10 Foods To Boost Your Get Up And Go

Mornings can be rough! Find out this dietitian’s top foods to get a running start on your day.

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Mornings can be rough! There may not be a superfood capable of miraculously imbuing you with the energy of the gods, but there’s no doubt that a nutrition-focused diet can do wonders. Here are my top 10 picks to get you started.

1. Green Tea

If your morning isn’t complete without caffeine, consider switching over to green tea or matcha powder (ground up green tea leaves). and Bon Appétit’s with a little protein (Greek yogurt or almond butter, perhaps) or use this easy from the Lemon Bowl, or whipping up a batch of Breakfast Criminalsblueberry-coconut-ginger oatmeal.

9. Nuts

Too often our breakfasts are either completely devoid of fat or they’re loaded with less healthy fats from breakfast meats. Nuts offer that happy medium and can help tremendously with morning satiety.

Try a nostalgic PB&J grain-free breakfast cake, a fancy raw breakfast crumble with almond cream, or an antioxidant-packed pistachio and goji berry granola.

10. Water

Okay, water isn’t exactly a food, but when it comes to staying energized and perky, nothing’s more of a killjoy than dehydration. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, impaired concentration, and negative mood; and many experts say that by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already heading down that path. Be proactive instead and start your day with a big glass of water!

Not even the best diet, however, can boost energy that is lacking due to poor sleep habits, high levels of stress, or stretching oneself too thin. Nutrition can be a powerful tool…just so long as it isn’t your only one!

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