How To Make Your Home A Sanctuary Without Going Broke

If your home leaves something to be desired, it may be time for a few simple changes. You can make your home much more comfortable and inviting just by adding a few thoughtful touches.

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Home is where the heart is. As cheesy and clichéd as that sounds, our physical, mental, and spiritual selves are positively or negatively affected by our home’s ambiance. If your home doesn’t currently bring you joy, consider taking a few simple and economical steps to make your home a sanctuary.

1. Declutter

The laws of feng shui say that clutter in the home has a way of blocking energy. That’s why one of the first steps in turning your home into a welcoming place is removing all the clutter. Don’t stress yourself decluttering. Simply move from room to room, first cleaning off surfaces and then working on closets and drawers. Keep a bag in the corner of the room that you’re constantly filling with items for Goodwill. And once you’ve decluttered your home completely, avoid recluttering it with items that you don’t need. Consider setting a simple rule: every time you buy something, vow to get rid of something you don’t need.

2. Change the lighting

Let the light in during the day. Don’t be afraid to open doors and windows to enjoy all that natural light. Consider changing your light bulbs to a warmer light for when you turn them on at night. Cree’s LED bulbs provide warm light and they’re environmentally sustainable. Outfit sitting and living rooms with three points of light to expand the space visually. If you have dimmers in your home, make use of them to create an even warmer atmosphere.

3. Bring in nature

Plants can change a room’s vibe almost instantaneously. Want your sun deck to feel like the rainforest? Consider buying an elephant ear plant, an indoor palm tree, or a peace lily. Hanging ferns are gorgeously green and inexpensive. Plants like peace lilies, Boston ferns, ficus, and bamboo not only make your home more attractive and inviting, they also clean and purify the air.

4. Let it flow

Consider getting a small fountain to put someplace you spend a lot of time, like the bedroom. The sound of water creates a relaxing atmosphere. Fountains range in style, size, and price depending on what best fits your home. The sound of water has been proven to help you sleep because it promotes relaxation and blocks other less inviting sounds.

5. Consider scent

Smell is tied to our mood. That’s why you can change the entire ambience of your home just by adding some aromatherapy. Tuck a sachet of lavender under your pillow and place oil diffusers throughout your home. Add all-natural beeswax candles to get that warm glow without the toxicity of conventional scented candles, which can contain phthalates (a known endocrine disruptor) and lead-contaminated wicks.

6. Think area rugs

Wall-to-wall carpet or otherwise less than stellar flooring is really a bummer when it comes to enhancing your home’s decor. The best way to deal with yucky wall-to-wall carpet or otherwise dilapidated flooring is to place area rugs throughout your home. Area rugs don’t have to be expensive. You can find good deals at places that you might not expect, like Goodwill, ReStore, or yard and estate sales. You can even make your own DIY rug. It’s all about reducing and reusing. You can also distract from the floor by drawing the focal point away from it with a funky light fixture or by painting the room an interesting color. Make sure you choose paints that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

7. Think throws

Throw pillows and throw blankets can make quite a difference in the entire feel of your home without busting your budget. Update your couch, or hide the stain on that old wingback with a good throw pillow. A soft, serene blanket can make an old sofa seem all the more comfortable. If your home leaves something to be desired it may be time for a few simple changes. You can make your home that much more pleasant and inviting just by adding a few thoughtful touches. Get rid of the junk, soften the lighting, clean up the air, and cover outdated pieces that are too expensive to replace. Once you’re done, you’ll be super excited to come home to your updated sanctuary.

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