16 Items Every Household Needs (Whether You Know It Or Not)

If you're missing any of these, you're missing out.

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If you’ve got a busy household, organization is absolutely essential. Of course, finding the time to actually get organized isn’t always easy—which is why these products are so helpful.

1. Multi Sport Stick Rack

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your kids’ sports equipment in line, this simple-but-brilliant organizer should help you clean up the tangle of bats, sticks, and pucks threatening to trip you on your way in or out the door. It’s well built, simple, and absolutely essential for any home garage. There’s even places on top of the rack for balls and other accessories. Buy your own stick rack from The Container Store.

2. Simple Touch Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet

Quickly set a time limit for your devices with this safety outlet. It’s especially great for kids, and the simple controls won’t cut off your power before you’re finished. It has a one-button control, so it couldn’t be easier to use. It gives you peace of mind while you’re using potentially dangerous electrical devices (for instance, clothes irons or curling irons), and it can turn any lamp into a nightlight. Buy one on Amazon.

3. Rust-Resistant Shower Pole Caddy

This shower caddy is sturdy, easy to install, and has enough space to hold enough shower products for the entire family. Plus, it fits neatly into a corner. We love the unobtrusive, minimalist design, and while shower caddies aren’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, this one wins points for offering plenty of shelf space without looking cheap or tawdry. Get yours from Target.

4. Threshold Seagrass Rectangular Divided Hamper

This stylish and contemporary woven hamper will fit in with any home decor. It keeps dirty laundry out of sight, but it’s not too obtrusive. Bonus: The interior sorter makes it easy to separate darks and lights or laundry and dry cleaning, and it has detachable bags for an easy haul to the laundry room. Because it’s made with wicker, it doesn’t hold onto smells, and it doesn’t look as out of place as some of the other laundry hampers we reviewed. It certainly beats plastic! Get one from Target.

5. Eunion Sink Caddy Sponge Holder

Nobody’s going to call your used dish sponges “cute,” but this holder is pretty chic. Alright, we’ll admit it, it’s a little bit cute. We love that it doesn’t use suction cups—suction cups are difficult to move from place to place, and they tend to lose their grip over time. Get it from Amazon.

6. Herringbone Bamboo Serving Tray

This elegant (and affordable!) tray is made from renewable, sustainably sourced bamboo that will complement anyone’s domestic style. Keep your remotes or magazines organized on a coffee table or serve guests snacks in style. We really like this as a serving tray, and the gorgeous look of the bamboo is certainly a big plus. Pick up a few—you’ll quickly find ways to use them! Get one from The Container Store.

7. Jumbo Toy Hammock

This 2-pack jumbo toy hammock will help organize your child’s stuffed animal collection in no time. The elastic edge can be expanded to 5’5″, and the hammock can hold up to 30 toys. The nets are attachable to any wall, and the hooks and hardware are included. It’s simple, but effective. Plus, it’s a pretty cute way to display your kid’s favorite toys. Buy the toy hammock from Amazon.

8. Lego Storage Blocks

These extra-large storage blocks are a fun and convenient way to organize toys in your kids’ playroom. We’d suggest using them for, uh, building blocks of some sort. They’re stackable, obviously, and you can choose from a variety of colors. Theoretically, you could use them to build something pretty creative, but they’re also perfectly cute on their own. Get them from The Container Store.

9. Vermont Home & Garden Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Stop the guessing games. Use this cute and functional magnet to identify the state of your dishwasher. It instantly clings to any metal part of the appliance, and it only takes a flick of the finger to move the illustrated dishwasher from “clean” to “dirty” and back again. It attaches magnetically, so you won’t leave any unpleasant residue on your appliance, and it’s quite well made for such an inexpensive device. Get yours on Amazon.

10. Sistema Klip-It Dry Food Storage Containers

These containers are perfect for storing and keeping cereal fresh. The dispenser lid locks in place and allows for easy pouring. Perfect for smaller children. It supports your kids’ independence, since they’ll be able to pour their own cereal in the morning, and you’ll finally be able to buy those huge Costco containers of Cheerios without feeling guilty. Buy them from The Container Store.

11. Decorative Wall Home Organizer

This family message center looks vaguely reminiscent of an old library card catalog, but it’s much more useful (sorry, librarians). Pin calendars, notes, and reminders to the top, then drop keys, mail, and other miscellaneous items in the compartments at the bottom. Get yours on Amazon.

12. Folding Wire Storage Basket

When you’ve got produce to display, this basket literally rises to the occasion. It stops round fruits and vegetables from rolling around the counters (we’re looking at you, oranges) and folds up for easy storage. You can also configure it into different shapes, so it’s both practical and versatile. Buy one from The Container Store.

13. Tovla & Co. 7-Piece Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Bin Set

This refrigerator and freezer bin set is just what you need to keep all your food items organized. The bins are made of lightweight, durable plastic that won’t absorb any kitchen odors. Each set comes with drink and egg holders plus stackable square bins for larger items. It’s especially useful in shared spaces, and the clear plastic tubs are easy to clean. Admit it: You need to organize your refrigerator, and this set will get you started. Get them from Amazon.

14. Munchkin Quack Bath Caddy

Keep all the bathtime toys out of the way and mold-free with this customizable bath caddy. It will hold all bath essentials—and then some. Our favorite organizational products are both cute and functional, and this certainly fits the bill. Buy yours from Amazon.

14. Stackable Recycle Bin

We all want to recycle, but it’s a bit of a pain—especially on trash day. Use these stackable bins to haul out the recycling without leaving a trail of bottles and cans in your wake. It’s not just for the home, either; keep one in your car, and you can extend your new eco-friendly habits to your commute. Buy one from The Container Store.

16. Lottogo Charging Station

If your kids constantly fight over their phone chargers, this is an essential upgrade. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive when compared to the cost of stocking up on multiple standalone chargers. Try using it to set limits on family smartphone use: Before everyone sits down for dinner, they’ll have to plug in their phones. The USB outs are universal, so they’ll charge just about anything, and you’ll love reclaiming access to your outlets. Buy one from Amazon.

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