Fun Gifts For Your Favorite Runner

Looking for a unique gift for the runner in your life? Consider a thoughtful gift your runner might not purchase for themselves (because they are spending all of their money on shoes/clothes/and race nutrition).

Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

There’s a joke that I always see going around social media that says something along the lines of “How do you know someone is a runner?” and the punchline is “wait a few seconds, they’ll let you know.”

I won’t even try to argue, as this fact is often true.

Most runners are so fanatical about our sport, that we will be the first to tell you alllll about running if you take the time to ask.

Or sometimes, even if you don’t ask.

While most of us have careers and families that don’t involve running, our passion for the sport runs so deep that we like to talk about running, read about running, watch documentaries about running, even cover our cars with running stickers…anything to display our enthusiasm for the hobby we love.

So if you are wondering what sort of gift to get for the runner in your life this holiday season, the answer is pretty simple: something running related.

The trick, however, is finding something unique that they don’t already have. You see, in addition to talking about all things running, we also like to shop for all things running. When it comes to the necessities: shoes, shorts, socks, water bottles, technology…we’ve got it already covered.

But there are a ton of fantastic, thoughtful, and unique gifts out there for runners; items that we’d love to have, but are unlikely to buy for ourselves…because we’d rather spend our money on more shoes, gels, or race registrations. Here are a few ideas:

Medal Display

Does your runner have all of their hard earned medals stuffed into a drawer or a shoebox? Or are they hanging haphazardly on a doorknob or curtain rod? Why not get them a unique, or even custom, medal holder or display. The options are limitless to match the personality of your runner or the interior decor of their home. From laser cut hangers made from metal to crafty hand painted, wood options…and everything in between, there is something for everyone. Check out Allied Medal Hangers, or the popular craft website Etsy for some ideas.

Turn our Bibs into Something Cool

You know those wrinkled pieces of paper we pin to our shirts or shorts before each race? Each one holds a memory, and chances are, your runner has a box or drawer full of them somewhere. But many creative individuals have come up with ideas on how to display those bibs. From custom made handbags, to coasters, to framed artwork, the internet is full of ideas and suggestions.


From commemorating accomplishments, providing motivation, to simply declaring our love for the sport, there are a number of handmade jewelry items out there designed specifically for runners. They range from affordable, workout friendly options, all the way to designer pieces with precious metals and jewels, and everything in between. Check out Momentum Jewelry for their sweat ready Motivate wraps, or Endure Jewelry Co. for something with a little more “bling”.

Box Subscription

At some point in the last few years, subscription boxes have become all the rage. The concept is this: you subscribe to a box with a theme that appeals to you and every month you receive a box full of samples that relate to that theme. The idea is that you get to try a wide variety of new products, without having to commit to a standard full-size item. Of course, the running world is no exception! Subscription boxes like StrideBox and RunnerBox send a monthly package to subscribers full of things like endurance fuels and snacks, electrolyte drinks, anti-blister cream, headbands, electronics, and any other type of accessory that may appeal to runners. Give your runner a gift subscription, and they will continue to receive the gift all year long!

Framed race photo

Every now and then someone actually captures a GOOD race photo and not one that looks like we are minutes from passing out, throwing up, or worse. Yet we are often hesitant to buy them for ourselves because they can be pricey. Did your runner recently set a PR, run a bucket list race, or some other awesome accomplishment? Why not check out the event’s website for race photos, search for your runner, and purchase a print.

Voucher for a Race Registration

When in doubt? Ask us what race we are really hoping to run next year…and buy or contribute to our race entry! Sure it may not be a surprise, and it might feel slightly impersonal, but your support of our running and racing is much appreciated.

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