Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

Now is the time to buy Halloween costumes for mom, dad, kids, and even pets. Target's offering an incredible deal, Buy One, Get One 50% Off, but only through Oct. 7!

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Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re still looking for a costume, we’ve got a deal for you. Target is offering an incredible buy-one-get-one-half-off promotion through Oct. 7. This is the perfect opportunity to outfit the entire family with excellent, well-made Halloween costumes that they’ll love. Here are some of our favorite costumes that qualify for the deal. And don’t worry; we won’t leave the family pet out!

Costumes for Mom

Don’t scrounge around in your closet to throw together a last-minute costume. Target’s selection of outfits for adult women is enormous, and there’s bound to be something you like here. Here are our picks: 1. Princess Leia The kids may be all about Rey this year, but we know the real heroine of the Star Wars universe is Princess Leia. Celebrate a cultural icon with this detailed, deluxe costume. You’d better believe the wig is included. It wouldn’t be Leia without the buns. Meanwhile, everyone will recognize that white dress, and the belt completes the look. Get it from Target here. 2. Crayola Crayon Go silly with this colorful crayon outfit. The tunic flexes with your body for total comfort, even after a night of trick-or-treating. A peaked hat completes the iconic look. If this year’s Halloween falls on a chilly night, just wear long sleeves and pants underneath for a nice, toasty walk around the neighborhood, watching the kids collect candy and treats. Get it from Target here. 3. Deluxe Witch There’s a reason why the Halloween witch is a classic. This is the most complete witch costume you can buy. It includes the hat, complete with veil and a long Puritan’s dress. Add a little green face paint and a broom to complete the look, or just throw this costume on and hit the town. Just try not to hex anybody while you enjoy Halloween. Get it from Target here. 4. Super Mom Why not dress as a literal interpretation of what you really are, day after day? This tongue-in-cheek Super Mom outfit includes four foam arms to reflect the multitasking that today’s parents have to perform. This costume comes with paper accessories, but we encourage you to add your own props that reflect the things you do on a day-to-day basis. No matter what you put in these fake hands, your family will get the picture: You keep this whole show running. Get it from Target here.

Costumes for Dad

Feel free to go funny, scary, or just downright weird with this selection of high-quality costumes for men. And don’t forget: Buy one get another half-off, but only if you act now. Here are our favorites: 1. Milk Carton That’s right: A milk carton costume. This realistic box of milk is made of soft, flexible polyester, so it’s way more comfortable than an actual giant milk carton would be. Stay home and hand out cookies this Halloween, and this costume will be ideal. Actually, it’ll be ideal no matter what you’re doing, because kids and adults alike will get a chuckle out of this unconventional choice. Get it from Target here. 2. Universal Studios Frankenstein’s Monster Choose a classic with this Frankenstein’s Monster costume, which is officially licensed from Universal Studios. It looks just like the classic Boris Karloff character from the original Frankenstein movie. Just don’t call it “Frankenstein.” Frankenstein was the doctor. This is his reanimated creation, and it’s been scaring people for decades. Time to get in on that. Get it from Target here. 3. Harry Potter Show your kids that the Boy Who Lived can grow up to be a Man Who Still Lives with this recognizable Harry Potter costume. Note that this is just a nice, comfortable robe with an authentic Gryffindor patch, so you don’t actually have to be Harry Potter. You could be any Gryffindor student at Hogwarts you want. If you do go with Harry Potter, though, you’ll have to provide your own glasses, scar, and wand. This is just the robe, but isn’t that enough? The wand chooses the wizard, after all. Get it from Target here. 4. Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Your Halloween party is nothing without a T-Rex. And with this choice, you’ve got a T-Rex, and it is you. This is a huge polyester body suit enclosed within an inflatable dinosaur. Yep, pretty scary. A mesh window in the beast’s neck allows you to see. Even better, you can wear whatever you want in there, so a chilly Halloween walk won’t be a problem. Or, shoot, you could just throw on a pair of boxer shorts and go. It’s your call; you’re the dinosaur. Get it from Target here.

Costumes for Kids

As much fun as parents have on Halloween, it will always remain a kid’s holiday. Let your children pick a costume they’ll be thrilled about this year, and save money while you’re doing it! Here are a few that caught our eye: 1. Green Dragon Ninja Beware the ninja of Green Dragon Clan! This full-body ninja outfit will let your kid slip through the shadows safely with integrated lights and ornate dragon scales. Pair this sweet Ninja costume with some classic all black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes found here and he’ll be ready to go. Get it from Target here. 2. Fidget Spinner If you think fidget spinners relieve anxiety and improve concentration, imaging how mentally healthy you’d be if you were a fidget spinner yourself! Kids can live that dream with this Fidget Spinner costume from Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique collection. And before you ask, yes, it really does spin. This is a great costume for kids who love fidget spinners, or just for the ones who like to be a little unconventional. Get it from Target here. 3. Food, Food, Food! Kids love food. But do they love to be food? In our experience, yes. These hilarious and high-quality food-related costumes will make your kid the toast of the Halloween party. Or the hot dog of the Halloween party, as it may be. Let your kids pick between some of their favorite foods… hot dogs, tacos and donuts… oh my! And hey, if you get hungry while you’re out trick-or-treating, you can always lean in and take a bite. Or you can even get a family theme going and buy food costumes for everyone, especially since you can enjoy BOGO 50% Off through Oct. 7th. Did someone say burger and fries? Get your favorite food costumes for the whole family from Target here.

Costumes for Pets

You didn’t think we’d leave out Fluffy and Rover, did you? We’re not sure how the pets feel about it, but your Halloween party guests will adore these cute animal costumes. Here are the ones we’d love to see our furry buddies in: 1. Unicorn Cat Cats and unicorns have a lot in common. They’re both mystical creatures, and they’re both hard to track down when you’re in the mood for a snuggle. That’s why this full-body cat costume is so perfect. This rainbow mane and unicorn horn strap gently and comfortable to your cat’s body, so she might actually leave it on all night! This is both hilarious and adorable. Note: Dying your cat’s hair pink is totally optional. Get it from Target here. 2. Cactus Dog Give your pet a little southwest flavor with this soft, comfortable cactus costume. It’s got spines, but they’re made of gentle cloth, so your pooch will have nothing to worry about. This costume fits most dogs perfectly, and straps on with a soft, comfortable velcro band. Cacti are in this year; why not let your best friend go trick-or-treating with you in style? Get it from Target here. 3. Pirate Cat Swap your favorite feline’s meow out for a good hearty, “Arrhh,” with this comfortable pirate hat for cats. It straps easily to your cat’s collar. Don’t worry. He’ll get used to it. All it takes is a single accessory to dress your cat up for Halloween. This might be the one for you. And remember: half-off with another costume purchase through Oct. 7. Get it from Target here. 4. Chicken Dog Is your guard dog a bit of a coward? If so, dress them up as a chicken this Halloween. Come to think of it, this costume might be even more hilarious on a tough old bruiser of a dog. The feathered torso straps to your dogs body, while the chicken-head hat sits comfortably on the head. A pair of chicken feet complete the look. Now you just have to train your favorite pet to crow! Get it from Target here. Whichever costumes you choose, act fast. This buy-one-get-one-half-off deal expires at the end of the day on Oct. 7. Oh, and while you’re shopping, be sure to stock up on Halloween candy. Target’s also running a buy-one-get-one-half-off promotion on bags of the stuff, too. But, again, the offer is only good through Oct. 7. Now is the time to stock up on Halloween essentials from Target online.

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