Gift Ideas That Encourage Fitness And Time In The Great Outdoors

As you're looking for the perfect gifts this holiday season, remember that some presents bring a momentary smile, while others can provide lasting inspiration.

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Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

The best gifts are ones that motivate their recipients to be more adventurous, active, and healthy. Instead of simply receiving an item, they will unwrap the encouragement to go on a hike, a trip, or a jog through the park. These are the gifts that people really appreciate, and here’s a quick and easy way to decide which ones you should be giving this season.

1. Give a head start on the path to enlightenment and stress-free living with an everything-included gift package.

This six-piece yoga set includes a mat, two yoga blocks, a mat towel, a hand towel, and a yoga strap. It’s perfect for someone looking to change their lifestyle or upgrade their worn out gear. The 71- by 24-inch mat is made from half-inch thick memory foam to pad bodies as they get into shape. One side is ribbed and one side is smooth, and a carry strap is attached.

2. We’ve all heard that sitting for long periods of time is bad, but that’s not the case with this unusual office chair.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair improves core strength and back health by engaging your muscles while you sit. The set comes with a 52-centimeter exercise ball, an air pump, the chair frame with wheels, and a desktop exercise guide. This ergonomic design is great for those who feel joint and muscle stiffness due to prolonged periods of sitting. Health and fitness experts created this chair to make sitting healthier and more comfortable. If you know someone who’s tight and stressed at the end of every work day, pamper them with this ultra-comfy chair.

3. Some people question why you would want a smart watch if you’ve already got a smart phone.

Then they see the innovative features on the Fitbit Blaze and they understand. This watch is simple and intuitive to understand, yet capable of providing a plethora of health and fitness information. The Blaze allows you to enable GPS to map your walks or runs and track the pace and duration of workouts. You can set it to remind you when you haven’t been active or track weekly workout goals with the click of a button. This smart watch offers an easy way to understand your body and compile all of your fitness goals without ever picking up a pencil.

4. There’s one secret to going to the gym regularly that people don’t often talk about.

Having stylish workout clothes, like running gear from Athleta, gives you an extra push to get off the couch. Sure, it’s vain, but it works. Wearing sleek compression tights with a flattering fit makes you look and feel great. And when you actually want to wear your gym clothes, you’re a lot more likely to go to the gym.

5. If you want to give a more general workout-themed gift, remember that everyone needs a gym bag.

This workout bag from Athleta has a very necessary internal satchel for gym shoes. It comes with other handy features like a water bottle sleeve and easy-access storage. But just because this bag is perfect for the gym doesn’t mean that it’s a one-trick pony. It’s also great for weekend trips, beach outings, or just going to work. With its easy-access storage and stylish looks, this bag is perfect for a wide range of activities.

6. For a sportier look, Under Armour has you covered.

This water-resistant, heavy-duty duffle bag can handle equipment for just about any sport. It’s made of durable polyester and has abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels to guarantee it lasts without wearing and tearing. Its padded grab handle makes it ergonomic to carry, even when it’s stuffed full of heavy items. It also has a mesh compartment for sweaty or wet clothes that makes it perfect for workout gear. Use it for camping, traveling, your favorite sport, or anything else that takes you out of the house.

7. A really great gift can inspire your loved ones to go on memorable outings.

This versatile hammock folds up small but provides a comfortable place to take a nap or sleep overnight. Whether someone takes it to the local park or on a multi-day trek in the backcountry, it’ll provide hours of soothing relaxation. This very affordable, heavy-duty hammock has an incredible review history on Amazon. It comes with everything you need to take a load off during an unforgettable adventure. Choose from a wide variety of colors and get ready to kick back and take it all in!

8. If you know someone who’s ultra-motivated but needs a little direction, we’ve got the perfect gift.

The P90 workout is famous for fast-tracking people into shape. Yes, it takes a lot of sweat and energy, but it works. This DVD set includes 10 workouts of varying lengths and difficulty levels. It also includes a nutrition guide since much of a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Choose from a six-day shred or a 90-day workout calendar. If someone sticks with this highly acclaimed workout regimen, they will make tremendous gains, and when it comes down to it, they’ll have you to thank!

9. Looking for workout equipment that goes along with a tiny-home lifestyle?

This three-piece resistance band set can hit all of the major muscle groups without taking up a ton of room. In fact, the entire set can fit in your pocket. Going on vacation doesn’t have to kill your workout momentum now that you can bring your equipment along. Each band is 5 feet by 4 inches, and each color gets progressively more resistant. Use them for toning, building, or rehabbing muscles. After working out with resistance bands, you can see and feel improved posture, increased strength, and improved balance. There are few workouts that are as effective with such simple and inexpensive gear.

10. Here’s the perfect way to spoil the jogger in your life.

Lightweight, super-comfy running shoes make suiting up and hitting the road a luxurious experience. The Launch 4 from Brooks has air mesh fabric for better breathability and moisture control. Abrasion-resistant rubber throughout the outsole improves durability, while blown rubber toes give the shoes extra spring. Unlike many performance running shoes, Launch 4s come in a wide variety of stylish color combos.

11. For men who love to jog, we have something a little different in mind.

The Gel-Quantum 180 2 running shoes from ASICS are everything a good running shoe should be—durable, lightweight, and cushiony. Their trademarked GEL cushioning system is easy on the feet and joints. Welded mesh panels make the Gel-Quantums exceptionally breathable and comfortable. They’re perfect for long-distance running on everything from tracks to asphalt.

12. Give the yoga lover in your life the most stylish accessory in the class.

This head-turning yoga bag from Nordstrom is both functional and artsy. With a shoulder strap, zip closure, and an exterior pocket, it has everything someone needs to tote their gear to class. With “give beautiful energy” printed on it, this bag sends out plenty of positive vibes.

13. Give a practical, tried-and-true mode of transportation.

Bikes are eco-friendly, good for health, and great for motivating someone to get out of the house and explore. The Carlton Mixte 8 from Raleigh Bikes comes in green or purple matte with a basket for toting groceries or a carryout meal. This 8-speed has a low-slung frame to make getting on and off easier (and to facilitate riding in a skirt). Inspire someone to go on adventures the old-fashioned way with a bike that’s heavy-duty and stylish.