Don’t Know What To Get Your Bestie For Her Baby Shower? We’ve Got You Covered

The pressure’s on to get the perfect gift, but if you don’t have a little one of your own, the task can be daunting. Here are our favorite finds for stress-free baby shower shopping.

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When you don’t have kids, baby showers can be a little tricky. When it’s your BFF who’s expecting, suddenly there’s even more pressure for you to get something perfect. The moment you RSVP yes, you might find yourself asking a number of panicky questions. Should you get a present for mom? For baby? What do babies need? And why is baby stuff so expensive? You’ve got a laundry list of totally understandable concerns, but there’s no need to panic. We’ve got your back. Here’s the inside info that’ll have everyone in attendance convinced you’re a seasoned pro in the baby shower game. First of all, you can make this really easy on yourself—check your friend’s registry. Most moms-to-be create a baby registry and she’ll be happy to get anything on the list. But if she doesn’t have a registry or you’re not a “buy a gift off a list” type of gal, then here are the gifts that your BFF and baby are sure to love.

1. No-Slip Booties

Babies need shoes? Yes. Sooner than you think, the kid will be toddling all over the place and they’ll need non-slip shoes for their new walking adventures. To the disappointment of moms everywhere, run-of-the-mill baby shoes always fall off at incredibly inconvenient times. These no-slip booties, on the other hand, strap on tight (but comfortably) and have textured bottoms to keep kids from slipping on slick floors. Plus, they’re cute, which—let’s be honest—is probably the most important quality for all baby gifts.

2. WubbaNub Pacifier

Every mom I know has at least two of these. I don’t really get it, but they all swear they’re the best pacifiers around. Plus, it’s got an elephant on it. Who doesn’t like elephants?

3. Piyo Piyo Nail Scissors

This gift doesn’t seem super fun, but your friend will be so happy to have these around the first time baby manages to nick her with a sharp nail—especially during breastfeeding. You need to cut a baby’s nails fairly often and these scissors make it a much less stressful task. The blade edges are turned up, so mom won’t even come close to accidentally snipping the baby’s skin—a possibility that’s downright unpleasant to even think about, proving why these scissors are so important.

4. Banana Training Toothbrush

This also sounds weird. Who needs a training toothbrush? Well, every baby I know loves gnawing on this thing when they start teething. Teething is a tough process, so anything that makes the baby feel better will make mom very happy, too. Plus, it’s kind of cool to get babies into brushing their teeth before they have teeth in the first place.

5. Boppy Lounger

This is pretty much a baby bean bag, but way better. Honestly, I wish I had a big fluffy pillow like this that I could lounge on. The Boppy lets the baby lie down in a comfortable position so mom can give her arms a rest without worry. Plus, the cover is machine washable for the many times the baby will inevitably spit up on it.

6. Changing Station

You’ve probably never noticed how few bathrooms have changing stations, right? Well, moms are very aware of the lack of sanitary changing surfaces, especially when their baby is in the “constant pooping” stage. This travel changing station gives baby a clean soft surface for changing that parents can fold up and take with them.

7. Outlet Covers

This isn’t the most exciting gift, but it’s so necessary! Babies love outlets. For some reason, it seems like babies are born knowing two things: Boobs are for food and Outlets are super fun to play with. Any time I babysit, the tot whose care I’m charged with can’t wait to try to plug their finger into an electrical socket. These covers will keep baby safe and save mom from constantly dragging her kid away from the outlets. Plus, you get 24 covers to make sure that every outlet is protected.

8. Funny Onesie

As the child-free friend, it’s practically your job to make sure that baby has some comical clothes. Get a funny onesie, like this “Mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind” piece. That said, kindly avoid baby clothes with swear words or super adult topics. Sure, it’s funny, but the mom may not want pictures of her child wearing something with the F bomb on it. If you’re really feeling out there, you can go for high cuteness and low practicality and get something like this owl costume. Hey, there’s no reason why the kid can’t dress like an owl everyday. And they’d look so cute!

9. Books

It’s never too early to start reading to a baby. And if mom has something cute to read, like this Toot book, it doesn’t get boring. Because even though she’ll love time with her baby, even Goodnight Moon gets old after the 30th read. Also, how about a book like I Heart My Little A-Holes to give mom a reason to laugh when baby’s simply refusing to sleep?

10. Postpartum Herb Bath

At the baby shower, mom deserves some of her own gifts, too. This bath will help her relax and heal after giving birth. She’ll definitely appreciate some alone time in the tub after hours of dealing with a crying baby.

11. Shea Butter Hand Creams

Moms have to wash their hands constantly because they’re often covered in poop and spit up. She’ll appreciate having some nice smelling lotions to keep her hands smooth and provide a scent other than diaper cream and baby powder.

12. Sleep

The best gift you can give a mom is sleep. People swear by this sleep suit to get babies to stay asleep through the night, even as young as 2 months. Then, get the mom this full body pillow. The huge pillow is super supportive for pregnant woman and its cuddly softness feels great even after the baby comes. With this list, you’ll be a superstar at any baby shower. Your BFF will be happy and baby will get presents that will enhance their natural cuteness—all thanks to a little planning and a lot of BFF love.

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