Get It For Your Mama: 18 Thoughtful Gifts Your Mom Will Love

What Mother’s Day gift do you get for the mom who has it all? Tell us what she likes, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect present.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner; if you’re forgetful, go ahead and mark May 13 on your calendar now. The default is gifting Mom with something simple—like a bouquet of fresh flowers, a card, or maybe even a lunch out—and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re thinking of stepping up your game this year, we’re here to help. Whether she’s always looking for the latest in tech, knows how to rock a great piece of jewelry, or just wants a good night’s sleep, we’ve got a gift that’ll make this Mother’s Day stand out.

For the Mom Who Loves Jewelry

Does your mom never leave the house without an accessory or two? This year, gift her with a stylish new piece with a personal touch. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to get her something she’ll treasure. 

Custom Pendant

This piece’s minimal design will still have a big impact. After making a cast of your fingerprint (the price of the necklace comes with everything you need to do this easily), you mail the print back to the necklace maker. They’ll use your print and your initials to create a unique necklace for your mom.

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

If bracelets are more her thing, you can still create a piece of jewelry that’s truly made just for your mom. Customize a cuff that’s engraved with your own handwriting for a one-of-a-kind piece. Tell her you love her or just pen an uplifting message that she can turn to day after day.

Family Tree Necklace

Opt for this eye-catching necklace for a pop of color that’s personalized for your mom. The gems on the necklace represent her children’s birthstones, and there are small gold leaves stamped with the initial of each child. The necklace can also be made with silver if that’s more her style.

For the Mom Who Drinks Wine

What mom doesn’t love to unwind with a nice glass of wine? Whether she’s a total aficionado or just likes to relax with a glass every now and then, you can get her a fun gift to go along with one of her favorite bottles.

Mom Fuel Wine Glass

The end of a long day with a glass of her go-to wine is when Mom gets to really relax and recharge. This Mom Fuel wine glass will put a smile on her face as she sips the stress of her day away.

Rewined Candle

If a bottle of wine is your usual gift for your vino-loving mom, here’s a clever way to switch things up. Soy wax candles are scented to mimic notes in some of the most popular wines, and they’re poured in repurposed wine bottles, making this an eco-friendly gift that she won’t expect.

Custom Map Wine Coaster

Does your mom have a favorite spot for grabbing a glass of wine? Help bring that spot into her home with this customized wine coaster that features a map with whatever location you’d like.

For the Mom Who Hits the Spa

Mom might not always have the time or money to take a trip to the spa, but you can help her create her own spa-like experience at home. Even if she likes to be pampered, don’t worry about spending a ton—you can totally gift her with a spa experience on the cheap.

Bathtub Caddy

When Mom can’t get to the spa, a nice bath is the next best thing. Help her make it truly relaxing with this bamboo bath caddy, complete with a book stand, wine glass holder, and a spot for her razor and loofah.


If your mom is more about getting pampered than pampering herself, treat her to a relaxing spa day. Use a site like Groupon to find great deals on spa experiences you know she’ll love, like massages, facials, and more.

Spa Night Kit

For the times when mom can’t make it to the spa, help her bring the spa home with a spa night kit. Pick out a nice candle, some scented bath salts, and a rejuvenating face mask so she can have a relaxing soak in the tub surrounded by all of the elements of her favorite spa.

For the Mom Who Knows Tech

We realize that most people aren’t going to run out and splurge on a new phone for their mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your tech-loving mom something that’s right up her alley. It’s all about the accessories, and we’ve got a few picks that we know she’ll love.

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Since you’re probably planning to gift mom with some fresh flowers anyway, why not get her something handy to put them in? This multipurpose bedside stand is perfect for propping your phone up while it charges overnight, and it also adds a sleek decorative element when it’s filled with some fresh blooms.

Kids’ Art Phone Case

If you have younger children or siblings, a customized phone case is a great way to create a gift that they’re in on. All you have to do is upload a photo of the artwork you’d like to feature, and the experts at Casetify will duplicate that work on a one-of-a-kind phone case for your mom.

Digital Photo Frame

Mom is always asking for new photos of her kids and grandkids, so why not give her hundreds at once? This digital frame is controlled from an app, so you can easily upload new photos every day for Mom to display in her home. Available at Amazon, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, and Aura Frames.

For the Mom Who’s a Sentimental Soul

Moms appreciate any gift they get from their children, but there are some who’d really rather receive something simple and sentimental. These are often the moms who are hardest to select a gift for, but we’ve got some special finds that’ll help you surprise her.

Letters to Mom

Do you ever wish you could express how much you love your mom even when she’s not there? With the Letters to My Mom booklet, you can write your mom letters that she can open whenever she pleases for a sweet reminder of how much you care.

Long-Distance Touch Lamp

Moving away from family is hard, but it can be a little easier to bear with these lamps. When one person turns on their lamp, the other one begins to glow too, connecting you and your mom no matter where each of you are in the world.

Printable Coupon Book

If you truly can’t think of what to get for your mom, a coupon book will give her a little bit of everything. She’ll love redeeming coupons from her booklet when she’s craving freshly baked cookies, her car needs a wash, or she’s tired of watching your favorite show and wants to steal the remote.

For the Mom Who Just Needs Some Sleep

We can’t think of anyone who’s more deserving of a great night’s rest than a hard-working mom. Whether she’s always claiming to just be “resting her eyes” or she needs a good nap, help her get one with these gifts that are perfect for the mom who appreciates some good shuteye.


Pajamas are a great way to encourage Mom to relax and get some rest. These ultra-soft PJs are perfect for lounging or crawling into bed. Chances are Mom won’t ever want to take them off.

SLIP Silk Pillowcase

Treat your mom to a luxurious sleep experience with a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are super smooth and soft and don’t pull at your hair or skin, so your mom can get some great sleep and wake up looking more refreshed, too.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

If your mom usually has trouble falling asleep, this spray will help. It uses calming lavender essential oil to help her get to sleep faster, so she’ll always wake up feeling rested and ready to seize the day.

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