Construction Workers Make Little Girl’s Day At Children’s Hospital

Maybe they aren't as tough as they look...

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Vivian Keith is a brave 2-year-old battling leukemia at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The form of leukemia that Vivian has affects her white blood cells, making it difficult for her immune system to fight diseases. For that reason, she spent most of her time at the hospital in isolation. The little girl sought human contact the only way she could. 

From her window. 

Vivian started a unique ritual that her parents believe calmed her down and helped her forget the chemotherapy she was enduring. She would sit at her window each morning and wave to the construction workers at the campus renewal project across the way. Her mother, Ginger, said that Vivian had to wave until one of the workers waved back. 

One day, Vivian received a very special surprise. Instead of waving, the workers were pointing to something.

Travis Barnes and Greg Combs are veteran ironworkers who decided to write a message for Vivian on one of the beams: “Get well soon.”

Combs said he was thinking about his own kids and how precious life is when they decided to write the message. 

Once Vivian left isolation, the two men were able to visit her and her parents. They were all too happy to meet the inspiring girl, and they even brought her a few gifts. 

“It was amazing,” Ginger said. “It was just an amazing day for her.”

Vivian was a bit shy, but Barnes and Combs still exchanged hugs with her and offered encouragement. 

“It makes me happy that something so simple like that could make someone’s day better,” Combs said. 

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