10 Home Fitness Essentials

There's no excuse to miss a workout when you have these items.

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If you’re tired of paying high membership fees to use a gym you hate—or you just don’t have time to work out—give one of these products a try. They’ll help you get a satisfying workout in your own home, but they’re small enough to put away when you’re done. Here are your pop-up gym essentials:

1. Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is one of those rare products that totally earns its name. It builds and tones muscle, but it’s small enough to keep in a drawer. This soft rubber-coated ring can be used anywhere at anytime, but it still gives you all the resistance you need for a full-body workout. Positive Review: “I’m a personal trainer and I use the magic circle with my clients. They love the results!”- MarlainaHealthCoach Buy your own Magic Circle here for $25.49.

2. Reehut High Density Exercise Mat

The Reehut exercise mat is made from 1/2″, easy-to-clean, eco-friendly Nitrile rubber. It is incredibly supportive and comfortable as it stabilizes your body all throughout your workout. When you’re done, it rolls up into a compact tube for easy storage. Positive Review: “This is a great product to purchase if you work out at home. It’s thick enough to support my weight (5’4″ 160 lbs) and comfortable as well. The length is also good. It comes with detachable handles that make it easy to store.”- Riya Seifert Buy the mat here for $19.99.

3. BookFactory Fitness Journal

Keep track of your hard work and progress with this pocket-sized fitness journal. Pages contain spaces to record your strength workouts, cardio, daily goals, food and water intake, and notes on your fitness journey. Positive Review: “This is by far the best workout book out there. Very user friendly and flexible. There are pages to put your diet and water intake as well. So nice!”- Z on March Get your own journal here for $6.99.

4. Empower 3-in-1 Kettlebell

Finally, a kettlebell you can adjust to fit your workout needs. Set to 5, 8, or 12 pounds and feel the burn. This compact kettlebell stores easily and takes up way less closet space than a set of weights. Positive Review: “I love this Kettle Bell! It is so easy to use and the DVD is great!!”- syndig Buy the kettlebell here for $28.99.

5. Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Build upper-body strength with the Doorway Trainer Plus. Use it in a door for pull-ups or chin-ups, or move it to the floor for dips and push-ups. Positive Review: “I bought this warily that it would not feel safe or secure. My previous bar screwed in to the door frame but I don’t want to put holes in my rental house. This bar is worth the money. It was easy to setup, feels very sturdy, and is simple to slip in and out of the doorway. The design makes it convenient for floor dips (we don’t belong to a gym) which my wife also enjoys. We can also flip it to the bottom and use it to do sit-ups but honestly we just use the ab-wheel. Ours stays up most of the time and I do a few pull-ups when I pass through the door. I’ve been at it for about a week and I enjoy having a pull-up bar again.”- Wardy Buy the bar here for $27.49.

6. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

These high-quality, 100 percent latex resistance bands are perfect for working out at home or on the go. Workouts don’t get simpler than this. Positive Review: “Excellent quality bands, come in various resistances. Good packing. Very satisfied.”- Luis Malorano Purchase the resistance band set here for $11.95.

7. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

You don’t need fancy equipment or a ton of space to get a great workout. You just need a good, old-fashioned medicine ball like this one. Positive Review: “I use this ball to do circuits and it is exactly what you want in a medicine ball, easy to grip and the weight is distributed evenly. It is of the same great quality as more expensive balls that I have seen and the price point is perfect. Have used it for a couple months and have no complaints!” – runnergirl Get your own ball here. They’re available in various sizes, with prices ranging from $17.69 to $36.99.

8. Readaeer Ab Roller Wheel

Work those abs in your own living room with the durable and affordable Readaeer Ab Roller. It even comes with knee pads. Positive Review: “Perfect for working the abs. Well constructed. It rolls smoothly. It’s a great addition to my home gym.”- Brandi Get one here for $9.99.

9. C9 Champion Neoprene Hand Weight

Super-size your upper body with these C9 hand weights. The weights are neoprene coated, so they won’t scuff up the floors during use. The neoprene coating also provides a comfortable, non-slip grip so you can get the most out of your workout. Positive Review: “Great quality. I bought 2. I like that these weights are comfortable to use. Provides a good grip, and more enjoyable and comfortable to use than metal weights. Overall, excellent quality & value.”- Jennifer M Purchase various sizes and colors here. Priced from $3.49 to $18.49 per weight.

10. Sanganizer Balance Ball With Resistance Bands

This balance ball provides a full-body workout setup. Build your strength and your sense of balance without having to endure a crowded gym. Positive Review: “This works just as well as the one my daughter uses at physical therapy. It’s been a great help to have one at home.”- Darcey C Frewin Buy one here for $61.99.

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