Healthy Her Way: Remy Park Of Veggiekins

This week we’re highlighting Remy Park—the queen of plant-powered positivity.

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As a lover of all things plant related, I can’t help but crush on this week’s Healthy Her Way feature, Remy Park, as she takes the term plant lady to a whole new level. In addition to being a talented food photographer and recipe developer, Remy is also a wellness coach (and yoga instructor in training). On her Instagram, which is filled with incredible photos of houseplants that often leave me green with envy, Remy also shares her plant-powered vegan and gluten-free recipes complemented by colorful food photography. Although Remy’s thoughtfully curated blog, Veggiekins, initially started as a personal food accountability journal intended for select eyes only, it has since grown into a stunning website that seamlessly shatters stigmas about vegan eating. For Remy, becoming a vegan wasn’t a temporary fix or fad diet—it’s a way of life. It’s truly impressive to see how Remy has turned her plant passion into an inspiring career, especially considering she’s still in her early twenties. If you’ve ever pondered over the question What the heck can vegans eat?, prepare to be amazed by Remy’s flavorful creations and personal insights regarding how her plant friends help her entire being. Living a vegan lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart, and Remy is candid about the fact that she initially struggled with feeling hypocritical discussing vegan eating while owning clothes, beauty products, and household items that contained toxic ingredients and weren’t vegan-friendly. As a result of this realization, she has since become committed to finding non-toxic items for her home and body while sharing her knowledge and favorite finds with fellow (and aspiring) plant enthusiasts along the way. Remy’s dedication is admirable, and we’re blown away by her knowledge on the topics of clean beauty, vegan and ethical fashion, and green living. For those of you who love recipe videos as much as we do, Remy also has a YouTube channel that she uses to share creative recipe videos and more personal vlog content, such as Q+A sessions that allow her followers to learn more about the brilliant mind behind Veggiekins. The vlog that really broke the mold for us was when Remy opened up about her struggles with anorexia and OCD. Remy is extremely genuine and raw, stating, “If this helps one person then it’s worth it.” We can’t help but feel inspired by Remy’s compassion and desire to help others live their best life. Keep spreading love and light, Remy! “Magic goes where intention flows.” HealthyWay

A Day in the Life

What does your daily routine look like?

On my best day I wake up around 5 a.m., start my morning with a liter of warm lemon water, take my vitamins, and do a quick stretch if I’m pressed for time or ideally a quick 20 to 30 minute yoga flow just to get the blood pumping. I am more of a morning workout person, so I’ll either head to the gym or take a workout class. My favorite ones lately are Sculpt at Corepower Yoga, classic SoulCycle, or an interval class. I’ll then eat breakfast, typically a smoothie or something sweet because I have the worst sweet tooth ever! I respond to emails in the morning, then move on to recipe development and food photography. I love morning light and using natural light so I typically try to wrap up by about 12 to 1 p.m. I usually have a matcha latte in the afternoon as a pick-me-up and typically a gigantic, colorful salad for lunch. In the afternoon, I usually focus more on editing content, for example blog posts, photo editing, video editing, and client work. If I have errands or events to attend that day, I’ll typically be out and about wearing athleisure—most days! In the early evening, if I can, I like to have my dinner pre-prepped. I typically don’t take photos of my dinner past the afternoon because of light, so what I’ll usually do is make it in advance and toss it in to the fridge or freezer to reheat for dinner. I try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes outside and disconnected so an after-dinner walk is my favorite way to wind down. I light candles, get the diffuser going and then I wrap up emails once more and call it a night! Although I’m an early riser, I’m in bed between 11 and 1 a.m. most days.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

My favorite way is to disconnect. Because social media and technology are so integrated into what I do, it can be deceiving sometimes and it may feel like I’m not working when in reality, I still am! It also allows me to check in with my feelings, energy levels, and just recenter myself. I also try to prioritize movement each day and time outside. Even on my busiest days, I’ll try to fit in a workout or at the very least a walk outside to make sure I get movement and sunshine in.  

How do you stay inspired?

I actually stay inspired by disconnecting. I find myself stuck in a rut if I’m scrolling through social media for inspiration. I end up drawn to whatever it is everyone else is doing so instead I spend time disconnected, out in nature, and I try to stay inspired by colors, seasons, and nature. HealthyWay HealthyWay Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Loving Lately…

What are the best products you’ve discovered recently?

I’ve recently been hooked on cashew butter, though I was previously a die-hard almond butter fan. I’ve also discovered a new brand of almond butter from Better Almond Butter which is raw, unpasteurized marcona almond butter (heaven!). I’ve also been really loving Snow Monkey ice cream, which is a superfood infused, gluten free, and vegan high-protein ice cream developed by athletes. It’s the cleanest vegan ice cream I’ve found on the market that still tastes delicious. I’ve also been loving Food Huggers, which are food savers that eliminate the need to use plastic food storage bags and saran wrap. They keep my avocado halves fresh, and same goes for my lemon and lime halves! In the beauty and skin department, I’ve been really loving the Moon Fruit night cream by Herbivore Botanicals—a vegan and natural brand—as well as the Vitamin C probiotic face polish by Osea. My go-to body product is still the Mount Airy body serum by Franklin and Whitman. I’ve also rediscovered my love for my inspiralizer!

What are your favorite apps?

Some of my favorite apps are SnapSeed for quick phone photo editing, the MyFlO app—this one is a recent love and gamechanger: It provides recommendations for everything from the kinds of workouts you should do to the kinds of foods you should eat to support the current phase you are in of your menstrual cycle and has a really comprehensive symptom tracking system. Todoist is my all-time favorite app because it syncs to my laptop and is how I organize and stay on top of tasks. I also love Sleep++, and not going to lie, but my sweetgreen app gets a good workout. I also love using the HappyCow app to find vegan food spots around me when I travel. Lastly, I am recently transitioning over to using AirTable for spreadsheets, lists, etc. because it’s so versatile.

Whose Instagram is on your radar?

I love @floretflower for general flower inspo and @loriastern for floral food inspo—big into florals in my food!—@glowmaven for wellness, @elllenfisher for incredible tropical living inspiration and the sweetest family shares—it feels like watching a TV show because I’m so invested in her sweet family!—@cbquality for general badassery and boss lady inspiration, @stayandwander for travel inspiration, @spiritdaughter for astrology, @malloryonthemoon for vibrant lifestyle inspo, and @matthewkenneycuisine for gorgeous plating and vibrant plants!

What’s your go-to healthy snack?

My go-to sweet snack would have to be green apple slices and almond butter or a baked good with beans in it, like chickpea cookie dough or black bean brownies! If I’m feeling savory, I love having raw veggies with hummus or a super quick avocado toast on gluten-free bread!

What are you reading, watching, or listening to?

Watching: One of the only shows I’ve kept up to date with is Grey’s Anatomy. I also love Broad City and need to catch up on Black Mirror Season 4. I recently watched the movie Wonder, which was one of my favorite movies this year, though it is a children’s movie. HealthyWay HealthyWay

Remy IRL

What is your bucket list travel destination?

I’ve been really wanting to visit Egypt for the longest time. I think it’s a really beautiful destination and have heard great things from friends about not only the sights but also the culture and the history!

What superpower would you like to have?

I wish I could be in two places at once! I have a hard time saying no sometimes, and I have a particularly hard time overbooking myself, so if I could be in two places at once, most of my problems would be nonexistent. Also, I could be eating Pressed Juicery freeze while working out simultaneously. Seems like a good combination to me!

What’s your coffee order?

I typically don’t drink coffee, but my go-to drink at a cafe is usually a matcha latte unsweetened and made with either almond or cashew milk. If I make it at home, I’ll add a little vanilla bean and usually maca or another adaptogen.

What piece of advice has impacted you the most?

“Let your past make you better, not bitter.” I have always loved this quote and try to live by it. HealthyWay To learn more about green living and what a vegan really eats in a day, be sure to check out Remy’s blog and vlog!

Taylor Geiger
Taylor Geiger is a writer, self-proclaimed book nerd, hockey fanatic, and dedicated plant mama. She is passionate about all things related to food and fitness. When she’s not writing (or trying new workout classes) she enjoys hiking with her Weimaraner, Mayzee, throughout the Midwest.

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