10 Genius Kitchen Essentials to Simplify Your Life

Make your kitchen more efficient with these brilliantly designed products.

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The kitchen can be a hectic place, especially if you’re working with a limited amount of real estate. These awesome kitchen tools help you stay on top of your cooking game, and they’re brilliantly designed—plus, a few of them are really cute, which definitely counts for something. 1. Ironwood Gourmet Oven Rack Puller This attractive wood puller lets you safely retrieve your oven rack without dirtying one of your other kitchen utensils in the process. Get it on Amazon. 2. Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Easily string-ify your produce with this compact slicer. It’s surprisingly easy to clean, and if you’re creative, it opens up dozens of creative possibilities. Use it to create visually stunning salads, delicious veggie pastas, and more. Review: “My new Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer makes healthy eating so easy and did I mention super fun. Thanks Kitchen Supreme this is definitely approved by a busy, new, first time mom that is trying to eat cleaner and get it done faster and easier.” –KaNisha Sierra Get it from Amazon. 3. VinMax Nessie Family This set includes a colander, a soup ladle, and a tea infuser, all designed to look like the Loch Ness Monster. The “feet” actually add some neat functionality, and they’re adorable enough to leave on your counter top. Get it on Amazon. 4. Dreamfarm Smood One-Press Masher The brilliant design will instantly improve your potato-mashing skills (plus it works for avocados, eggs, or basically anything else you’d want to smash up). A silicone side scraper helps you avoid dirtying dishes by letting you easily transfer your food to another dish. Review: “This masher is fantastic. It mashes beautifully and is easy to clean. The rubber scraper makes serving a snap. It looks cool and functions even better.” –Chaney Statler Get it on Amazon. 5. mDesign Expandable Spice Rack Organizer Here’s the problem with spice racks: They take up wall space, and in some kitchens, that’s not an option. This drawer organizer expands to match the size of your drawer, holding about 12 spices or seasoning blends. It’s simple and effective without any fuss. Find it on Amazon. 6. Kitchen Gizmo 2-Sided TPU Antibacterial Cutting Board This cutting board is made from flexible TPU materials, so you can bend it to pour out juices before cleaning. It’s dishwasher safe, and while it’s scratch resistant, it won’t dull your knife. Review: “This is the best cutting surface I’ve ever used, because 1) it resists gashes from the knife, and 2) you can bend it and dump the ingredients you’ve just cut into the bowl/pot/whatever. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and being double-sided is a huge bonus. It stores and dries easily.” –Eva Vanya Find it on Amazon. 7. Fred NESTED Hen and Chick Measuring Cups Practically, these measuring cups save some space with their nesting design, and you won’t mind leaving them out on the counter for guests to see. Not-so-practically, they’re absolutely adorable. Get them on Amazon. 8. Aicok Lid and Spoon Rest How many times have you accidentally dirtied your counter by setting a saucy spoon or spatula on it? This lid and spoon rest lets you concentrate on cooking rather than running back and forth cleaning your utensils. Find it on Amazon. 9. The Herb Collective Premium Herb Scissors Cook with fresh herbs without wasting valuable prep time. These scissors give you quick, even cuts, while the included comb allows for easy cleaning. The bonus herb stripper harvests leaves from stem in a matter of seconds. Review: “The stripper works great. After stripping, use the scissors to create finer size herbs.” –Doe Get it here. 10. MasterPan 3-Section Meal Skillet Tired of dirtying several pans to make one meal? This skillet is divided into three sections, so you can cook the main course along with the side dishes. Its nonstick surface is easy to clean, and even better, it’s dishwasher safe. Get it on Amazon.

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