38 Handmade Items You Can Get On Amazon

Amazon's unexpectedly huge department of handmade goods is full of crafty treats you never even knew you needed. Here are some of our faves.

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Typically, I turn to Amazon to get books, diapers, or household essentials shipped to my house. I place an order when I need a quick solution or when I simply don’t feel up for taking my three kids out for a Target run. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have a certain idea about what I’ll be able to find on my favorite website with two-day shipping. As it turns out, I’ve been missing out on some of the stuff that Amazon has to offer. There’s an entire section of the website devoted to handmade goods—and some of those products even have free shipping via Amazon Prime. I never really imagined I’d be able to buy from small entrepreneurs through Amazon, but I love that this is a possibility. With that in mind, here’s a look at 38 handmade items you can order right now.

Accessories and Clothing

For some reason, I’ve always felt hesitant about shopping for clothes through Amazon (maybe it’s because I’m not a big fan of fast fashion). These handmade accessories and clothes just might change my mind.

1. Happy Little Artist Pack

Brooches and pins can add a touch of fun to an otherwise unremarkable piece. Brighten up your jacket or bag with some happy trees, along with a few other hand-painted pins inspired by Bob Ross. This set is made here in the U.S., and each pin is painted to order. Included in the set is a Bob Ross pin, palette, a happy tree, and a happy cloud. They’re seriously cute, and they make a perfect gift for that hard-to-please friend of yours.

2. The Future is Female Brooch

Make a statement with this handmade brooch. “The Future is Female” is painted in black on a white banner-shaped pin. Add it to the lapel of your favorite jacket, pin it on your laptop bag, or stick it to the strap of your purse. Even though this is a handmade item, it comes with Amazon fulfillment and ships via Amazon Prime. That means that if you need a unique gift in a hurry, this would be a good choice for any of your feminist friends.

3. Real Dandelion Wish Necklace

Make a wish on this handmade necklace everytime you wear it around your neck. This Real Dandelion Wish Necklace is made from a small globe, which contains pieces of real dandelion. A second charm bearing the word “wish” decorates the chain. Because this necklace is made to order, you can customize your order to set the length and color of the chain. It arrives in a gift box, so it’s great for shipping straight to the recipient.

4. Soft Pink Natural Linen Dress

This beautiful made-to-order dress is crafted from soft, pink linen and ties at the waist. Made by hand by 3H Linen in Kyin in Ukraine, it’s available in sizes XXS to XXL. Perfect for a summer wedding or brunch out with your friends. You’ll feel good knowing that this dress is made with high-quality fabric and sold through a storefront with 73 five-star reviews.

5. Engraved Leather Apple Watch Bands

Crafted by a leather designer in Istanbul, these Engraved Leather Apple Watch Bands would make a wonderful gift for a parent, significant other, or soon-to-be graduate. Each band is handmade from 100 percent genuine leather and can fit all current Apple Watch series. When you place your order, you can select from two different widths for the band. You also have the option of five different buckles, including rose gold, silver, space gray, black, and gold. If you’d like to have the band engraved, you can select that option for a moderate additional fee.

6. Leather Crossbody Bag

It’s hard to believe that this handmade leather bag is so affordable; it’s priced similarly to most of the purses you’d find in a chain department store. Made by Leather Native in New York, it’s crafted with a dark cherry-colored leather. Since it’s a fairly small bag, it’s a good option for carrying the essentials—your cell phone, keys, and a small wallet will fit neatly in the structured pockets. It also features a long leather strap for comfortable wear, along with a large decorative buckle on the front.

7. Rainbow Handmade Baby Headbands

If you’ve ever shopped online for handmade baby hair accessories, you know that they’re not exactly inexpensive. Since I have daughters I’ve my own, I’ve been amazed by how much I can spend on a relatively small order. This set of Rainbow Handmade Baby Headbands are refreshingly affordable. Each order includes 12 different-colored headbands at a cost less than $2 per item. They’re essentially just small felt bows on tan elastic bands, but while they’re simple, they’re absolutely adorable.

8. Custom “Mrs.” Floppy Sun Hat

Catch some shade and make a statement at the same time. Whether you’re planning your honeymoon or simply getting away for some sun and sand, this Custom “Mrs.” Floppy Sun Hat is a fun accessory to bring along for the trip. It’s available in five different colors and made to order based on the text you’d like printed along the rim. It packs easily for any trip and pops back into shape with a little encouragement from a clothes iron.

9. Extra Wide Calf Boot Cuff Toppers

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Most of the handknit socks you see peeking out of the tops of boots on your social media feed are actually just cuffs. Take part in this stylish fall trend with these Extra Wide Calf Boot Cuff Toppers. Darlene’s Gift Shop in Georgia knits these cuffs by hand from a cream-colored Highland wool, which is a sturdy, soft, and high-quality material. This specific listing is for an extra-wide cuff, but the listing recommends measuring the circumference of the top of your boot to determine the best fit for your leg.

Home and Garden

Find practical and pretty handmade items for your living space. These Amazon items are ideal for the home and garden, and they come from individual sellers at all corners of the world.

10. Candle in Concrete Base

Talk about a statement item! This candle is handmade in Mexico by a small business called Monte Vitro Candles. The concrete base is a hexacylinder, and the combination of the geometric shapes and rustic concrete creates a complex and interesting design. The candle itself is unscented and is made from soy wax. The wick is wooden, which means you’ll hear that lovely crackling sound when it burns.

11. Mandala Wall Decal

If you’re renting, removable wall decor allows you make your space your own without breaking the terms of your lease. This Mandala Wall Decal is one of my favorite wall decals on Amazon Handmade, and it’s perfect for adorning the walls of any apartment or dorm. This decal is made from vinyl, and you can choose from 25 colors. Choose from three different sizes; the largest option is a formidable 38 inches by 38 inches. Decals like this work best if they’re placed on smooth walls. A textured wall will make it difficult to stick the decal in place—make sure it’s a good fit for your walls before you buy!

12. Geek Art Solar System

Sometimes when you’re buying from chain stores, it’s hard to find home decor that doesn’t look like what everyone else has in their home. Buying handmade home decor allows you to seek out completely unique items and establish your own personal style in your space. This Geek Art Solar System is a great example. Designed by The Geekerie, it features the solar system in a modern design that would fit well with a minimalist home decor.

13. Marbled Thrown Earthenware Bowl

Handmade by Kathy, the owner of Marbled Pottery, this thrown earthenware bowl is perfectly sized for soup or cereal. While the majority of this bowl is a soft cream color, the wide rim is a beautiful multi-colored marbled design. All of the marbling is done by hand and finished with a glaze. In addition to cereal bowls, Marbled Pottery also sells mugs and spouted bowls with a similar marbled look. Grab one bowl as an accent piece or invest in an entire set for a unique kitchen collection.

14. Drippy Ceramic Cup

Your morning cup of joe deserves a little accent. Cheer up your early mornings with this quirky ceramic coffee mug designed by Brian Giniewski, owner of Happy Ceramics in Pennsylvania. This Drippy Ceramic Cup is relatively small, as it stands at three inches tall; if you’re looking for a cup for your espresso, it’s ideal. The base of the cup is has a gray concrete appearance, while the top is white, shaped to look like overflowing cream.

15. Linen Pillow Shams

Since discovering Amazon Handmade, I’m seriously considering redecorating my entire home with the help of my Prime membership. I’ll be starting with these pillow shams. They’re made from 100 percent linen, and each has two ties to keep your pillows in place. Choose from six different sizes and a variety of colors including white, off-white, oatmeal, silver grey, and dark grey. I’m partial to the oatmeal shams, myself.

16. Wooden Rectangular Wall Clock

This Scandinavia-inspired clock is beautiful, with a stylized face on a darkly stained natural wood rectangle. Pewter-hued numbers appear in different sizes, arranged in an almost random fashion, giving it a fun, quirky feel. (Of course, the numbers remain in the right order.) The maker of this unique clock is a small business called Promi Design, located in Lithuania. Even though this clock comes from a small maker, it is fulfilled by Amazon. This means you can order it using your Prime account for free, two-day shipping.

17. Pottery Shaving Bowl for Men

If you have to keep small collections of personal care items on your bathroom counter, you might as well have a pretty bowl to place them in between uses. This Pottery Shaving Bowl is hand-thrown, with a small swirl in the bottom of the dish and a natural white glaze. While many handmade items require special care, this bowl is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so you can wash it easily. Use it for its intended purpose—holding a puck of shaving soap—or just fill it with all your small trinkets, like rings and watches.

18. Mushroom Ceramic Fairy Garden Stakes

These tiny ceramic mushrooms are one of my favorite things I’ve found on Amazon Handmade so far. RooPottery in Utah makes these Mushroom Ceramic Fairy Garden Stakes for use in fairy gardens, planters, and terrariums. So far, I’ve found that many of the more unique handmade items on Amazon don’t have a lot of reviews, but these cute garden decorations, which mimic toadstools, have five stars and 26 total reviews, virtually all of which are glowing.

19. Redwood Wind Spinner

Here’s another great decoration for your outdoor space. A company called Sunrise Art makes these wind spinners by hand using all-natural redwood. This material is a great choice for outdoor decorations because it is resistant to damage from wind and weather. Because each spinner is made by hand, they’re all different. When you order this item, it will arrive assembled, so all you have to do is hang it in your garden or on your front porch.

20. Wooden Embossing Rolling Pin

As if baking cookies weren’t fun enough, your next bake-a-thon is about to get a whole lot cuter. This handmade wooden rolling pin features Scandinavian cut-outs on the body, so the design transfers effortlessly onto your dough. Use this pin to give sugar cookies a little extra flair. Roll out your dough normally, then give it a pass with this decorative rolling pin to emboss your cookies with a floral design. Then, use cookie cutters to cut out individuals cookies before baking. Thanks to the gorgeous carvings, this pin looks great hanging on the kitchen wall between uses, as well.

Cosmetics and Self-Care

If you’re looking for handmade cosmetics and self-care items, you have countless options on Amazon. Check out these moisturizers, eyeshadows, and bathtime goodies that you can have delivered right to your front door.

21. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath bombs have become a popular way to make your bath-time routine feel a little extra special. Drop them in the water in solid form and then watch them dissolve, adding minerals, scents, and more to your bathwater. The LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set is a popular seller in Amazon’s Indie Beauty department, with 1,890 reviews and five stars. Included in the set are 12 different bombs with enticing aromas like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Shea & Coconut, and Mango Papaya. Each bath bomb has its own unique set of benefits; some are great for relaxation, for instance, while others are designed to perk you up.

22. Birthday Cake Cupcake Bath Bomb

I couldn’t resist this bath bomb, which I knew my daughters would love! It looks just like a birthday cupcake, although we don’t recommend taking a bite. The Birthday Cupcake Bath Bomb is made by New York’s Bathhouse, a self-proclaimed “non-edible bakery.” To use the bath bomb, begina by placing the frosting under running water—it’s the bubbling ingredient, and it dissolves when wet. Next, toss the remaining bomb into the water before climbing into your bath for a celebratory birthday soak.

23. All Over Butter

Every bath and shower should be followed up with a moisturizing lotion that will nourish your skin and keep it soft. All Over Butter was created with dry and sensitive skin types in mind; it is recommended for twice-daily use on irritable skin. The maker of this handmade body butter runs a small business called NaturallyMe in North Carolina. She uses all-natural ingredients including hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and avocado butter to make her personal-care products.

24. BeesWorks Alpine Peppermint Lip Therapy

Winter is just around the corner, which means I’ll soon be fighting chapped lips on myself and my three kids. When I look for self-care products for my kids, I try to prioritize clean ingredients, and this handmade beeswax lip balm passes the Mom Test.

The BeesWorks Alpine Peppermint Lip Therapy is made in California using beeswax harvested from the local BeesWorks hives. The company leaders believe it’s important to use organic ingredients in their lipcare products. In addition to the peppermint scent, you can choose lavender or unscented lip balm.

25. Monkey Farts Scented Soap

Pip & Lola’s consists of makers and self-proclaimed “soap goddesses” from Pennsylvania, and they’ve managed to make something as typically boring as a bar of soap really unique and fun. This Monkey Farts Scented Soap was formulated to avoid stripping natural oils from your skin, which can be a problem with conventionally made soaps, according to the manufacturer. What makes this bar of soap so unusual is its appearance. It’s a swirl of yellow, red, blue, and green. Don’t let the name scare you off; they’re not being literal. We hope.

26. Eco-Friendly Cotton Pads

Personal care products can be a huge source of waste. Even small items take a toll on the environment with repeated daily use. If you’re looking for a way to cut back on what you’re throwing away, considering swapping out disposable items for reusable handmade items. Making the switch to reusable products can be overwhelming, so start small with these Eco-Friendly Cotton Pads. They’re knitted by hand from 100 percent cotton. Use them for makeup removal, washing skin, or any other task that typically requires you to rely on disposable cotton pads.

27. Nectar Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow

Simplicity Cosmetics is a maker located in Texas. The woman behind this company started making mineral cosmetics for herself. Eventually, she turned her hobby into a work-from-home business that she operates while caring for her two young kids. According to her product listing, her makeup offerings are made from natural ingredients including minerals, oxides, and micas. She combines each order by hand or using a blender. The Nectar Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow is a loose powder. The peach coloring makes for a great neutral shade with a light shimmer. In addition to eyeshadows, Simplicity Cosmetics makes lip balms, cheek tints, and powdered foundations.


28. Activated Charcoal Face Soap

If you’re accustomed to using expensive bottled facial cleansers, this handmade, low-waste option is going to be a breath of fresh air. FandTees is a Florida-based maker of personal care items, including soaps, body oils, and lotions. This Activated Charcoal Face Soap comes in bar form and includes activated charcoal as the main ingredient. According to the product listing, this soap helps draw out dirt and bacteria from the skin, keeping your oil production under control and helping manage breakouts.

29. Peridot August Birthstone Nail Polish

When I browsed self-care items in the handmade department of Amazon, nail polish was the last product I expected to find! I’m amazed by the creativity behind small businesses like Nail Hoot, a company that produces polish in small batches in Missouri. Peridot August Birthstone Nail Polish is a bright, shimmery green, just like the semiprecious stone that inspired the product. The owner of Nail Hoot makes all of her nail polishes to be free from five of the more controversial chemicals found in conventional nail polish—formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and DBP.

30. Burly Beard Balm

Noelle’s Naturals makes personal care products that are organic, non-toxic, and free from artificial ingredients. Burly Beard Balm is a wax for taming facial hair. Ingredients include organic shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba oil. Cedarwood essential oils are used to scent the balm, and the seller promises a “manly” aroma. In addition to smoothing the beard, this hydrating formula is good for the skin underneath, according to the product description. Give it a try if you’re the beard-growing type.

Fun and Games

Amazon Handmade isn’t reserved for the practical and the pretty. There are tons of options for buying made-by-hand toys, puzzles, and games. Add these products to your playroom, game closet, or outdoor space for kid-friendly fun. The children will love these items, and you get to feel good about supporting small businesses when you buy them.

31. Martin’s Menace Puzzle

At first glance, this best-selling handmade puzzle looks really simple. It only contains four pieces! However, the reviews make it clear that this puzzle is something special. One reviewer claims it stumped many of his coworkers, while another claims it takes hours to solve. The listing says the puzzle is named after a fellow who spent a week trying to successfully place all four pieces. Martin’s Menace Puzzle is a small, hand-cut wooden puzzle. The base itself is only slightly bigger than a 3-inch-by-5-inch index card, and the puzzle pieces are a quarter of an inch thick. According to the listing, this is the only handmade puzzle made by Creative Crafthouse that doesn’t include a solution with purchase. Good luck!

32. Multi-Colored Apples Wooden Lacing Toy

I’m a sucker for handmade toys, especially when they are beautiful and well-made. This Montessori-inspired toy is one I can easily picture myself adding to our collection. A blunted wooden needle laces yarn in and out of seven brightly colored apples. According to the product description, these apples are just the right size. They’re small enough for little hands, but too big for choking or swallowing. This Multi-Colored Apples Wooden Lacing Toy ships from Russia, where it is made by hand by maker WoodStoreGifts.

33. Willa Walker

Made in California by the artisans of Playful Nature, this toddler walker is completely different from any I’ve seen before. While most walkers roll along the ground while a shaky toddler pushes them, this one is held overhead by a caregiver, who helps hold the toddler up, provides balance, and controls speed. Not only is this item handmade, but Playful Nature toys are also only made from three materials—hardwood, cotton, and coconut oil—and they’re all responsibly sourced. It’s a toy you’ll feel great about buying.

34. Made to Move Barbie Doll Stockings

If you’ve got a child who enjoys dressing up Barbie dolls, they’ll love having a few accessories you can’t find on Target shelves. These Barbie stockings are made by The Daughter Who Sews, a company that’s based in Texas and specializes in garments for dolls. The Made to Move Barbie Dolly Stockings are made from a floral, stretchy fabric. They’ll fit any conventionally sized Barbies.

35. Eco-Friendly Reusable Water Balloons

I know you what you’re thinking—how are reusable water balloons even possible? A North Carolina company called Bleubird Knits in North Carolina figured out the secret. They make a sustainable version of this popular summer activity, and they do it by hand, using only polyester yarn. This isn’t your typical pack of water balloons. They don’t fill and pop like the rubber version, so they don’t require a lot of painfully tedious cleanup. Instead, you soak the entire ball in water. The yarn soaks up liquid like a sponge. Quickly lob it across your yard and watch it splash when it hits your target. Retrieve the “balloon” and resoak for another use. When the game is over, dry them out, store them, and pull them out again next summer!

36. Rainbow Cloud Slime

Slime is in its prime right now. Strange as it is, you can find endless social media videos featuring slime being pulled, stretched, and mixed by hand. The same people who make these videos often make unique slime combinations and sell them online. Rainbow Cloud Slime is made by Kitty Slime. It’s a white, soft substance filled with confetti, sparkles, and a clay rainbow. The slime is also scented with a piña colada–inspired fragrance. Buy it as a stress relief activity, or stock up for last-minute gifts.

37. Hand-Cranked Harry Potter Music Box

I may have saved the best for last. Second-to-last, at least. Penultimate. Anyway, this tiny, handmade product is a music box operated with a hand crank. It doesn’t just feature the Harry Potter logo on the front, it also plays the tune “Harry’s Wondrous World” from the Harry Potter movies. Esdemusicashop is a maker in Madrid who specializes in music boxes just like these. She also carries boxes that play music from Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and other fictional worlds. If you’re curious about how these handmade music boxes sound, you can watch and listen on her YouTube channel.

38. Stranger Things Eleven Temporary Tattoo

While I love tattoos on other people, the lifelong commitment has kept me from making the leap so far. When I imagine temporary tattoos, I picture something childish and silly. These temporary tattoos by The Temporary Tattoo Store have changed my mind. They are designed so expertly, I think I’ll give them a try. This Stranger Things Eleven Temporary Tattoo set comes with two different tattoos—one that reads “011” and one that reads “Friends Don’t Lie” inside a wreath of Christmas lights. According to the seller, these tattoos will last between two and five days.

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