How To Get Your Butt In Gear To Get Your Butt In Shape

Feeling less than excited about your New Year's resolution to get fit? Here are 10 tips to help you jump into your "new you" plan.

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In October, you said you’d do it in November. In November, you promised you’d do it in December. In December, you swore to yourself that come hell or high water, you’d start working out in January. Now it’s January, and you’re hiding under the covers hoping that your subconscious can convince your conscience that not keeping a promise to yourself…well, that ain’t so bad.

But your conscience knows better, and you know you need to heed its call. Follow my tips below and let me help you kick your own butt into gear (and save you months of therapy!)

1. Get a trainer

I know what you’re thinking: “Of course, if I hire a trainer I’ll get into shape!” But it’s more than just a trainer’s exercise expertise that can help you. It’s their ability to be your cheerleader! Everyone does everything better when someone encourages them with positive energy. That extra push can give you the courage and motivation to do what you need (and want) to do.

2. Drag your friend

Weight Watchers made an entire business model out of the theory of accountability, and you can use the same tool to be successful, for free. When you’re accountable to someone you’re more apt to keep workout dates and be healthier, because you’re doing it together.

3. Sign up for a race

Nowadays everyone and their mother (and father) is running some sort of a race, biking for a cure, or spinning for a charity. Having an event to prepare for will give you the discipline to get moving daily.

4. Look to your phone

There are so many cool new apps out there, from one to make sure you’re drinking the right amount of water to one that counts how many calories are burned when you make a casserole. Apps are fun and fresh and could be just what you need to get moving.

5. Go shopping

lululemon’s slogan, “Fake it til you make it,” has some merit. What they mean is, if you play the part, you can be the part. Go shopping and buy some hot new workout outfits that will psych you up to get out and exercise. If you dress like you’re a fitness guru, it may inspire you to become one!

6. Follow cool fitness peeps

Inspirational pictures, motivational quotes, and cool videos by cool people can help you. Their daily reminders can keep the motivation going when your body’s mojo is waning.

7. Get simple

Studies show that the simpler your fitness routine, the more apt you are to stick to it. So streamline your routine. Work out at home in your pajamas, make sure your gym isn’t too far from where you live or work, and don’t make your workout too hard and complicated. Sometimes it can make the difference between doing or ditching your workout.

8. Commit to only 10 minutes

Getting yourself to work out for a full hour may seem overwhelming, and studies show that it’s also unnecessary. Researchers revealed that 10-minute bursts of exercise throughout the day can be just as beneficial to your metabolism and health as a longer workout. Putting in only 10 minutes is doable, and quite often the 10 minutes will feel so good that you’ll end up doing more!

9. Get a dog

Nothing spells sneaky fitness like a Lab who wants to play! Active dogs require walks throughout the day, which can result in major calories burned (and up to a 2-pound weight loss per week!) Little does Fido know that he’s your secret personal trainer.

10. Write it down

Coaches use it. So do motivational gurus and people who are super successful in business. The act of writing down your long-term and short-term goals will help you to accomplish them and draw up a plan to do daily things to help achieve them. Remember…”small results.”

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