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Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't stay in shape.

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A gym might be more conducive to working out than your living room, but there are certain realities in life and one of them is that we’re going to watch TV after a long day of work. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for stretching, toning, and building muscle in confined spaces. Here are some of our favorites. 1. Kangoo Jumps Using these unique shoes indoors necessitates a bit of headroom, but if you’ve got the right ceiling height, they’ll have your heart pumping in no time, whether you’re running in place or doing jumping jacks. They’re perfect for those trying to reduce impact on sore joints or muscles. Review: “They are fun to wear, easy to use and very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone. I have had knee surgery and they are great on my knee. I find I can do a lot of things I could not do since the surgery. They take up the shock and are easy on my joints. I love them.” –Mindy Houck Get them here. 2. Bodyblade This deceptively simple piece of equipment provides resistance for 30 dynamic exercises. Review: “Love this unusual piece of exercise equipment. Use it 5-6 days per wk. Great for tightening up the arms while engaging the core. The back and chest area are also getting trim. I’m 60+ woman who is seeing results from the body blade. The DVD is most helpful. So glad I purchased.” –Christmas junkie Get it here. 3. Xiser Mini Stairmaster This compact taskmaster requires no assemblyjust a lot of sweat and hard work. At 14 pounds, it’s lightweight and portable. Review: “Great little stepper. Have been using it regularly, it’s very small and quiet. I had an old yoga mat [I] cut to fit as a base and have no fear of scratching when [I] use it on hardwood floor. Very adjustable in terms of intensity and work up a sweat in 10 minutes. Have been doing 45+minute sessions on it while doing online things at my standing desk. Would highly recommend.” –mama Carmen Get it here. 4. Adjustable Dumbbell Set Adjustable dumbbells save space, time, and energy by allowing you to select different amounts of weight from the same compact base. Review: “I love them. They’re easy to change, don’t rattle much, don’t seem loose and allow me to lift a larger variety of weight without filling my house with weights. I love Fitness Blender too, they go well together. They have to be aligned properly which isn’t always easy, but it’s not even kind of hard either.” –Corgi Get them here. 5. Gorilla Grips Add these grips to barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells to increase muscle stimulation with the weights (or moves) you already have. Review: “The Gorilla Grips I bought were excellent. They look just like the pictures. I got the 2.0 since these are bigger than the fat grips I already own. I like the natural football curve at both ends. The red is a bright fire truck red and the material feels premium. great product and fast shipping.” –Solomon Chris Get them here. 6. Foam Roller Physical therapists love foam rollers for their ability to roll out kinks and knots. Once you try one, you’ll love it too. Review: “I gave my mother one several years ago. Hers has held up great with repeated use. So much so I ordered a shorter one for myself. Love these things. They really do a great job with loosening knots in your back, legs, feet, and butt. I don’t think I’ll ever live without one again.” –S. Parker Get it here. 7. Resistance Loop Exercise Bands (Set of 5) These high-end resistance bands of varying strengths can be used to engage your arms or legs…all while your eyes never have to leave the TV screen. Review: “Great product, sturdy bands. Comes with an exercise card displaying which bands to use for which part of the body. Awesome price. Love the cute little pouch it all comes in.” –julie a Get them here. 8. Foldable Exercise Bike This upright exercise bike folds up for easy storage when it’s not in use. It also features adjustable height and eight levels of tension. Review: “This is a great little bike. Perfect for what I was looking for.” –R and R Get it here. 9. Medicine Ball with Handles This timeless exercise accoutrement gets a crucial upgrade in the form of easy-grip handles. Firm your core while also giving your legs and arms a workout. Review: “I love these medicine balls with the grip handles. It is so much easier to manipulate the ball. ” –T.Corson Get it here. 10. Ab Pro Roller Give your abs a workout they won’t forget with this ergonomic roller wheel. Review: “This has become a central part of my workout after the gym. Works abs, core, shoulders, back, and used well affects a good deal of your body with strong effort. Key to use is after every couple roll-outs, lift roller just enough to hear the spring inside recoil. Then the tension will always be correct! Well crafted, strong spring mechanism, VERY ergo design, and turns beautifully with you as you extend left and right!” –Ron Kolman Get it here.

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