed.

Whose Instagram is on your radar?

Ah, there are just way too many people I love on Instagram! @jacimariesmith for lifestyle, @alison__wu for food, and @mikiash for yoga and meditation.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to?

I’m reading Woman Code, watching too many reruns of X Factor and America’s Got Talent on YouTube, and listening to Grace VanderWaal’s new album. HealthyWay HealthyWay

Jules IRL

If your pet could talk, how would they describe you?

She’d probably say I’m very dedicated to my work and I need to play with her more during the day. She’s right.

What woman in history would you love to take to brunch?

Well, I wouldn’t call her a historical figure, but I’d take Sophia Bush to brunch. She’s been one of my role models since I was in high school.

Would you rather explore space or the ocean? Why?

Ooh, probably space. The deep, dark ocean actually scares me.

What’s your coffee order?

Regular coffee with a nut milk or nut milk latte and always with a sprinkle of cinnamon

What piece of advice has impacted you the most?

Listen to your gut; it knows everything. HealthyWay HealthyWay For more on Jules, check out her Instagram and her blog, Om & The City!

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