Favorite Nutritionist-Recommended Healthy Travel Snacks For When You’re On The Go

Give your travel snacks a complete makeover with these tasty dietitian-approved recipes!

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Love it or hate it, travel is an everyday necessity for many of us. Travel is such a part of our routines that many of us have resigned ourselves at one point or another to an unsatisfying and prohibitively expensive travel snack, but eating on the go doesn’t have to be terrible! In fact, with a little planning, travel snacks can be delicious, filling, and even inexpensive. These nutritionist-recommended and -created recipes are simple to make, big in flavor, and beneficial to your overall health. Go ahead, make your next travel snack the best one yet!

Mexican Cornbread Muffins

Muffins are a classic travel snack; they’re portable, tasty, and don’t need to be refrigerated. If you’re not a fan of sweet muffins, these savory Mexican cornbread muffins from Cristel Moubarak, registered dietitian and owner of nutriFoodie, will quickly become your new favorite snack. The combination of cornmeal, fresh veggies, and cheese will keep you feeling full for hours whether you’re on a plane or taking the bus.

Truffle-Roasted Chickpeas

These luxe roasted chickpeas will make any mode of travel feel instantly fancier! Truffle-roasted chickpeas are Kara Lydon’s genius invention. A registered dietitian and foodie blogger, Lydon has come up with a recipe that is both simple and quick to make. Chickpeas are full of fiber and protein, which means these truffle-roasted versions will keep you satiated and energized over long trips.

Tahini Chocolate Protein Bites

Thanks to the tahini and lentils in this recipe, these chocolate energy balls have a nutty flavor without the added risk of setting off a nut allergy in an enclosed space (like on an airplane or train). Abby Langer, registered dietitian and owner of Abby Langer Nutrition, is the mastermind behind this easy recipe for five-ingredient tahini chocolate protein bites. If the thought of putting lentils in your energy balls sounds strange, rest assured that the flavor is masked by the sweetness of the chocolate and Medjool dates. These energy balls live up to their name. They’re loaded with protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids—and they beat a gas station energy bar any day.

Green Smoothies

Although a green smoothie would never make it past a TSA agent, they do make a super-nutritious travel snack for other modes of transportation. If you’re new to the smoothie game or just looking for some inspiration, Dana McDonald, registered dietitian and owner of Rebel Dietitian, has published an impressive list of green smoothie recipes that will appeal to everyone. Invest in a thermos to keep your smoothies nice and cold if they’re a regular part of your commute.

If you’re going the store-bought route….

Keeping in mind that snack prices are always going to be much higher in airports, it’s helpful to keep a stash of healthy store-bought snacks so that you’ll always have one or two handy for travel emergencies. Registered dietitian Jenna Gorham has your back in terms of store-bought healthy snacks. She gives examples of snacks that can be bought in bulk (and that are often found in airports) including Kind bars, dried fruit, popcorn, and roasted edamame. Healthy travels are less stressful if you’re able to plan your snacks ahead of time. If you’re caught by surprise, remember that many coffee shops and cafes now sell fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and veggies or pretzels and hummus to supplement any other snacks you might have. And if you do have to eat less than desirable snack food? Just remember, there’s always next time!

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