Gift Ideas For The 2- to 4-Year-Old Crowd

As your favorite little friend or family member grows, it's exciting to help them along on their journey with inspiring and educational gifts. Instead of grabbing any old toy off the shelf, find something that will teach them and help their imaginations bloom. Here are some ideas to get you started.

November 16, 2017
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1. Get a million dollar property for a reasonable price.

The new Barbie Dreamhouse comes with all the classic rooms updated for modern sensibilities. There are so many awesome details, kids will spend countless hours dreaming up stories and scenarios.

The modern house comes with “smart” accessories that involve sounds, light, and motion. For instance, an aquarium has moving fish and bubbling sounds for an ultra-realistic vibe. Kids can even slide a smartphone into Barbie’s flatscreen TV to get her caught up on her favorite shows.

2. Get your favorite little person in on the green revolution.

The Original PlasmaCar uses no batteries, gears, or pedals—kids simply wiggle the steering wheel back and forth to generate their own clean energy. You won’t find a healthier, greener form of transportation.

The PlasmaCar supports up to 220 pounds, so even adults can get in on the fun.  When you see this toy in action, you’ll understand why it has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

3. For future gymnasts, here’s a safe and fun training toy.

This 3-foot trampoline from Little Tikes allows bouncy kiddos to burn off energy in a safe and healthy way. It’s easy to assemble and move around the house.


The large jumping surface and balance bar make it easy for kids to experience the thrill of a trampoline while they’re still working on coordination. Parents will be thrilled with this quiet and controlled way for kids to have fun while being active.

4. This is the droid you are looking for.

Teach ‘N Tag Movi is a cute little robot that helps kids learn how to follow directions and become more comfortable with movement. With over 60 facial expressions, Movi asks questions and gives simple instructions.

Movi has 360 degrees of mobility and two lighted buttons on top of his head. He’ll get kids excited about learning and exercise as they follow their new friend’s directions and answer questions.

5. Provide the missing link between walking and pedaling a bike.

The Strider Balance Bike teaches children how to ride a bike without the added complexity of pedals. They’ll figure out how to steer and balance with no training wheels, making the transition to a real bike simple and easy.


This starter bike is a great way to teach important skills without overwhelming a child. Don’t forget a colorful, Consumer Product Safety Commission–certified helmet to protect their noggin and instill good bike habits early.

6. Gifts that encourage creativity can be the most impactful ones.

This art easel has a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other. There are also three paint pots and a replaceable paper roll for more permanent masterpieces.

This stylish, height-adjustable easel looks great and provides hours of productive fun for aspiring artists. Get this for the special little one in your life and maybe you’ll receive a personalized piece of art in return.

7. Young kids aren’t allowed to slice and serve pizza, but they’re still enamored with the process.

This pizza chef playset lets children carry out adult duties with a pizza roller and serving spatula. The six-slice pie comes with tons of toppings and shakers that contain parm and pepper flake lookalikes.


The pretend pie teaches kids how to carry out chores like making and serving food as well as cleaning up. Let the littles enjoy the fun of pizza night without the risk of getting sauce on their cutest clothes.

8. Toy cars are an enduring gift because they jumpstart kids’ imaginations.

The Sto and Go Playset from Hot Wheels provides multiple levels, garages, and ramps for a kid’s favorite vehicles. The retro-style design will make parents feel nostalgic while kids enter a whole new world.

The Sto and Go folds up into an easily transportable and storable case. Make the gift even cooler by adding a stash of 20 more Hot Wheels.

9. Inspire the next Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz with a real digital camera.

The Kidizoom is a functioning camera that can withstand the beating that kids will inevitably give it. The camera takes selfies, portraits, landscapes, and even has a video and voice recorder.

The Kidizoom attaches to your computer via a micro USB or micro SD card (sold separately). Apply more than 35 fun effects to photos using four creative apps. The camera runs on four AA batteries that are included.

10. Finally, an infamous gift receives a much-needed update.

A KidiBeats drum set makes kids and parents happy. Three AA batteries power the speakers, and when parents have had enough noise, the drums can be turned off to make it a much quieter toy.

The set has three drum pads and a cymbal, allowing children to experience the feel of an actual drum kit. Young drummers can play along with nine different melodies or drum to their own beat.

11. If you’ve got a future doctor in the family, get them started early with the tools of the trade.

This doctor kit from Kidzlane has 12 different pieces of medical equipment. The tools make realistic sound effects and come with a carrying case.

These sturdy toys are built to last and easy to clean. The set will provide hours of fun and an awesome photo op once it’s unwrapped.

12. If you’re looking to keep a child occupied, here’s the solution.

This stencil kit has 14 colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and 54 sheets of stencils. In all, there are over 280 different shapes to guide young artists.

This set provides hours of fun and training for future art students. Everything packs neatly and securely into a travel case, making it perfect for traveling or overnight stays.

13. If you want to keep the holidays simple, get one gift for the whole family.

The Pallina Dropping Ball Game is fun for a wide variety of ages. It’s simple enough for young children to play and strategic enough for parents to enjoy.

Players choose a color and try to keep the balls of that color balanced on the bamboo sticks. It’s simple, strategic, and fun for everyone.

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