Halloween Treat Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Candy

Ditch the sugary treats and get creative with these enticing goodies.

There are many reasons to give away something other than candy for Halloween. Food allergies, excessive amounts of sugar, and dietary restrictions are just a few of the problems with traditional Halloween treats.

It’s also fun to be the creative house on the block and give an interesting and unusual treat. Here are some 100 percent sugar-free giveaways that will delight all of your trick-or-treaters.

1. Give your visitors a stimulating problem-solving exercise.

Fun Puzzle Balls are entertaining for kids and adults alike. If they’re too pricey to buy for the whole neighborhood, at least consider buying a dozen for your household.

These bulk packs come with four different styles of balls that will get the gears turning (literally, in some cases). These aren’t your usual fidget toys, but they work wonders for restless kids and adults. Neliblu is so sure you’ll like their product, they offer a money-back guarantee if puzzle balls don’t meet your expectations.

Get them from Amazon here.

2. This new classic is sure to be popular with neighborhood kids.

Fidget spinners have boomed in popularity due to their ability to calm and soothe overactive hands and minds. This bulk pack from Amazon includes individually boxed spinners that will delight your trick-or-treaters.

Give your visitors a choice of 12 colors with this affordable variety pack. Their ultra-fast spinners allow for spin-times of up to five minutes! This is a great way to give a unique but universally loved Halloween treat.

Get them from Amazon here.

3. Here’s an easy way to provide a smile.

Glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls are a fun and out-of-the-ordinary gift that kids can use right away. These bouncy balls are about an inch in diameter and glow after being charged up by the sun or a light.

This bulk pack provides 144 bouncy balls, making them a fun and economical giveaway. They work well for Halloween, but aren’t specific to the holiday—so if you have leftovers, you can give them away as party favors for any kind of get-together. Of course, you can keep a few for yourself as well.

Get them from Amazon here.

4. Light up the night with a colorful accessory.

Glowstick bracelets from Lumistick shine brightly for 8 to 10 hours. Bulk packs come with an even distribution of pink, green, orange, blue, and yellow glowsticks.

These versatile accessories can be made into a bracelet, kept as a simple stick, or connected with others to make necklaces. Give them out and watch kids get creative with this fun nighttime toy. The 100-pack is a great option for neighborhoods with lots of kids, and houses with less visitors can give out multiple glowsticks.

Get them from Amazon here.

5. Get a little bit weird with these incredibly cute monsters.

Mini, glow-in-the-dark Halloween rubber ducks are not the most traditional Halloween giveaway, but that’s a good thing. These unique duckies will bring a smile to everyones’ faces as you hand them out.

These one-inch ducks come dressed as jack-o-lanterns, cats, witches, ghosts, mummies, and other creepy characters. They don’t float upright, but they look adorable on a shelf or a desk. Bulk pack comes with two dozen duckies of all varieties.

Get them from Amazon here.

6. Give an interactive gift in a spooky package.

These monster bubble sticks from Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique are colorful and fun. Kids can use them right off the bat and get the bubbles flying.

This party favor comes in four spooky varieties. Kids will love receiving this outside-the-box treat.

Get them from Target here.

7. Give the gift of bling.

Flashing LED rings will delight trick-or-treaters who just can’t wait to enjoy their gifts. These flashing accessories can be turned on or off by pressing the top of the ring.

This colorful jewelry is fun for nighttime activities and comes 72 to a pack. They’re great to mix into a candy bowl for an alternative and memorable treat. These flashing rings also work great for birthday parties and other children’s events if you have any left over after Halloween.

Get them from Amazon here.

8. Be a little bit edgy without pushing the envelope too far.

Temporary emoji tattoos are an innocent but cool Halloween idea. This package of 144 tats contains 16 different styles that will appeal to a wide audience of texters and smartphone users.

The tattoos are applied and washed off easily, making them a favorite for kids and parents. You’ll be the coolest house on the block when you hand out these temporary tats.

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9. Rely on an oldie but a goodie to make trick-or-treaters happy.

Fun-size Play-Doh cans give kids an outlet for their creativity as they’re working off their sugar buzz. Children of all ages love this squishable clay that can be molded into whatever they imagine.

Give kids a treat that lets them work on their art skills and can be used over and over again. If you have leftovers, crack open a canister and get in on the fun. The bulk bag comes with 80 fun-size cans in five different colors. Give out a few to each visitor to ensure maximum fun.

Get them from Amazon here.

10. Throw some creepy bones into your candy bowl for variety.

Kids will love fishing these sticky skeleton hands out from among the Snickers and Butterfingers. They’ll make a great reminder of a fun evening.

The hands come in four bright colors and won’t break the bank. Add some flair to your candy bowl or party favor bag.

Get them from Target here.

11. Give a gift suited for the young scholars in your neighborhood.

Themed pencils are great for school parties or as an alternative treat on Halloween night. This practical and decorative no. 2 pencils come in four adorable Halloween designs.

The assorted box of 48 pencils has four designs: skeletons, cats, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. Give a useful gift that lasts for longer than a night and will make homework more fun.

Get them from Amazon here.

12. Keep an eye out for neighborhood children.

These eyeball erasers will delight your young visitors and their parents. They are just the right amount of macabre without being overly gory.

These are a great item to mix into a candy bowl. They’re cheap, fun, and functional. Trick-or-treaters will shriek with delight when you hand them an eyeball this Halloween.

Get them from Amazon here.

13. Become the favorite house on the block with this creative giveaway.

Bendable zombie toys are a fun alternative to sugary treats. They are appropriately themed but won’t scare anyone—even the little kids. The silly faces and spindly limbs will have kids playing with their new toy as soon as they receive it.

Each zombie is about 3.5 inches high and can be posed in hilarious ways. They are made of rubber with a wire inside to help them maintain their ghoulish poses. Each pack comes with a dozen zombies in four different styles.

Get them from Amazon here.

14. Give your visitors a treat that provides its own transportation.

These wind-up toys make a unique and active gift. Twist the handle and watch your creature come to life. Assorted pack comes with skulls, teeth, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and other creepy wind-up creatures.

The bulk pack comes with 12 figurines. Some hop, some walk, and some roll. All of them will bring smiles to your Halloween visitors. These work well for children three and up, but are nice enough to give out as favors at adult parties or gatherings as well.

Get them from Amazon here.

15. Turn your trick-or-treaters into performing artists with this fun accoutrement.

Finger puppets make a great treat for future actors and actresses. The one-and-a-half-inch puppets come in four characters: witches, mummies, Frankensteins, and vampires.

Each pack contains 12 assorted puppets. You can use them to entertain your visitors or simply hand them out as an addition or alternative to candy. These are sure to be a hit!

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