Divorce Parties: When Trashing Your Wedding Dress is Encouraged

Although divorce parties sound like just an excuse to get drunk (which they are) they also serve a greater purpose - closing a chapter on one's life that unfortunately didn't end as planned.

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Smoke floats in front of Wendy Lewis as she takes a machine gun and peppers her once pristine wedding dress. And so a new trend begins sweeping not only America but the entire world: divorce parties. While engagement parties are a timeless event, divorce parties are even hotter. With divorce rates fluctuating between 40-50% it only makes sense that this would follow. Why not grab your closest group of friends and celebrate your newest milestone…freedom! Companies are cashing in on this relatively new idea. Packages range from low costs to those that are seemingly astronomical. For each bash, women and men’s needs are catered to specifically; everything that’s been previously restricted is fair game. Taking a wedding dress to the rifle range or going to a golfing range are just some of the many activities a divorce party planner can concoct for your trip. “Barely Survived” to “I Got It All,” are some of the cheekier titles to these weekend getaways. Of course what’s the most important item for a party like this? A cake! A divorce cake is an absolute must and the plethora of designs are just as incredible as you imagined. The most common cake you may ask. Well, it ¬†typically shows a bride dragging a groom towards the trash…classy right? Although divorce parties sound like all fun and games they’re actually credible reasons why this type of gathering may be the best thing for you. Therapist Christine Gallagher describes reasons why divorce parties are not only fun but are therapeutic as well. Many divorces are wrought with sadness and anger so throwing a party is a great excuse to laugh again and just be crazy, specifically with those that love and will never abandon you. Their willingness to stick alongside you during this arduous process is a testament to their steadfast devotion that is missing in many romantic relationships. It’s also highly uncomfortable when you have to reveal to acquaintances, whether it’s through social media or summer picnics that yes, in fact you are no longer married. This absolves all of the unknown that may be lurking. One of your girl friends or guy friends can just snap a shot of the festivities, upload it to Facebook, and voila, you’ve got it taken care of. If a divorce party isn’t your style you could always go ahead and try a Divorce Hotel. In the Netherlands, a company is attempting to have couples celebrate their divorce – together. It’s meant to serve as a quick and amicable solution. Check-in is on Friday. You go through break-up counseling the entire weekend to resolve and finalize feelings. Come Sunday, you sign the divorce papers, toast one another with a glass of champagne, and then proceed on your merry way. Some people go for a more subtle approach. Leona Metcalf went through a grueling divorce over the span of five years. Poking fun at the “Just Married” decorations many cars are adorned with she plastered “Just Divorced” onto the back of her truck. Cans clattered against the asphalt from the courthouse all the way to her home and she couldn’t be prouder. People were shouting ‘you go girl,’ and ‘what a cool idea’ leaving her feel empowered once more. Although divorce parties sound like just an excuse to get drunk (which they are) they also serve a greater purpose – closing a chapter on one’s life that unfortunately didn’t end as planned. Because as the old saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” infused with vodka of course.