Channel Your Inner Rebel To Supercharge Your Success

Success depends on channeling your inner rebel by listening to what it has to say and allowing it to act on your behalf.

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You have an inner rebel.

Everyone does. It’s the part of you that puts up a fight every time you try to cut calories, do insane amounts of exercise, and make superficial New Year’s resolutions.

It’s a big player in why you’ve failed many times in the past. But that doesn’t make it a bad thing! In fact, your inner rebel is your biggest asset…if you allow it to be.

See, your inner rebel aims to protect you from absurdity.

Doing Weight Watchers-style programs, forcing yourself to do insane amounts of exercise, demonizing sugar, relying on willpower, and adopting all of the other superficial dieting strategies is an absurd way to live. And your inner rebel knows that.

By the way, your inner rebel can’t be defeated. The more you suppress it, the louder its temper tantrums become. Success depends on channeling your inner rebel by listening to what it’s telling you and allowing it to act on your behalf.

Right now, there’s a good chance you’re trying to defeat your inner rebel on two fronts…

1. You’re going to war with your body in terms of food and lifestyle. This pisses your inner rebel off.

2. Whenever you have an opportunity to make authentic changes, you can’t get comfortable with going against the grain. This is a fear-based suppression of your inner rebel.

What would happen if you flipped this script?

What would happen if you stopped going to war with yourself and adopted an authentic approach to health and wellness?

I’ll tell you: Your inner rebel would stop going to war with you.

What would happen if you allowed your inner rebel to go to war with the mainstream bullshit going on around you? If you allowed it to wholly reject our processed food supply, the obsessive dieting strategies, perfectionism, the rampant search for magic pills, and the obsession with unrealistic body image?

I’ll tell you: Your inner rebel would empower you with self-confidence in a way that you’ve never experienced before. And it would free you from the prison of people-pleasing.

Do you feel uncomfortable traveling in the opposite direction of the herd? Do you feel like you’re stepping on toes when you tell people that you prefer real food? Do you find yourself jumping from diet to diet with everyone else, tuning in to Dr. Oz, and trying to find that (nonexistent) “missing link” to getting a body and life you love?

Do you feel out of step because of your lifestyle choices? Do you feel self-conscious? Do you feel lonely in your health journey?

These are all signs that you’re allowing fear to suppress your inner rebel when you should be allowing your inner rebel to charge forward.

The true rebel doesn’t care what others think. If the rebel has to be alone, the rebel will be alone. If the rebel is attacked, the rebel will stand up taller. The rebel does this because the rebel is concerned about doing what’s right and couldn’t care less about doing what’s popular.

The rebel will do other things that you’ll find highly beneficial. It will help you recruit other rebels. It will inspire others around you who are desperate for authenticity. It will strengthen your relationships. It will give you a sense of inner peace even in times of perceived chaos.

Your ability to channel your inner rebel will make or break your success because the mainstream is a lost cause. If you want to win, you must go against the grain. It’s true with nutrition, with parenting, with finances, with relationships…even with the type of shoes you wear.

If you can’t channel your inner rebel and allow it to fight shoulder to shoulder with you, the herd will swallow you whole.

You’ve seen this. You know people who are slogging through life on autopilot. They do everything the mainstream does and never diverge in any meaningful way. Don’t be that person!

Live your life! Your life. Authentically. Regardless of what everyone else is doing. And the only way to do that is to channel your inner rebel.

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