How 3 Months Of Spa Treatments Helped Me Take Wellness Seriously

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be a luxury—and after three months of regular spa treatments, I've seen the light. Discover what I did: Wellness comes from taking better care of your needs.

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I used to believe spa treatments were just a luxury—an indulgent treat to relax. I went occasionally when someone gave me a gift certificate, but didn’t really pay too much attention to any residual effects after a spa day. A coworker recently told me about the transformative effect regular spa treatments have had on her well-being. She convinced me to give it a try for myself and to consider it an investment in self-care. Fast forward three months and I feel like a different person. The ever-present knots in my neck are nowhere to be found. I have more energy and mental focus. I don’t feel as anxious or stressed, and my skin is clearer and has a glow.

Investing in Monthly Facials

I’m like so many other women: I’ve used all the miracle anti-aging products, but my skin still didn’t look as youthful as I wanted, and congested skin always led to breakouts. Although I’ve had professional facials here and there, I’ve never gotten them done on a consistent basis. So I decided that my first spa treatment would be a facial. Facials are always catered to your skin type, targeting all of your problem areas. The esthetician then recommends products that will help maintain the results at home between appointments. Sure, facials—and the recommended skin care products—can add up, but it is worth the investment. Through this process, I have learned that you can’t get as deep a level of cleansing at home as an esthetician can give you at the spa—not to mention that they’re trained to know and understand what will work best for your skin. With three months of facials under my belt, my skin has never looked better and I find that I use less makeup because there are no blemishes or dark circles to conceal.

Detox From Head to Toe

I didn’t just stop at monthly facials; I chose to try a variety of spa treatments, each with its own intended purpose. For example, the first month I opted for a seaweed wrap to detoxify and help combat the signs of aging. In month two, I had a lymphatic drainage massage to boost circulation and remove toxins from my body. Month three was a Dead Sea salt body treatment to both purify and exfoliate. The difference after three months was incredible. Using different treatments to accomplish the same goal improved the look of my skin and left me feeling thoroughly invigorated.

Releasing Tension and Decreasing Stress

Now to my favorite spa treatment of all—massage. My facial included a face and neck massage. What I didn’t realize was the mask also reduces harmful toxins that increase tension and headaches. I ended up with twice the relaxation from a single treatment. Other types of massage that I fell in love with were Ayurveda and shiatsu, in addition to the lymphatic drainage massage. I could literally feel the stress and tension in my body dissolve. I learned how to breathe for relaxation, turn off my mind, and meditate all while the massage itself worked its magic on my tension-filled muscles. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever felt better equipped to handle stress in my life. By having regular massages I’m letting go of tension instead of letting it overtake me. It’s a life-changing experience that I couldn’t believe I’d missed out on for so long.

Improving Overall Health

I finally learned that spa treatments aren’t just a one-off. If you go regularly, the results will last and help erase the damage you’ve already done to your body and mind. I already ate as healthy as I could with a busy schedule and hit the gym a few times per week. Yet I still felt like I lacked energy and felt stressed all of the time. My skin looked tired, and I just didn’t think something like a spa treatment could change everything. My views on wellness have changed. Downing a kale smoothie in the morning or catching up on reports while running on a treadmill weren’t doing me any favors. I needed to start focusing more on me and my needs. I needed to be pampered by experts who knew how to improve my mental focus while dually improving my skin and overall physical health. It’s only been a little over three months now, but it’s changed me. Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. It’s about taking care of yourself and getting rid of the toxins in your body and mind. I won’t dare put off spa treatments again. I’m healthier than I’ve been in decades and I finally have the energy to do all the things I want to do.

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