5 Fashion And Lifestyle Subscription Services You’ll Love

Looking fabulous has never been so easy. With these subscription services, everyone can have their own personal stylist.

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Picking out new clothes and accessories shouldn’t be so difficult. Thanks to these services, it isn’t! Let these monthly subscriptions help you out.

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1. Wantable

Who can afford a personal shopper? Thanks to Wantable, the answer is “you.” You can. And you don’t even have to go all the way downtown for an appointment.

Tell Wantable what you like. Start with a simple lifestyle quiz and a personal stylist will start sending clothes it would take you hours at malls and thrift stores to track down yourself.

The service sends five to seven personally curated items every month, so there’s always something to love. Buy what you like from each shipment and send the rest back. Your monthly styling fee counts toward your purchase, and you never pay shipping in either direction.

Start when you want. Skip a month when you want. Quit when you want.

Get started with a $20 a month styling fee here.

2. Stitch Fix

Get your own personal stylist with Stitch Fix. All you have to do is fill out a style profile that captures data about your size, style, and price preferences. Then Stitch Fix’s stylists will send five hand-selected items to your home. Buy what you like and return what you don’t, all for a $20 fee per shipment. That fee becomes a credit toward the items you buy. Shipping in both directions is free.

Positive Review: “As a mom of 3 boys, I don’t have time to shop—nor do I enjoy it. Stitch Fix sends me unique clothing so I can still feel put together.” —Stitch Fix Subscriber

Check out the Stitch Fix site for prices and to fill out your style guide.

3. Rocksbox

Never shop for jewelry again. With Rocksbox, you receive three unique pieces tailored to your taste. Buy anything you like, send the rest back with free shipping, and your subscription fee will be credited towards your purchase.

Sign up for Rocksbox here for only $21.00 a month.

4. FabFitFun

This is the box for those of you who cannot make up your minds. The FabFitFun Box is a makeup, snack, fashion, health and wellness, and accessory box all rolled into one. Even though this box only ships once every three months, it’s packed full of all things fun and fabulous each time.

Even better, there’s no selection process. You keep whatever’s in the box. It’s yours!

Positive Review: “Opening this box felt like it was Christmas morning. I was transported back to my childhood, I was pulling out one great surprise after another!” —FabFitFun Box Subscriber

Sign up for FabFitFun here for $49.99.

5. Fabletics

Fabletics is a little different than the typical subscription service. It’s really more of an online retailer with an optional membership model. Think Sam’s Club or Costco, but for high-quality activewear, curated just for you.

There’s no better (or more affordable) way to keep your closet stocked with top-of-the-line yoga pants, tank tops, workout clothes, swimsuits, and general fashion for the super-active woman.

As with Wantable, Fabletics starts with a quick, fun quiz. Your answers to the questions tell the Fabletics stylists exactly what fits your needs and desires. Then comes the really fun part: Go shopping! Search through hundreds of styles curated based on your preferences and available for speedy delivery from Fabletics online.

You have two choices at checkout: You can either buy your clothes as a “guest” or opt into the VIP membership program. The latter is where the savings really start to accumulate. VIP members can save up to 50 percent on their items, all while earning points that add up to free gifts.

Sign up for a VIP membership with Fabletics for $49.95 a month, or just shop for some nice new activewear, here.

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