Essential Elements: Items That Will Support You In Meditation And Mindfulness

You’re looking to explore mindfulness—don’t let how you begin stress you out. Give your living space and your headspace a makeover with these products designed to help you find your center.

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If you’ve decided to turn to meditation to help ease some of the stress of everyday life, you’re not alone. In fact, you’ve probably been hearing the buzzword more and more over the past few years, and those who engage in the practice will tout its benefits with enthusiasm. However, it can seem difficult for a beginner to commit without feeling awkwardly self-aware. The good news? Taking up meditation and becoming more mindful doesn’t require banging a gong or buying an expensive white linen outfit. In fact, there are plenty of simple ways you can incorporate these practices into your home and everyday life.

Meditation Pillow

Sure, you can meditate anywhere while sitting on anything, but having a comfy surface will definitely help you get more into it. When you’re trying to forget about your surroundings, the discomfort of a hard, cold floor can easily make you all the more aware of what’s going on outside your mind and body, especially when it comes to noticing all the negatives. A good cushion is essential when it comes to beginning a meditation practice, and this square cushion filled with plush, organic cotton will give you the support and comfort you need. Participate in HealthyWay’s December 2017 Presence Over Presents challenge and you could even win one for yourself (or a friend)! Though it’s perfect on its own (whether you’re sitting or kneeling) you can also use it in tandem with a round cushion for even better control over your posture.

Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Speaking of posture, most of us are pretty unaware of how seriously our slouching can affect us. From rounding our shoulders in while sitting to keeping our necks down while constantly looking at our phones, many of us know it’s something we should try to improve, but it’s usually an effort that gets put on the backburner pretty easily. The solution? Lumo Lift, the wearable posture-correcting device that vibrates when you slouch. The magnetic device is worn underneath your shirt, directly below the collarbone, so it won’t affect your mobility throughout the day. You simply start the day by letting the device track your best posture, and it’ll give you a light buzz whenever it’s less than perfect.

Diffuser & Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a great addition to your home for a number of reasons, from creating your own DIY beauty and cleaning products to replacing candles that are packed with artificial fragrances and potentially toxic ingredients. In fact, incorporating essential oils into your meditation practice can help you feel more relaxed, tuned into yourself, and ready to find your center. Though the easiest way to diffuse essential oils is by rubbing a drop or two between your wrists, on your neck, or in your hair (also known as self-diffusing), using a diffuser takes the art of essential oils up a notch. Because diffusers use water vapor to disperse the oils, you can really create a calming ambiance throughout the entire room that’ll help you stay grounded and centered. This kit, which is specially created to promote peace and quiet, provides a great selection of oils for any beginner.

Incense Holder & Incense

If essential oils don’t sound like your thing, you can always give incense a try. Though incense sticks also use different fragrances to help you relax, they tend to give off a more powerful aroma, and certain scents can be used to help you achieve more focus and clarity while meditating or trying to be more aware and mindful. This pack of incense sticks comes in a variety of scents made with real essential oils including soothing lavender, musky and sweet opium, and spicy and woodsy sandalwood. Made with simple, sustainable materials, they’ll be the perfect addition to your practice, especially when coupled with this incense holder designed to look like calming, rippled water.

Hanging Planter

What better way to make your space feel more earthy and natural than by bringing the outdoors in? Having plants in your home isn’t just about looks, though—studies suggest that their presence can actually increase productivity, improve focus, boost air quality, and even make you happy. Once you figure out which plants will be best for your space, give them a pretty place to call home with this hand-knotted hanging planter. The simple design and cool color palate give off a chill feel that’ll make it the perfect touch in any room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps that are so on-trend right now, and it might be easy to think the attention is all hype. While claims that the negative ions released by the heated salt can improve your circulation,  sleep, serotonin production, and asthma and allergies symptoms aren’t yet supported by peer-reviewed studies, University of Minnesota’s resource on taking charge of your health by creating a healing environment suggests that “Light can be defined many ways, specifically by type, source, and color. Almost all interior environments need to use artificial light sources, but they are many and varied. Select the light sources and types of light that you find most healing.” A paper published by Vanderebilt University’s Department of Psychology dives deeper into the principles of color therapy, which may help you understand just why you’re so attracted to these beautiful glowing lamps. To add exactly the right lighting to your next meditation session, you’ll want this simple little lamp in your corner. You can even experiment with different colored lightbulbs to facilitate the experience you’re seeking each time you sit down to meditate.

Textured Wall Hanging

Many people choose to decorate their homes with colorful, elaborate paintings and intricate pictures, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, such bold designs can become pretty overwhelming over time, and that won’t do much to help you cultivate the type of calming, relaxing space you’re after. This textured wall hanging is not only visually stunning, but it’s the perfect minimalistic addition to the art in your home. Because of the different materials and thick tassels, it invites a quick and easy mindfulness practice. Take a minute each day to run your fingers over it and notice all the details.


If you want artwork that has a bit more color in your home, a tapestry is the perfect option. They can provide a perfect focal point for any room, giving you a spot to center on during meditation, or just something detailed to look at when you need to slow down. No matter what kind of tapestry you’re looking for, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Society6 will have one you’ll love. Try a traditional mandala, which is a symbol of the universe, a serene mountain landscape, or a fun quote to inspire you each and every day.

One Line A Day Journal

There are some people who love to keep a daily journal or diary, but if you’re like us, it’s an idea that can seem difficult to keep up with. Instead of trying to write page after page about each and every day, why not keep track of the day’s events with a few simple lines to help you remember the highlights? The One Line A Day journal will help you keep track of each day’s highs and lows and any thoughts you may have about what’s happened in the last 24 hours. As you fill out the journal, you can revisit thoughts, feelings, and events from previous weeks to see how you’ve grown over time and become more aware of different patterns in your life.

Meditation Singing Bowl Set

During exercises like yoga or meditation, or even just while trying to relax, many of us turn to music to help enhance the experience. But, have you ever thought about making your own music as part of your practice? Singing bowls are used around the world to promote a more relaxed state while doing yoga or meditating. They typically involve using a bronze bowl and wooden striker. This bowl fits into the palm of your hand so you can easily use it while you sit and meditate. The set also comes with a decorative cushion, so it can be beautifully displayed when it’s not in use.

Tabletop Fountain

Water can be one of the most soothing elements, whether it’s enjoyed while taking a hot bath to relieve muscle pain or opening the windows to let in the calming sound of rain. Whether you’re meditating or just trying to relax, incorporating the sound of rain or a running creek can add a little extra ambiance, but using a sound machine might not help you achieve that goal. This three-tier fountain incorporates real running water and tea candles to help set the mood for your meditation session. Complete with river stones and a dark basin for the entire set to sit in, you can bring the outdoors in with this beautiful display.


Creating a relaxing home is something that everyone tries to achieve, but it’s not the easiest task. Whether it’s because you live in a smaller apartment, have young kids, or just find yourself without much time to decorate, home may be the place you come to lay your head down, but your relaxation might not go much further than that. Turn any corner in your home into a cozy nook with this gauze canopy. Hang it over a mountain of floor pillows to create a quiet, calming space that we bet you’ll find yourself curling up in all the time. It is also perfect for draping over your bed to create your own little haven.

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